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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trip to Cambodia + Thailand '06/07 - Day 3

Continuing my travel log…

Day 3 (Siem Reap)

“Fucking politicians…” - Kakadia

At the guesthouse, we woke up to a very unpleasant New Year’s morning with a mild hangover(for me…), gruesome images of Saddam on the gallows and horrifying news of the Bangkok blast, which was in the list of our next destinations to visit.

We arrived at the start of Le Grande Circuit at Phnom Bakheng, which is located at a hilltop and offers a magnificent aerial-view of the Angkor Archeological Park. For morning people, go for the sunrise… for us, we chose to sleep-in and reached there at 9am. :P

Beautiful sunrises also equal beautiful sunsets, but as Lonely Planet points out, go early or else you might get swamped by the crowds during sunset there.

Travel Tip 1: Start early so that your face and neck won’t get scorched by the midday sun as you take the 10-minute climb uphill to Phnom Bakeng.

Phnom Bakheng

Helium balloon in the distance…
Can you see the 3 cupolas (domes) of Angkor Wat?

You might wanna choose the path less taken… and risk getting a broken leg.

Preah Khan – Temple of the Sacred Sword

Beheaded by a sword?

Preah Khan was built by Jayavarman VII as his temporary residence while he was building Angkor Thom. Don’t know why it’s called the Sacred Sword… might be because the building structure looks like a sword? Or there really was a sacred sword inside…? The main corridor lasts a km long to the backside… and with the many many doors and balustrades, it really feels like you’re competing in an obstacle course while you’re leaping across them and trying hard not to trip! I really can’t understand the purpose of all these low, tiny doorways, is it an oblique sign of respect that everyone who passes through the corridors need to stoop and bow to the one person waiting at the very end?

Garuda (mythical bird-man) at the processional walkway

We’re at the entrance.

Something like Ta Phrom

Branches in the sky – So magical! Like something out of a fairytale...

This, I rate, as the best picture of the whole trip!

Don’t fall on me!

Beautiful apsara carvings on the arches above our heads…

Linga (phallic symbol) – I read somewhere that this one linga (three parts: long, circular and square) actually represents the Hindu trinity – Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma. I can only say that it looks like a whole other thing to me.

Preah Neak Pean – Sacred Intertwined ‘Naga’

This is one of the temples I love the most. The ‘island temple’ that you see below is actually situated in the centre pool, with 4 other pools to its N, S, E, W.

Centre temple

One of the most spectacular things about the design of this temple is that back in the Angkor days, water used to flow from ornamental sprouts to each of the N, S, E, W pools. And these ornamental sprouts were so lovely designed, in the shapes of elephant(N), horse(W), lion(S), human(E)! It’s just so ingenious!

Elephant sprout

The pools of Preah Neak Phan was used for ritual cleansing rites. The temple gets its name from the two intertwined naga encircling the island temple. There’s also a horse figure at the temple entrance, derived from the legend that Avalokiteshvara once saved his shipwrecked followers from a ghost-island by transforming himself into a flying horse.

One of the two intertwined ‘naga’

Flying horsey

More ‘beheaded’ images… some of them actually had jewels on their heads… damn that Pol Pot for selling them all to outsiders!

After that we took a break for lunch just at the foodstalls outside Preah Neak Phan, it was cheap and tasty! Just order cooked food and I think it’s going to be hygiene enough for our stomachs… Lunch cost us USD 8 for 3 dishes and Angkor beer – pork and fried vege, ginger chicken and onion beef with rice.

We spent lunch chatting with our tuk-tuk driver Kakadia… he told us about his story about his family when they were still under Khmer Rouge rule.

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Color Me Bad!

Some tips for pre-CNY shopping... which colors look best on you?

Taken from eDiets:

How to tell if you are a warm seasons -- autumn or spring?
If your coloring is warm and clear, you are a spring. Springs have golden undertones and creamy white or peachy complexions. They have strawberry blonde, straw-colored hair, or they are redheads with freckles, rosy cheeks and green or blue eyes.

Springs can wear warm and light colors such as salmon, coral, lime, light moss green, apricot, bright yellow, light aqua, light gray, camel.

If your coloring is warm and muted with deep, rich shades, you are an autumn. Autumns have golden undertones and often are redheads or brunettes with brown eyes with golden flecks (their eyes have more contrast compared to the fairer springs).
Autumns do best with yellow undertones and rich, earthy colors such as camel, most browns, golden yellow, moss green, olive, mustard yellow and terracotta.

Are you a cool season -- winter or summer?
If your coloring is cool and clear, you are a winter. Winters have blue or pink undertones with fair skin -- olive or dark. Winters are often brunettes with dark eyes. Most African-Americans and Asians are in this category.

The primary colors and vibrant jewel tones are what winters look best in: black, navy, charcoal gray (for neutrals), hot pink, fuchsia, purple, periwinkle blue, icy blue, pure white, clear or blue-red and royal blue. Avoid oranges, medium browns and camel.

If your coloring is cool and muted, you are a summer. Summers have blue or pinkish undertones. They have pale, pink skin and have natural blonde hair or are brunettes with fair eyes.

Colors that are not overwhelming and strong are best for summers. Pick pastels such as soft pinks, rose, light blue, periwinkle blue, soft white, grey, lavender, peachy pink, clear red, chocolate brown. Avoid black next to the face.

Monday, January 29, 2007



幻想自己就躺在那一片蓝蓝的 blue,和小鸟为伍,翱翔在那云际之间。白色的云朵柔柔的,像弹弹床一样,我要踩在上面跳个不停,跳到累了,躺下来和身边的爱人绵绵细语然后一起睡着。

那天我看见一轮明月,那是好大好大的一个月亮,好像我一伸手就可以轻易地把它摘下来。月亮好像 Dreamworks 电影开场的画面一样,就只差那小男孩坐在上面钓鱼。我要月亮的话,你可以把它摘下来给我吗?

环顾四周,我在 17 楼的房间好像蓝蓝的,三格橱是蓝的,CPU casing 是蓝的,枕头是蓝的,小地毯是蓝的,铺在小桌上的Cambodian silk 是浅蓝的,连面纸盒都是蓝的。若没看见角落放着的全身镜子,还真的以为是男孩子的房间呢。床单是那个你说看起来好懒惰的 Zzz… 我到现在还用着。

好想买一些家具把我的房间布置得像 Ikea catalogue 里的一样,要有蓝蓝的 cushion,白色 wrought iron 的床架,旁边要放个同样 wrought iron 的小桌,上面有我的笔记型电脑,我爱的书,蓝白色的小花和白色咖啡杯。

蓝色白色好 Mediterranean 的感觉噢,但是我不要拥有蓝色般的忧郁,更不要白色般的落寞…


昨天有人发了个短讯给我:“So sad… 二世祖 life finished liao… :((”

哈哈… 因为他之前在槟城玩足一个 semester,现在要回 MMU度过最后一个学期了… 不能像以前一样得空就陪爸爸喝早茶,陪妈妈剪头发,然后被我们随传随到… 哈哈 :P

MMU 开课了,两位在这半年内陪伴我很多的朋友也离开我了。Berry 回 MMU 教课,志伟回去念书,另外一位 housemate 丽雯也搬走了。突然觉得屋子好空哦,生活也好像忽然单调了许多… 真是想不起来在他们出现之前那段日子我是怎么度过的…?

所以这两天来尽量不要留在家里徒伤悲,星期六早上去做工,中午和一班同事朋友们去唱 K,然后和 JW 再回公司做工,然后晚上直落吃晚饭和 Baskin Robbins 雪糕。这一天发生了一件让我们全部人都感到极光荣的事,那就是 JW 成为了《余人生 – 一桶金》的代言模特儿!真高兴有这位“明日Catwalk 之星”的朋友… 哇哈哈哈~


星期日 Berry 回来搬家我们又去 Anson Road吃了好多点心… 然后和 Leonard 和 JW 去 Queensbay Mall血拼,买了两条裤子!然后 3点半去 Chin Leong 的家看喝汤水看鬼戏,下午国鑫打来煲电话粥… 晚上再和 Leonard JW 去吃晚饭和去 Sunshine 购物… 哈哈,充实得要命!这几天都吃得好饱哦~~ 下礼拜一定要勤做运动!!!*semangat*

Saturday, January 27, 2007





Make a wish...

昨晚和一班同事看完 Death Note 2 之后,Sujea 建议,我们到 Queensbay 的天台去看夜景。

真的好漂亮哦… 站在天台上吹晚风,在霓虹板之下,少了一点《无间道》的感觉,多了一点《红磨坊》的浪漫。

Soek Junn 说想起以前她在英国念大学时半夜躺在宿舍后面的大草场看星星。我也回想起年少轻狂的我也曾经做过那样的事… 在马六甲 Alpha 时躺在停车场等待流星雨,在 Cyberjaya 蓄水塔那里的小山丘看着流星划过天际。

要是可以 Make a wish… 我希望可以天天和你一起看星星。

哈哈,有人又要说我好天真~ :P



有一点喜欢你了… 理由是…不知道,you make me laugh?:))



Wednesday, January 24, 2007


我的 roommate 终于搬走了。其实早在六个月前已经有了心理准备,当我们离开同住了一年的大学房间时。所以当昨天其他 housemate 在依依不舍的时候,我好像没什么特别感觉。但今天放工回来面对着空荡荡的房间时,却感到好像少了些什么,还是忍不住掉了几滴眼泪,弄湿我的被单。

她是我在大学期间认识的第二位好朋友,认识她已经超过五年,真正相处的日子,却只不过三年。记得以前在马六甲院校念 Alpha 的时候,经常看见一位胖妞可怜兮兮地站在宿舍楼梯旁,却只知道她的名字叫 Strawberry。

后来这个胖妞越变越瘦了,当然也越变越漂亮了。在 Beta year,也常常看见她在 Cyberjaya 的宿舍等男友 (情人节的时候。)但是我们还是点头之交,我那时还在想,怎么这个胖妞的男友那么好看。哈哈哈。

在大学的第二年 Gamma year,我因为上课迟到匆匆忙忙地跑进 lecture hall,看见有一对傻婆傻佬隔壁还空着一个位,就一个屁股坐了下去。从那时候开始知道原来这傻婆叫 Yip Sook Chin,SID是 1011116915,隔壁那傻佬叫 Lim Wern Shen,因为过后就要常常替他们 sign attendance!

在那一年和过后的 Delta year 当我搬去 Cyberia Townhouse 住的时候,我们三个常常一起坐Berry 的车去上课,上 lab,交 assignment,到 HB2 吃十年如一日的 nasi paprik,然后晚上去图书馆温习功课。还记得她以前那副眼镜是超厚的,好像 magnifying glass 一样,看了让人感觉头昏。虽然要跟着一个戴这么超厚的眼镜的人一起到很多人出入的图书馆念书,但是幸好有她这位读书良伴,不然我看我都不会顺利地毕业。

到了大学 Epsilon 最后一年,我们从朋友升华到同房关系,感情变得更要好了。还记得每天晚上的 pillow talk,讲我喜欢的哪一位男生,讲她男朋友的坏话,还有很多很多女生的私房秘密,然后第二天早上一起睁不开眼睛去上 8 点钟的课… 晚上没有她在我的身旁谈天谈到睡觉真的是很不习惯,还记得有一次我半夜起来对着她的空床讲梦话,结果差点把她的妹妹给吓个半死。大学最后一年最痛苦的时候也让我们一起挨过了,赶 FYP,练习 presentation,被某某孟加拉同胞骚扰,有时还看见她被以前的可恶野蛮男朋友欺负然后哭得稀里哗啦。

我们的性格天差地别,她是万人迷我是路人甲,我喜欢 Desperate Housewives 她喜欢 Hamtaro,我喜欢 The World is Flat 她喜欢 Sweet Valley High,我喜欢穿牛仔裤她喜欢穿大花裙,我喜欢链手表什么都不戴她喜欢各种可爱亮眼的首饰,我喜欢板起脸孔她喜欢笑脸迎人,我喜欢蓝色她喜欢粉红色,真的不知道是什么上天的安排把我们变成了一对形影不离的好朋友。也许是因为她喜欢的类型就像我一样吧~ (她讲我像她现任男友-Chubby) 哈哈…

做工以后,本以为就这样分离了;怎知道她跑来槟城Avago工作,再度续缘成为半年的 roommate。在这半年里面,好像很多答应了要一起做的事情都没有做到,比如说一起去 clubbing, Pink Bar,Bed,等等…都没有去到。 连一起 shopping 的机会也似乎罕有。唉,我看她会是我最后一个 roommate,从今以后都没有人叫我起床了,起床之后没有人给我欺负了... :((

她喜欢在每次临走前抛下一句话,说身为 roommate 的我不了解她,其实,没有 communication,哪来的 understanding?难道我们这么多天来的 pillow talk对我来说还不够了解她吗?也许是她认为我了解她不够深,其实有多时候她不知道我都是默默地在祝福她。

不要再为男孩子掉泪了,希望她的现任男朋友对她疼爱有加。不要再为减肥烦恼了,健康开心才是至上。不要把心事全往肚子里吞,如果想找人听,一定找得到。不要再把自己跟别人作比较,天生我材必有用。希望她在 Cyberjaya 未来的日子一切顺利,成为大学生们心目中可爱的美女 tutor,希望她赶快毕业戴 Masters 四方帽。希望她每天继续脸带笑容,心里天天感到快乐! ^_^


Tuesday, January 23, 2007







Friday, January 19, 2007

If I do not find you... will you find me?


在这里截断我的 travel log 一下,I need a break! 载下我的心情故事...

现在我也感觉被海浪推动,但有另一番的滋味在心头... 感觉比较像你不动,就等着被 being swept away by the tidal waves 吧...
随着 schedule,随着人家的 release,随着上司的指令,随着要赶的工作被推动,被推动... 哦,原来 我的 teammates 的感觉是这样的。
第一次参与真正的 project,踏入岗位以后,才发现,原来真的很多事情是身不由己啊!
幸好今天带了一点 comfort food - chocolate 来吃!嘻嘻...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Trip to Cambodia + Thailand '06/07 - Day 2

Day 2 (Siem Reap)

"Lady, do you wanna buy some cold drinks?" --little peddlar children

We woke up early in the morning eager to start our journey - the Little Circuit. Just mention Little Circuit to the tuktuk driver and he'll know.

Little Circuit is basically a tour of the grand city of Angkor Thom, which was the largest of all Khmer cities, founded by Jayavarman VII. The circuit consists of (in visiting order):

Terrace of the Leper King
Terrace of the Elephants

The tuktuk will fetch you from your lodge to Angkor Thom, then from there you can just visit the other buildings on foot. Or by Jumbo.

South Gate walkway

Pose with the gods on the entrance to Angkor Thom through the South Gate. On your left are the gods, while on your right are the devils. I didn't know before this, so I kept posing with the devils =_='''

Behind: One of the 4 all-seeing faces of Avalokiteshvara on the gatetop tower.

Visit the 216 enigmatic faces at the Bayon!

How many faces can you count? ^_^

Smile of Khmer / 高棉的微笑

Too bad we didn't manage to visit Baphuon cos it was closed under restoration. Lonely Planet says "Baphuon would have been one of the most spectacular of Angkor's temples in its heyday." So if you're lucky, do try to visit during weekdays, while it's open during working hours!

Displaced blocks - Baphuon

Walking through all those fallen blocks made me feel as if I was walking inside a gigantic jigsaw puzzle... they have to actually follow the previous drawings to rebuild the entire monument... It's simply amazing how the restoration folk do it! Well, well... I guess archeologists can find a job after all!
Taming elephants - Terrace of the elephants

Ta Keo - Giant Temple Mountain which is uniquely known for its uncarved walls. Lonely Planet says "Had it been finished, it would have been one of the most impressive monuments in those times..." I met a young guide on the top that told me this was a bad-luck temple because the top was struck off by lightning. He also showed me the small little peaks of Angkor Wat from the top. I paid him USD2 after that.

Travel Tip 1: Take your time on the Mini Circuit... don't need to hurry through the grandeur of it all!
Travel Tip 2: Bring an umbrella or cap along, it's damn hot walking under the sun on the terraces...!
Travel Tip 3: Wear comfortable, long pants as you need to clamber up the temples and you might hurt your legs on the rough steps if you are in shorts.
Travel Tip 4: Do bring along a guidebook... it helps to explain the carvings and must-sees. If you don't have a guidebook yet, don't fret... buy it in Cambodia! There are plenty of cheap and lovely guidebooks for sale (My fully coloured one only cost me USD7!) And Lonely Planet is also available (if you don't mind having pirated copies at only USD5...)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trip to Cambodia + Thailand '06/07

Finally, I'm back from my trip... a little bit tanner, a little bit dehydrated, a little bit homesick, but nevertheless, a lot more perspective gained from the world outside.

Couldn't possibly have imagined how I felt when I saw rainclouds and mist gathering outside of my cabin window... oh I do miss the tropical rain!

Welcome and I hope you have a pleasant read... this post will be updated from time-to-time and with photos up next week!

Day 1
(LCCT -> Siem Reap)

“可以想象,当它刚刚建好的时候,是多么的宏伟” --玮轩

Cambodian time is one hour earlier than Malaysia
Stay: Bou Savy -USD3.50 per pax
Transportation: Around town - by foot (easy walk!) To Angkor Wat - tuktuk -USD12 full day
Tonle Sap boat ride - USD15 per pax
Angkor Wat 3 day pass - USD40 per pax

We reached Siem Reap airport at 11.10am Cambodian time, no visa needed for Malaysians/ Singaporeans. I had a pleasant surprise when I saw a welcome plaque held up for us, it was the Bou Savy guesthouse owner himself come to welcome us at the airport! And in a Toyota Camry too (albeit muddy and dusty...) After we reached the guesthouse located 6km away from the airport, we had a welcoming drink prepared for us, kinda like soursop mixed with something else... refreshing and nice!

For lunch, we went to GreenHouse restaurant nearby, and had banana leaf fish (pic), Khmer style beef, and rice for 3 (USD7). The food in Cambodia was good, kinda like the more peculiar Chinese dishes in Malaysia, although as we slowly found out, overpriced due to tourists.

After lunch we did some walking around town, down the street to the Royal Gardens (looks eerily like cemetery grounds), the Angkor Shopping Centre, and bought some fridge magnets/ keychains at the central market.

At 2pm, the Camry came to fetch us for a boat-ride on Tonle Sap (in Khmer, Tonle stands for Lake, while Sap for Freshwater).

Looks like the sea! -Tonle Sap, the Great Lake

On the way to the Great Lake, which, I thought was exactly like what I saw on National Geographic a few months back... a realistically painted picture of poverty of the Cambodians who lived in wooden stilt-houses on the river banks leading towards the lake. The waters were muddy and the land was barren, where young babies lay suckling their mothers with no foliage from the blazing hot sun. I asked the guesthouse owner whether the banks would be flooded during the rainy season, but he smiled and said no, those were good floods... and some of the houses-on-stilts served good seafood delicacies during those seasons. For now, the waters were subsiding towards the Mekong Delta, as it was the dry season (November-January).

3 of us boarded the lonely boat, and though the whole picture looked sad, I saw a glimpse of hope for the children as we passed by schools-on-water set up by Japanese and Korean collaborations with the local Cambodian goverment. The boat stopped at a "fish-farm" with fewer than 5 aquariums filled with small, limp fish and many many crocs.

We saw naked children paddling around swiftly in the water in a tin wok, trying to sell bananas to us. On our way back to town we saw Phnom Krom in the distance. Some may think USD15 is too dear a price to pay for what you get to see on the Tonle Sap... but when you think of the kind of insight you get into those people's lives... you might wanna rethink the kind of blessings that you take for granted all this while!

Phnom Krom (Mount Krom). Did you know that lots of the stones in Angkor Wat were quarried from here?

After the Great Lake, we started on our adventurous journey... to the Angkor Wat! It's at an even heftier sum, but we did come here to see it, so... grit your teeth and pay up USD40 for a 3-day pass. Words can't describe the feelings when you stand in the presence of that great monument for the first time... so behold the pics!

On the pathway to Angkor Wat

Five towers of Angkor Wat reflected in the lotus pond. Walk to the left side of the pond to catch a glimpse of all the 5 towers as compared to 3 when you view Angkor Wat from the centre.
Bas Relief Galleries - housing the bas reliefs describing Hindu Mahabhrata epics. Start on the West Gallery and bring a guide book along to understand the story behind the carvings!

Dancing Apsaras on the wall

Then we went inside the central temple complex...

Grab a place at the third level to watch the sunset! - The symbolism of the very steep and high stairs is that it's no easy task to visit the gods...

NOTE: You can only gain access to the Angkor park entrance at 5pm sharp, so if you can, rush up to the third level before 5.30pm before the stairways are closed! Take in the sunset... and breath in as much as you can... because you'll never experience that same feeling again when you first saw... the Angkor Wat.
Angkor Wat at 6.00pm... everyone disappeared after watching the sunset.

We walked around the balustrades before the fall of dusk... standing in the lonely shadows of days gone by...
Moon over Angkor... -La Nuits d'Angkor

After visiting the Angkor Wat we ate our cheapest dinner in the whole world... just USD1.50 for food for 3 + 1 can of Coke! Then we decided to do something out of routine and went for the weekly Beatocello concert, held every Saturday night in aid for Cambodian children. We felt a bit displaced, but in that modern hall in the midst of a country stricken with poverty, disease and corruption, we beheld one of the most amazing and giving doctors... and had a flashback into the days of what Malaysia used to look like to our grandfathers, 30 years back.

Travel Tip 1: Don't wear contact lenses! It's too dusty in Cambodia for beauty!
Travel Tip 2: Bring wet tissues to rub your face and oral masks to avoid sucking in the dust by the roadside.
Travel Tip 3: It should cost around 2000 riel (Cambodian money) or USD0.5 for a 1.5 litre of mineral/drinking water. Anything more than that they're ripping you off.
Travel Tip 4: The best period to travel to Cambodia is the "winter season" which extends from Nov to Feb. Other times be prepared for extremely HOT weather (March to May) and try best to avoid the rainy season from June to Oct!

Monday, January 08, 2007

mE BaCk~!

I'm back!

2007 is here... and I can't believe that I've hit 24 years old already.

More updates later on my trip... for now it feels that I've got trillions of work COMING SOON... can't even lift my finger to type out my adventures...~

Feel so sleepy... must be because of the jetlag... hahahahaha