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Amsterdam 2016 ~ Volendam

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After visiting the beautiful Zaanse Schans windmill village, we were transported to yet another picturesque yet touristy place - Volendam.
The (very) brief introduction by our tour guide was that Volendam was originally a harbour, which was then dammed and reclaimed. Hence the name means something like "filled dam". Today, Volendam is an area bustling with tourists - there are many restaurants, photography shops which you can wear traditional Dutch costume to take photos, and also souvenir shops! We bought most of our Holland souvenirs here - clock, magnets, decorative trinkets, etc. I bought a gray Amsterdam sweatshirt here as my luggage was still stuck in transit and I was so cold at night without a proper jacket.
The route to Volendam is very scenic, there are a lot of waterways and bridges connecting the greenery, and the water is so clean! We even saw swans in the canals. And the houses in the Volendam neighbourhood are very big and modern and we…

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