Jeju Itinerary - 2nd

Back from my conference/vacation in Jeju island! It was my second time to the island and I'm still not bored of it! The best thing that came out of this trip was that I managed to get a taxi tour contact. ^^ Btw, I realised that Jeju needs at max 2 days to explore... with a well-planned itinerary.

Global Taxi service (taxi tour)
English speaking driver - Kim, Chi Seang
Phone: 010-3693-6033
Price: Usually 150USD (9am~5pm) for one taxi, but I guess with some haggling you could whittle it down to 120USD. *The guide speaks good English, very friendly and carries a Samsung Galaxy Pad. Can book him through email.

This is our itinerary for 3 days:

Day 1 (We went to East Jeju on this day, it is a very long route and at parts, difficult to get transportation. So we followed the taxi tour cos it was economical and would save us a lot of time!)
  • 9am - Reached Jeju airport
  • Checked in motel (opposite Ramada hotel, 30,000won per room per night)
  • Manjanggul lava tubes
  • Seongsan Ilchubong
  • Lunch - kalchi-gui in spicy sauce and salt-grilled kalchi-gui (damn, licking my lips now thinking of this meal!)
  • All-In house/ Seopjikoji (movie location)
  • Folk village (Don't buy stuff here, very expensive!)
  • Sangumburi crater
  • Mini-mini land
  • Back to motel
  • Explored the area around City Hall and had a beer
Day 2 (South Jeju - Jungmun area & Seogwipo-si, and a bit of the West. Transportation is easier in the south so didn't need to take taxi tour for this day)
  • 8am - Took airport limo bus to Seogwipo-si (5,000 one way per pax)
  • Cheonjiyeon waterfall (can buy souvenirs here, pretty cheap)
  • Jeongbang waterfall
  • Go to Jungmun, visit Cheonjaeyeon waterfall
  • Lunch - abalone porridge, beef bibimbap, doenjang beef soup
  • Yeomiji botanical gardens
  • Chocolate museum (West Jeju... very very far ~20,000 one way for one taxi)
  • Dinner - go back to Jungmun area, black pork BBQ (MASSHISOYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Lotte Hotel walk around (very beautiful garden, must go)
  • 9pm - Took airport limo bus from Lotte Hotel back to Jeju-si (5,000 one way per pax)
Day 3 (Jeju-si)
  • Went to conference at Ramada hotel
  • Yongduam Rock (Dragon head rock) - can buy souvenirs here, pretty cheap
  • Lunch at Yongduam area - okdong-gui fried fish and spicy soup
  • Loveland/ Mysterious Road (ask your cab driver to demonstrate at the Mysterious road)
  • Walked about in Yeondong - Shilla Duty Free shop
  • Ildo beach
  • Depart from Jeju airport


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