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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simply Heaven

Today I received one of the loveliest bouquets ever in the office. The twelve roses were nearly in full bloom -- I love roses in full bloom! Cos I'm not a great gardener... the buds simply just don't open when I tend to them. My colleague and I were wondering what to call the color of the roses, I thought it was champagne color but it seems champagne is more to a pinkish shade, and they're not yellow enough to be called that. Finally I thought of one good description -- off-white! Haha! And the color of the roses go so well with the lavender!!! Hullo... 我久违的薰衣草!

If I could, I'd name the bouquet 'Simply Heaven'.

'Simply Heaven' in vertical mode

Since I'm going home today, it'll be a terrible waste to leave them in the office for no-one to see. Why not I just bring them back home? 我想把花束的意义带得更远。我要把它转送给一位病人,一位我亲爱的病人。外婆,祝你早日康复。

And thanks, my darling for the lovely roses. ^__^

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tape-in celebration: Rasa Sayang Mediterranean Buffet

'Ambience' - Spice Market Cafe, Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resort

Yesterday, our company was so good to treat us to a buffet dinner at Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Resort as our project tape-in celebration. I was so excited the whole day about the dinner as it would be my first time to sample it. And I hadn't been to a buffet for a few months already...

However, the first thing that came to mind after I walked into the buffet hall and looked at all the food was: "Where are the lobsters???!?" Needless to say, it was kinda disappointing for all of us first-timers as we were expecting much, much more from all the fanfare we had heard about the Rasa Sayang buffet.

There were no lobsters, no crayfish, no scallops, no delicious lamb chop, no char koay teow and totally no sashimi cos the SUSHI BAR WAS CLOSED!! In fact, the buffet paled in comparison to our marvellous experiences at the E&O buffet. After much bemusement, It was a great revealation when one of my colleagues explained to me that the theme was actually 'Mediterranean food' that night, hence the lack of seafood. :-(

You must be wondering why I didn't take any pictures of the food. Well my boss said that people usually come here for the ambience and not the food... so, there you have it on top, a picture of the 'ambience' from where I was seated. Notice the slow-turning fans... it was hot!!... because we sat outside due to the lack of dining tables in the air-conditioned hall.

I had 4 servings of the food (can view menu here):

1st serving - MEAT! satay, chicken tandoori, beef steak, fried softshell crab, etc.
2nd serving - soba in herbal black chicken soup with 'abalone' slices, meatball, needle mushrooms, black fungus and bean sprouts
3rd serving - finally, a clam, one more stick of satay and a little bit of rice
4th serving - watermelon, deserts, little cakes and strawberries and marshmellows dipped in chocolate from the chocolate fountain. I claim the devil's food to be very very decadent and chocolately though :-)
5th serving - 2 scoops of coffee/vanilla icecream doused with biscuit pieces and raisins and stuff. I didn't manage to finish it.

We took a walk in the hotel gardens to let our stomachs digest the food. It was GORGEOUS at night with all the spotlights on and the huge, towering, leafy trees and the splashing sound of the waves... I wish Leonard were there walking beside me.

All in all, it would suffice to say that I had a happy time, albeit a tad disappointed, but still thankful for the opportunity to visit the buffet at Rasa Sayang.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Project taped-in!!

Finally my project has taped-in! I'm back to freedom where I can hit the gym after work, cook my own dinner, sit in front of my computer screen to eat it while watching drama then curl up in bed with a good book afterwards. Ahhh... the good life...

But it would be even more complete if I had someone beside me to share my leisure.

Yesterday I was supposed to hit the gym because I was feeling really bloated from a whole weekend of inactiveness. But I went into the changing-room and came out after 3 minutes after realising that I had forgotten to pack my gym clothes! And I had to endure wearing my stuffy gym shoes for the whole day~

Anyways it was a blessing in disguise as with nothing to do, I was forced to clean my room. Paint is peeling from the walls of my room (my landlord won't care, I won't too) and flakes of it are covering my floor like snow. I was in the midst of sweeping the floor when thud! something dropped to the ground and it was a big, fat, ugly cockroach!

In my distress I gave out a short shriek, which abruptly ended when I embarassingly realized that there was no one around to help me deal with the disgusting creature. I looked around, what could I do? I couldn't bear the thought of smashing it into a pulp and cleaning the mess afterwards... I saw a can of Ridsect, (not the cockroach-killing one! I wasn't sure if it would work!)... faster grabbed it and sprayyyyyed with all my might at the cockroach while at the same time praying it wouldn't take flight on its huge, ugly brown wings!

The spray worked! It tried to escape but flipped over on its side... it was dying, its legs wriggling, body writhering with pain. It was semi-paralyzed. I was happy. I faster swept it up and flushed it down the toilet bowl.

Eeeeuu... there goes another encounter with the dreaded cockroach. After this, I hope I don't see another one until Leo comes back. Then, I can shriek and shriek and stand aside with my arms folded while my white knight deals with the cockroach with a rolled-up piece of The Star.

As I said, it was really a blessing in disguise because if I hadn't cleaned my room, I would have sat in front of the computer desk (where the cockroach appeared) happily eating my dinner as the cockroach would make its way up my leg and into my pants....................... eeeuuu