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Monday, August 31, 2009

[Los Angeles] - A Day in Hollywood

Week 2
Day 8 (Nov 27th, Thursday)
Day 2 back in Los Angeles - Hollywood/Beverly Hills

"El Lay" is how Americans pronounce it fondly. To me, "El Lay" will always be one of the fondest memories in my heart.

We put up for two nights at the Ramada Inn which is one of the affordable and popular hotel chain names in the US. The room was equipped with a microwave, which was very useful for us to heat up the Peking Duck from San Francisco Chinatown, frozen meals and cup noodles. The complimentary breakfast was pretty basic but fulfilling, with donuts, bread and butter, fresh milk, yoghurt, cereal, peaches and juice.

Mom in front of the movie trailers. Hollywood really IS the movie producing capital of the world. They even shot a sitcom in the backlot of OUR hotel. Unbelievable.

We drove around the Hollywood neighborhood trying to find the best spot to get the Hollywood hills sign using the GPS. I think this was the most perfect location we could find, albeit the many trees and lamp posts blocking the view.

I love, love, love the bougainvillea here! It was like the flowers formed a gigantic heart shape that was gonna topple down on me! So V-day.

Next, we headed off to Hollywood Boulevard. Visiting Hollywood is somewhat like a dream come true for every movie-going person. However, waking up to reality is not always the case. Before I left for the US, some of my colleagues had already told me that the Hollywood Boulevard is not what we all imagine it to be. The streets of Tinseltown are not filled with glittering pavements, paparazzi and beautiful movie stars making an appearance in their shiny dresses. On the contrary, the street is dark and full of shady characters.

I say, more like a police car chase scene. The previous night after a whole day at Universal Studios, my thoughtful bf brought us for a drive-through on Hollywood Boulevard, just to catch a glimpse of the street at night. Just before turning right into Hollywood Blvd, we overtook a car by crossing into its lane at the end of the street just before the traffic lights. We had surpassed the dotted line range where you can cross lanes. To our shock and dismay the car behind us suddenly beeped its siren. We had overtook a police car! It was just not our luck cos although we had signalled before overtaking, the officer still gave us a ticket for illegal lane-crossing... though I think it would be fine if it were just a normal car. Felt so down and totally lost our mood to look at Hollywood Blvd at night, I just remember many bright lights and many shops selling cheap souvenirs there.

In the daytime. Behind me, Grauman's Chinese Theater. And to the right is Kodak Theater, where the Oscars are held every year.

We parked our car right next to Tom Cruise's star. Very vintage hotel behind me. It was drizzling at the Hollywood Blvd.

MJ's star on the Walk of Fame. Such a coincidence, such an honour to have seen his star...

One thing I felt profoundly superficial about this place was, there were so many "superheroes" walking about! Batman, Captain America, Catwoman, Supergirl, Jack Sparrow, Freddy Krueger... all waiting for tourists to ask to take a photo with them and then get tipped. I felt so disappointed seeing Batman take a photo with our family and then turn around to count the number of one-dollar bills... *superhero image disintegrated* ;-(

Everyone wants to be the next Diddy... a dude asking Leo to test out his DIY album. Haha, how he said thanks-but-no-thanks apologetically afterwards is totally hilarious but these guys do take it pretty cool... just like how the street beggars at San Francisco greeted us and still thanked us politely even though we had no change to spare.

Parents smiling happily after mom's wish to take a picture together with a black came true... she had Obama fever...

At the Kodak Theater!! The staircase leading into the inner theater is flanked by columns displaying the names of the movies for Best Picture Award throughout the years. I felt a bit star-struck walking in the footsteps of all those stars, my feet on the staircase that they had walked on, my hands tracing the balustrades that they had touched, using the toilet that Nicole Kidman had used... heehee...

And the shopping mall just beside the Kodak Theater... I think Janice Dickinson's Model Agency was situated here once... correct me if I'm wrong.

Time was short and we rushed to our next destination at Beverly Hills, hoping to catch a glimpse of a real star in his jogging shorts.

Beverly Hills... that's where I wanna be! It's a lush green neighborhood with large, elegant houses. Of course we couldn't see ANY stars.

Rodeo Drive - where the stars shop, and where Julia Roberts had that scene in Pretty Woman, my most favourite movie of all time. No time to stop and window shop, we had to rush all the way back to Chandler for the Coldplay concert (WOOHOO!!) at night! Leo knew I'd love to go down, so instead of going one round, he drove us past a second round! *Satisfied*

Feast your eyes on Rodeo Drive!

Fellow Malaysian spotted in LA. :-P

Favourite outfit of Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl.

Just some normal "streetbrands" in US.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Magic Bullet

最近发现到我家厨房的 Magic Bullet blender 也可以打果汁。上个星期公司大派水果推广健康饮食文化,我一共拿了两包水果,过后再多拿三包,本已足够两个人吃上一周。怎知也在同一家公司上班的可倩在傍晚回我家时竟抱了一大盒的水果回来!=_='''

太多水果吃不完,结果我们就拿来打果汁。星期一我们打了九粒橙,完全没有加水,Vitamin C 指数大幅上升!昨天晚上打了五粒橙和两粒梨,再参一点水,喝下去顺口很多,还有梨的淡淡香味,好健康~

今天晚餐: 辣椒虾 + 小白菜 + 冰冷水豆腐 + 参须鸡汤(超咸的) = 幸福! ^__^

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rainy day indulgence at Danai Spa, G Hotel ♥

2nd floor lounge, G Hotel

What could be more perfect than to wake up to the sound of the pitter-pattering rain on a lazy Sunday morning?

A free 30-min massage from Danai Spa!

Last Sunday I stayed under the warm bed-covers while the surrounding air freezed around me. It hadn't rained in Penang for a long, long while and the dark rainclouds provided a cool respite from the island's heat. Woke up around 10am, felt hungry, made some hot Milo and cooked A1 bakuteh mee with hotdog, mushroom and egg. Watched two episodes of E.U. (学警追击) then fell back into a deep sleep until 3pm. :-D

After that, took a quick shower and rushed to Danai Spa at G Hotel for our 4 o'clock appointment. Danai Spa was so kind to provide us a free 30 min massage in return for a 15 min briefing on their latest promotion - RM6888 package for 3 years. And I could bring a friend! Obvious choice was my sweetie who bought us a couple spa package at Danai Spa Tanjung Bungah a year ago.

Danai Spa lounge

The Danai Spa is located on the 3rd floor of the very trendy G Hotel, beside its very minimalist water feature, infinity pool and gym. Upon arrival, we were immediately ushered to one of the twin-bed massage rooms. Good, we didn't need to wait.

My impression of Danai Spa at G Hotel is that the rooms definately look much cleaner and modern compared to the rustic Balinese-styled Tanjung Bungah branch. I prefer cleaner facilities (except for the bath mat which was wet) but of course the Tj. Bungah branch offers outdoor facilities like the wading pool and outdoor bath which can be quite a fun experience if the weather is not too hot. We peeped into one of the rooms which had five massage beds and a fantastic seaview of the Gurney Drive area! Imagine having your massage on a lazy afternoon while gazing at the sea in front of you... *perfect*.

Twin massage bed

We changed into red batik sarongs and disposable undies and lay on the massage bed, ready for our massage. Well, I can't comment much on the massage part because any massage is wasted on me as I basically don't like people touching me. :-P Leo said he prefers the G Hotel's firmer massage techniques to Tj. Bungah branch. But then again it all really depends on the masseur you get.

After the massage, we were pleasantly surprised as it didn't stop there! We were treated to an additional 30 mins of milk-and-honey body scrub! I reread my previous post and I wrote before that I would like to try that the next time I visited the spa. Seems I got my wish granted! Yum! It smelled of delicious yoghurt and my skin felt instantly smoother and nourished after that. I wanted to buy the scrub but then it wasn't for sale. :-(

And after the scrub, wash it off in the shower room with a transparent glass door.

One of the range of body scrubs.

Verdict? What can I say, 5 stars since it's all free! :-D

Danai Spa is opening a new branch at Eastin Hotel, Queensbay, Penang soon.