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Second Pregnancy

Finally... God has answered our prayers and blessed us with a second pregnancy! All thanks to God and all glory be upon His name.
This is truly a gift from God as we had been trying hard for 2-3 years to conceive a second baby. I remember due to the C-section from my first pregnancy we didn't dare try to get pregnant for about a year. Then when we started trying again, no matter how diligent, no matter how many tears and sweats we spent, we just couldn't get pregnant. Countless ovulation hormone test tips, countless up-and-down cycles of feeling positive that it would happen this month, countless tears of disappointment as each home pregnancy test came back negative... that roller-coaster ride of emotions is just too difficult to put into words.
However all of that doesn't matter now as the little one lives and grows inside my tummy! It was truly a miracle as it happened at the time we least expected it to. Little No. 2 was conceived at a time when both hubby and I were a…

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