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Friday, October 30, 2009

十全十美 · 10/10 ROM

We got hitched!

It all started with a pleasant surprise.

On the morning of 10th October, Leo and I were having brunch with my parents at a shop in town - Wang Zhao Jun. How coincidental could it be that when I just finished telling my parents that Hong loves to bring friends here for the famous spicy sour fish head soup, I suddenly saw a familiar face walk out from the shop. It was Jia Kai! And then I saw Nic, wearing his beloved green singlet, following behind. My first thought, "Hey, why are you guys here?" They took one look at me, and let out their bloodcurdling screams AHHHHHHHHHH!!!~~~~~ until everybody in the shop dropped their chopsticks and looked at our table. Then I saw the twins, Onn and my official photographer Hong, walk out next, with a new friend Jerry in tow. Nic shouted, "Just pretend you didn't see us, we don't know you're getting married today!!~"

And with that great surprise that my friends purposely drove up from KL to attend my ROM, I started my BIG DAY with a wide smile plastered on my face... and nobody and nothing could wipe it off! :-))

After a whirlwind of road jams through Saturday morning Georgetown, and checking-in my parents to the trendy G-Hotel, we managed to make it to APT for my hairdo and makeup. Leonard says, if there was a theme for our ROM day, it would be "Just in Time". He got his wedding band back from Diamond and Platinum just last week, while I got my new watch strap shipped from Hong Kong the day before the ROM, and we were just in time to arrive at Che Hoon Kor for the ceremony. Thanks to Nic, Jia Kai and Onn, my hand bouquet was also repackaged beautifully just in time too!

When we arrived at Che Hoon Kor at 2.30pm, I spotted my friends already waiting for us at the foyer - Li Wei, Huah Yuah, Kerch, Andrew, Changfei, my high school besties Kah Khee and Florence, and Leo's uni besties Lian Nee, Sin Yee and Cheah. I got a second surprise when Ethan, Xuan and Hau suddenly popped out of nowhere to greet me! Words were just not enough to express how I felt at that moment, I really had no idea they were coming! Thank you all, my best friends... you guys really made my day!~

And then came the moment which I had been waiting for all my life. To say our vows together, to pledge ourselves to love each other for the rest of our lives.

They say the registration ceremony itself is just a simple procedure, no longer than fifteen minutes. For me, I savoured every single moment, every memory to last a lifetime. I can still remember every single emotion I felt then. A bit anxious, but couldn't stop grinning when I looked at all my friends who took time off to witness our special moment. The joy and exhilaration just overwhelmed it all. I was at the peak of my happiness, looking my best and feeling so blessed, surrounded by our beloved family and best friends and just being there, ready to tie the knot with the man that I love. It was the time of my life.

And so we said our vows together. Slowly, clearly, and in sync. Although I was a bit surprised the vows were not at all like in the movies (gasp!) where they always say "through bread and butter, through thick and thin, till death to us part" so romantically, but it still meant a lot to both of us.

And we gave each other that cheeky little look that says "I love you". Our look, which we seldom ever show to anybody, has garnered quite a number of various interpretations on Facebook! :-P And then it was time to kiss the bride! However I quite wonder howcome nobody took photos of this, but of course I will remember how he grabbed my head and pulled me in for us a forceful kiss... haha!

And after the ceremony, after it all, a new family to call home.

And of course not forgetting my wonderful parents who gave their blessings towards our joyful union. Thank you Mom and Dad, for everything...

A beautiful family photo
Afterwards we all retreated to G-Hotel to capture some post-ROM feature photos by the poolside. We got many wonderful pictures courtesy of our photographers, Hong, Onn, Xuan, Jia Kai, Lian Nee and Cheah. I love watching my picture slideshow while listening to Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" so much, I do it every night! We are going to compile the photos into a coffee table album soon.

And last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to all my friends who were there to witness our love, you guys and girls really made this a joyous and memorable event for us! And also thanks for all the gifts and best wishes and comments on Facebook. 一切都十全十美,只因你们。:-)

Us in Manila Place with all our presents!

Friday, October 09, 2009

On getting hitched...

We are getting registered tomorrow... but,
I have NO TIME to get cold feet!!!