Into the dinosaur hole

Pukyongosaurus millenniumni

Today was Orientation Day for new students so we gathered in the college lecture hall to listen to the briefing and fill up some application forms for alien card registration (10,000 won) and insurance (90,000). In the video a student commented, "Which university do you get to see a dinosaur skeleton?"

Yes it's true. There is a museum in the university grounds which showcases a large, tall bone structure of a dinosaur at the entrance, just like in the movie "Night in the Museum". The story is that one of the university archaeology professors dug out some bones of this dinosaur in some Korean beach and so they named it Pukyongosaurus millenniumni in honour of the university. I wonder if it comes alive at night.

There are around 180 graduate school (Masters) international students this intake. Most of the international students here are from China and the few of us who went for the smaller group briefing in English were from the South East Asia region. I was the only Malaysian this time round.

Grad school requirements to graduate: (24 credit hours over a two-year course.)
-Masters seminar: 3 credit hours
-Thesis seminar: 1 credit hour
-7 subjects (3 credit hours per subject). I will be taking three subjects this semester before my research schedule gets busy.
-2 Korean language classes and pass with at least B- before I can graduate.

When I first arrived I was greeted with bad news that there would be no lectures taught in English this semester because no lecturer was willing to teach in English. Luckily the other Malaysians tried their hardest to persuade the lecturers and now I am able to attend three subjects which are taught in English or at least given handouts in English. I will be taking Digital Wireless Engineering, E-Commerce & Web Security, and Digital Signal Processing this semester. I know, DSP again............. OMG............ if Dr. Chuah knows I think he will be so proud+worried for me...... lol...

In front of university sign. The big words to the right of ecoversity read: "kuk-rip bu-gyeong-dae-hak-kyo" 国立釜庆大学校

Just now I went to my first lecture class in Korea: E-commerce & Web Security. The syllabus includes cryptography, algorithms and Java programming. There were only ten of us in the class, including three of us Malaysians. The lecturer gave his lecture in English. Pity the Koreans, they looked so clueless!

Actually it was quite boring in the class, although the subject is interesting to learn. Maybe it's because I haven't gone back to school for a long time. I almost dozed off at one point. I remember I regretted not paying attention in class during my MMU days. If only I had paid attention and studied hard I would have done better. I said to myself, if given a second chance for me to go back to those days, I would definitely change my attitude and give it 100%. Now I really have the chance to do so. It is my motivation and promise to myself not to screw it up this time.


Janice said…
Dear roommie,

Let's keep each other awake during the class. I also almost doze off just now. The only thing that kept me awake just now was the thought that I was the one that asked for this class to be taught in English.

Xweing said…
and also your lengzai.. next time u sit beside him la, then I bet u wont doze off...
Janice said…
Cannot.. if he sit next to me, i totally cannot listen to the lecture anymore! hahaha. Can hear my own heartbeat nia. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Adelene said…
Su lin, I heard something! how come I was not told about the lengzhai? anyway...I am truly excited for you both la! happy universiting again!
junny said…
Xwei, good luck!! And gambateh!
leonardlcy said…
Good luck in your classes. I'm sure you can do well!

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