Eating from a toilet bowl at Tbowl & Holland Fries at Queensbay Mall

In a food-haven overflowing with F&B outlets such as Penang, it is ever more important to stand out from the crowd in order to grasp a piece of the marketshare. One way of attracting customers bored of the usual fare, is to have a "Blue Ocean" concept whereby nobody has ever tried it before. Hence the "concept" restaurants popping up in Penang recently.

One such weird concept restaurant had opened its doors (or should I say, "cover") in Queensbay Mall -- "Tbowl" restaurant! Here, customers sit on toilet-bowls, dine from toilet-bowls, and eat... er... luckily, not shit!! (Though opinions may differ for taste...)



I personally like the interior design as it emits a youthful exuberance and with all the cute colorful designs, makes me forget about the "yuckyness" of eating in a bathroom/toilet for a while. One thing however, with all the shower-heads, toilet-bowls, urinals, sinks for display, there is actually no washbasin for customers to wash their hands before/after their meal! -_-

Sit on this, and control your emotions!

Some people have complained about the height of the table-sink to the seat that the space in between is too tight to sit comfortably. Well, it was fine for me, but I guess, if you have big thighs...

Here comes the toilet-bowl... this is the SEAT!

And this is the food! Notice they use the same color for both toilet-bowls... -_-'''

Okok, I know... I ordered tomyam again. But I had to order something sour because I was feeling a bit queasy from all that toilet decor! :P The tomyam was expensive!! Only a few pieces of chicken floating around... and it cost RM10+. We ordered 2 bowls of white rice to go with it, but... definately not filling for two. To its credit, the tomyam was tasty though... :-)

The menu is HK/Taiwan-style, you know, cheese-baked rice, udon, seafood ramen, tomyam soup, fried chicken wings and the like. Tip: not all comes in a toilet-bowl though, so if you have a fetish of eating from something yucky, you can choose the cheese-baked rice or flaming pot (both of which come in mini toilet-bowls.) Next round I'm gonna try the cheese-baked rice.

Appetizer: chicken-boxing... also excellently deep fried

The aftermath... does it remind you of something??

Reminds me when somebody didn't aim well... ^_^

Conclusion about Tuowi - nice concept, average food, but VERY PRICEY for just a simple meal. Our bill totaled RM20 for just 2 types of food up there and no drinks! If you haven't tried it, no harm trying, just don't keep on complaining about the price afterwards. (Hope the proprietor will take note!!) There's no HK-style food in QB other than this, so, if you have to have HK-style food after your shopping spree, you just have to take this one.

For more weird toilet stories, see this:

After eating at Tuowi we weren't feeling half-full so we decided to get a snack at Holland Fries next door. This is also another new snack outlet in QB Mall. Again, I think it was because of me "maltreating" myself during the hectic election week that I decided to go for expensive retail therapy that day. Don't judge me. :P

Yummy yummy!

Holland fries in signature meat sauce, price RM5.50

Tasty! But too huge for one pax! Btw, signature meat sauce is something like our spaghetti Bolognese meat sauce.


libelly said…
always see this type of "toilet bowl" restaurant in Astro and email. never knows that ppl will invest in malaysia too
SONblogger said…
this is a concept restaurant in Taiwan...if i'm not was business in that shop....I was skeptical that it could do well in Malaysia for long.....

Again, maybe I am wrong, since I am not an entrepreuner.....
joyce said…
This is the recent new and "in" dining concept in QB Penang. I've never been there yet but heard that the food are pricy. But i can see that the business is doing well though...
yellowbanana said…
Hi xweing... thx for visiting... The restaurant there so nice de..? LOL... really special... Haha

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