Of Good Samaritans and Mat Rempits

Despite the 10,000 turnout at the opposition ceramah featuring Anwar and Lim Guan Eng at Han Chiang indoor stadium, I wasn't part of them. I and the other volunteers were busy leafleting around our area and putting up posters by the roadside.

Empty road at midnight

It was just a few days ago when I was thinking to myself while driving to work in the morning, whether I would one day be walking around the crossroads of Kampung Jawa in the middle of the night.

It had been a very long time since my university days for me to hang out on the streets in the dead of the night with a group of friends. It felt a bit surreal to me how much difference dusk and day can make a familiar setting seem strange.


There are many good samaritans in this world. But we seem to be so much brainwashed by the harsh realities of this society that we put up a protective front to any small gestures of kindness shown by random strangers, or what they say 以小人之心度君子之腹.

While we were hanging up posters in the middle of a traffic island, suddenly we saw a Chinese guy in his 20-30s walking fast towards us with a RM50 bill in his hand. My first thought that came to mind: "Stupid MCA fellow, he thinks he can bribe us so easily to take down all our posters?!" Turns out he was not an MCA supporter, but he wanted to give us some money to buy drinks for all our hard work! We profusely said no thanks to his offer and told him to donate to the ADIL fund, but he insisted that we take the money because he had already donated at Han Chiang earlier. One of my friends straightaway walked away from the scene, I think he seriously thought the man kept wanting to 'bribe' us... hahaha... coward. In the end, I took the money and thanked the kind fellow!

We also received a lot of moral support from passers-by who honked at us repeatedly and wound down their windows to wave their hands!

In the daytime when we did leafleting, a Petronas gas lorry even stopped by and asked us for CDs and leaflets which he could help distribute door-to-door. Hidup KeADILan! Not to say I'm a big fan of Anwar, but we should seriously vote for any opposition to deny the BN 2/3 in Parliament.

Sim Tze Tzin's photo was thrown at with ink-filled eggs
(they found broken egg shells on the floor)

Later that night while we were still on the same traffic island, suddenly a huge group of Mat Rempit came riding pass waving huge dacing banners and shouting "Hidup Pak Laaaaaaah", "Hidup BN" at the top of their lungs! We were damn scared at that time lest they belasah us, the KeADILan-poster-hangers. But there was nowhere to hide! Luckily, they swarmed us a couple of times and left. Wonder how much does UMNOputra pay these jokers?


Belinda said…
yeah.. i told Nicholas tat day also. my car was almost hit by the Mat Rempit with BN flag. damm angry lar. their side is red traffic light they still drive off. the BN management didn't teach their konco konco about manners and moral?!
Great Job there and do take care of urself!
Xweing said…
Thanks, Belinda!!
pik lay said…
Hidup opposition!!! Good job la buddy.

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