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Welcome My Little Prince - Bradley’s Birth

Baby Bradley was delivered on W39.6, one day before EDD. Writing this 2y4m after his birth, I recalled most of the experience through WhatsApp’s chat history. 😁 W39.1 - It was my final checkup. Doctor said she had a planned leave during my EDD, so asked us whether we wanted to set a date to induce labor next week before she went on leave. Manual dilation by doctor. And we went home to calculate fengshui date for the birth lol. W39.3 - Mucus plug fell off. Went to hospital to check but dilation still remained at 2cm. Went to watch <A Star Is Born> at the cinema and got inspired by Bradley Cooper for our baby’s name. 😁 W39.5 - The day has almost arrived! Was feeling anxious that there was still no signs of baby coming, and it was getting nearer to the EDD where my doctor would be on leave. Took Pastor’s advice to walk around in the garden to help with labor. Then in the evening, I started to feel irregular contractions at 7pm, but still mild and bearable. Went to hospital for che

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