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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hayley loves to dance @13m

Wake me up when September ends. 

I like to blog this phrase at the end of September each year. Though this year I'm literally sleepwalking through the days while taking care of a restless baby at night.

On a funnier note, we've realised that our little girl has a talent at dancing! She can identify music very well and whenever she hears any kind of music, she'll start shaking her shoulders and swaying her ass to the tune. She simply lovesssss to dance! She got me cracking up when I saw her swaying to Girls Generation and Sistar's songs on TV the other day.

We attended a wedding dinner at Hotel Equatorial on Saturday. She was all dressed up in a velvet and satin black-and-red dress, looking like a real-life princess doll, regal-looking even! When I showed her how she looked like in the mirror, her face lit up and she immediately stopped crying. At the dinner, it was such a joy to watch her as she swept across the dance floor like she owned it, all the while swaying to the music the wedding singers belted out. 

Our Dearest Daughter,
Pappa and Mamma do not know how long we can hold your hand and dance,
Until your shoulders reach ours,
Until your gaze reaches over our head,
Until one day we start to wilt and tilt, 
Until the day we walk you down the aisle,
And pass your hand to the one you love.
28 years later,
You'll be all grown up,
And dance to the tune of your own royal wedding,
But you'll always be our little precious princess, 
And we'll love you and remember you just as you are right now.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Second house and Hayley walks @13m

Sept 20, the day we got the keys to our second house.

I wanted to take a photo of that memorable moment, but forgot... was too busy chasing our little baby around in the playground opposite the house. :P

For now, we decided to rent it out. Still loving the facilities in our current condo too much to move out... so we're staying put for the time being. Will contemplate again later whether to sell it off or to move in when the kids are older.

Little Hayley has started walking steadily! Nowadays she's very busy walking around the house, peeking at us at the bathroom door when we're showering, walking under the dining table when we're eating, etc. Too busy exploring the world on her two little feet!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Oh My Ghostess 오 나의 귀신님

I'm totally loving the most popular drama this summer - Oh My Ghostess 오 나의 귀신님 !!! 

Jo Jung-suk plays the charismatic star chef Kang Sun-woo, while Park Bo-young plays the timid girl working at Sun's Restaurant and is in love with the chef. Her body is taken over by a lustful ghost wanting to resolve her grudge in order to move on to the afterlife. 

Love love love this drama and am totally head-over-heels with Kang Sun-woo, who I'm sure is modeled after Masterchef Korea's judge Kang Leo (even their surname is the same!). He is so conceited yet cold-and-warm and romantic at the same time. And he takes care of his girl. Not to mention that there are too many swoon-worthy moments in the drama... *love*!

This drama takes me back to moments of my life in Korea, especially the rapport among the workers in Sun Restaurant - reminds me of my labmates, who liked to bully me, poke fun at me... Also same as in the drama, professor would give us his credit card for us to go out for a big meal sometimes, then we would go for noraebang afterwards, and also the MT (membership training) that never materialized...  

Posting this song here played by Jo Jung-suk on his guitar... this is the part which made me fall in love with this drama:

달콤한 카푸치노같은 그대는 나의 엔젤
이 내 맘을 그대도 알런시 모르것다 몰라요
한 없이 맑았던 그대의 두 눈이 그리워요 나의 그래
就像甜蜜的卡布奇諾般 我的天使
你能明白我的心意嗎 不知道吧? 不知道啦
無限清澈的雙眼和你的身影 讓我好想念喔

give me a chocolate
give me a vitamin
그대는 새콤달콤 나의 엔돌핀
你就像是 讓我嚐到酸甜滋味的腦內啡

give me a chocolate
give me a vitamin

그대와 한께 영원히
그대와 한께 이밤을
그대와 한께 Forever
和你一起 直到永遠
和你一起 浪漫一夜
和你一起 Forever

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hayley says "Papa" @13m1w

Last week, my mom and cousin sister were in Penang. We went to Batu Feringghi to visit "Helen's Handmade Teddy Bear's Exhibition" at Feringghi Garden Restaurant. The Exhibition boasts the biggest handmade teddy bear in town. :-) 

Hayley was overwhelmed by seeing so many teddy bears, ever in her life! After that, she learnt how to say "Bear Bear" and has been repeating it ever since, whenever she sees a toy bear at home, or when we flip a page in her storybook which has a picture of a bear!

So that's the second word she learnt how to say.

1. "Nen Nen" - said somewhere before her first birthday (Jul 26?). I remember we were on an escalator in Gurney Paragon when I pointed to myself and told her to call me "Mama". She adamantly shook her head and said "Nen Nen". =_=|||

2. "Bear Bear" - Sept 4?

3. "Papa" - and yesterday(Sept 7), she finally uttered the magic word!! However, hubby doesn't seem too enthusiastic about this huge milestone, whereby I'm so jealous! I'm owing it to the fact that going from "Bear Bear" to "Pa Pa" requires less effort than "Mama" hahaha!


More Hayley Milestones:
  • Hayley started to walk short distances unassisted about two weeks ago! After a few days she fell sick and reverted back to crawling, but now she's starting to walk again!
  • Hayley loves to dance. When she listens to her baby songs on TV she'll shake her body. She also shakes to the tune of "lenggang lenggang kangkong"! Takes after her dad in this, haha!
  • Other gestures like:
    -"sayang" - she understands this word and will put her head on animals to show her affection.
    -"eat/mum mum" - she understands this word and will move her lips mimicking an eating motion.
    -"sleep/shui jiao" - she understands this word and will put her hands to cover her face. when she's sleepy and wants to go to sleep she'll also show this gesture.
    -"shake head" - this is something my bil's gf taught her, to show that she doesn't want something.
    -"fan" - she'll look up or point her finger up to indicate where the fan is.
    -"hold her milk bottle" - well, she actually learnt how to hold her milk bottle since a few months old.. but what amazed me is was she can actually reach out and re-position the milk bottle and suck it while she's still half-asleep.