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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Angels and Demons

by Dan Brown

When a world renowned scientist is found brutally murdered, a Harvard professor, Robert Langdon, is summoned to identify the mysterious symbol scared onto the dead man's chest. His conclusion; it is the work of the Illuminati, a secret brotherhood presumed extinct for nearly four hundred years-now reborn to continue their bitter vendetta against their sworn enemy, the Catholic church.

In Rome the college of cardinals assembles to elect a new pope. Yet somewhere within the walls of the Vatican, an unstoppable bomb of terrifying power relentlessly counts down to oblivion. While the minutes tick away, Langdon joins forces with Vittoria Vetra, a beautiful and mysterious Italian scientist, to decipher the labyrinthine trail of ancient symbols that snakes across Rome to the long-forgotten Illuminati lair-a secret refuge wherein lies the only hope for the Vatican.


Tried to write my first ever book review on this one... but failed miserably :P

I guess this means that the book itself is DEFINATELY worth reading and that you do not have to take my word for it. So next time I shall just post a synopsis of book reviews on my blog for anyone who wants to know what books I've read recently.

What else can I say? Good steal at a cheap price for endless pages of mystery and fun down in the depths of the Vatican. If only I had read this before the death of Pope John Paul II, I think I would have read the newspapers even more.

And I didn't know that the Apostle Peter was the first Pope... nor that his body is still (I presume) lying under the Vatican!

One more thing, about the magnetic trap used to trap the anti-matter... it is actually feasible! I first heard of this technique during the Carl E. Wieman (Nobel Laureate) talk in MMU where Mr. Wieman used an optical trap to trap atoms in his Bose-Einstein Condensate experiment. How fascinating is that? Go figure!

Monday, October 24, 2005

To A Weekend of Friendship

I am bored! And hungry! All on a late Monday working-day afternoon.

No, I haven't got the Monday blues just yet... but one week of industrial training has really opened my eyes to the working world.

On Saturday, I woke up at 8am AUTOMATICALLY in Cyberjaya. I rubbed my eyes, looked at my Swatch, and grumpily decided to treat myself to a good sleep until 10am.

Afterall, I had a heck of a GREAT scrumptious dinner with my CUTE AND FUNNY A2-7-7 housemates the night before! Crabs, crabs and more crabs!!! We had salty egg yolk crab, baked cheese crab, XO pork, and I forgot what else~ I just remember the taste of the crabs... so NICE!!! Yummy~ After that we headed to 1 Utama to watch Transporter 2 (if you're reading this please don't go watch that stupid 1 1/2 hour movie)

I love my housemates!!! They're such a warm and funny bunch... WS, Berry, Meng Hui, Fei Leng and WS's date for the night, Julie~ Felt so warm and fuzzy inside just hanging out with them... and I almost rolled around with tears in my eyes after seeing Meng Hui's new COOL Cyber-shades! Wahahahahaha~

And on Saturday, I took a bus out to Midvalley to meet up with Nic, Hau, Jiakai and KwangChoo! After a round of Sushi King and laughing and shopping... I ended up buying nothing. Nil. Zero. Nada. Which was surprising, especially to the guys, and myself. But I have too many clothes and I guess I won't be needing any at the moment... teeheehee~

Well, I just feel now that a WORKING MONDAY is nothing compared to having the company of good friends to look forward to during the weekend.

And this post is specially dedicated to each of my WONDERFUL friends who make each week easier to get through... and YES that means you too :-X

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Farewell Endon

An excerpt from The Star on this fateful day:

PUTRAJAYA: The Prime Minister's wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood died at 7.55 am today at the Prime Minister's official residence here after fighting a long battle with cancer.

Goodbye Endon, we will miss you... even though your stay was short as First Lady.

Hope that Pak Lah will get through this bravely, and may God bless our beloved PM and family.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No Cruelty To Animals!

This is such an outrage!!!

Page 3 of The Star (Nation) reported "RM100 Fine for Dog Abuse" by a 46-year old engineer, Douglas Lien San Chong, for purportedly neglecting his German Shephard and letting its health deteriorate while its body was infested with ticks.

Sheena, the dog, was suffering from malnutrition and severe tick fever. Vets tried saving the dog but to no avail. So it was put to sleep. The dog's post-mortem showed that the dog had an empty stomach, shrunken kidneys, a brittle ribcage, and haemorrhage in its lungs.

And Lien had the guts to say "the dog was old and sickly anyway".

I mean, what the hell is this?! Only a RM100 fine? The engineer should be slapped with a RM1000 fine for treating an animal like this!!! According to The Star, the highest fine for cruelty to animals is RM200.

This is too outrageous and I simply cannot come to the terms with the fact that this man is being grossly underfined for his cruel and unkind act towards his dog.

If you didn't even want it in the first place, why rear it and keep it as your pet?! I think the dog would be better off on the streets than rotting in your nice little apartment/house anyway! And it has now been put to sleep!!! I mean, do you even have a heart?!

I cannot imagine why people have the conscience to do things like this. Maybe the reason was because he was too busy and overlooked the poor dog, or maybe he simply did not care. As a reminder, pets are YOUR responsibility to look after and love and take care for the rest of your life! Yeah, and the same goes to your spouse. I can see the guy treating the dog bad or bashing up the wife, but I simply cannot see the guy mistreating or banging up his own CAR!

Please remember, we are NOT God and do NOT have the power to rule over other beings. Sure I eat chicken and ducks and fish and pork and all that... but I am speaking in terms of PETS. They are your pets for God's sake. Don't you even have an emotional connection with them?

Geez, the article I just read just makes me wanna rush back home to Ipoh and hug my dog dearly. I hope that it will never ever runaway again and be captured by an evil man such as Douglas Lien San Chong.

Yesterday was my First Day of Industrial Training

Thus began a new chapter of my life --> Internship at Damansara Heights!

To kick off yesterday, I battled a total flurry of transportation madness to reach my company, ENT Quest (View the company site at ). Here's a brief note of how MAD KL traffic can get:

1. Uncle dropped me off at around 7.00am in front of shoplots before The Curve, waited for Metro 99 to come.
2. Took Metro 99 (squeezed like a can of sardines) to Asia Jaya LRT.
3. Took LRT to Bangsar.
4. Took 908B feeder bus at Bangsar and landed straight *plop* on the entrance of Wisma E&C, Lorong Dungun Kiri at Damansara Heights at 9.00am sharp.

Man!!! Did you realize it took me almost 2 hours to get here? Not mentioning I had to get up one hour earlier to prepare myself.

But today, everything's changed! My boss (KY Lam, handsome Manager) asked colleague (Swee Swee, QSA leader, nice lady) to fetch me on her way to and from home! I'm so grateful to both of them!

The manager also gave me the server computer to use (since the other computer I was supposed to use was out of order), and I got to take the AXIA (World's SMALLEST PDAphone) back home!

Xwei : Where to keep the phone?
SS : After work, you get to treat this as your own phone-lorr!
Xwei : Wahhh!!!

Hehe. So this is just an example how GOOD some workplaces can get.

Despite my cold and fever last night. Heheh. So here's hoping I get better and get to blog more on my job. For now, I get to play around and test out the phone and its applications.

Signing off!

P/S: Just saw the MOST zha-dao thing in front of The Curve just now. While I was waiting for SS, I saw two security guards conversing in Mandarin. Nevermind this, one was an Indian male guard, and the other a Malay lady! Wow... and the Indian guy knew how to spew bad words too. Hahaha!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rainy Day

What can you do on a rainy day?
Snuggle on the couch with a good book;
or pray that the rain goes away?

When I was little;
I used to float tiny paper boats down the drain;
amidst laughter in the pouring rain

Now when I'm all grown up;
I look forward to bouts of kissing;
all behind a rainy window pane

So hug me now and hug me sure;
For with you;
every touch spells a wonderful rainy day

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Intel Inside


I'm Intel Inside!!!

Received THE phone call from HR at 11 am something on Friday~

Position : Graduate Trainee Engineer
Starting on : 12 June 2006 (which means I won't be a jobless graduate!!!)

Thanks goes out to all who have supported and have faith in me! And Thank the Lord for his grace!

Well, guess soon enough I'll be another one of those people slinging mud on Hate-Intel websites... or NOT? Heh.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Last day in Penang...

Today's the last day I'm spending in Penang.

Felt a bit sorry to see that KK's putting up every night on the sofa while I sleep on her mattress.. so I guess I'd be better going home soon.

Before I came to Penang, I had thought of so many places that I wanted to chill out... Gurney Plaza, eating laksa at Ayer Itam, driving around Batu Feringghi Beach... and watching Flight Plan at the new GSC.

But it's okay. If I manage to get into Intel, I can go to those places anytime until I vomit. But that's another story. Hehe.

So I went shopping alone yesterday at Prangin Mall~ it was nice actually, kinda like Sungei Wang Plaza... albeit not quite as fashionable. But I still got to buy a white long sleeve pullover which I could tie a knot in front (like what Song Hee Kyo wore in Full House~), a purple skirt which could double as a tube top, and lastly a nice, cheap tee from Body Glove at only RM15~! (Body Glove had a warehouse sale~) Wow... finalized my shopping spree... Hehehe

Then I sat down and had some laksa, quite nice, actually, better than some that I had last time at Gurney Drive.

And last but not least I took a cab to Burma Road where I bought 4 boxes of Dragonball Biscuits and 3 boxes of nutmeg. Heh.

Felt quite tired but happy... especially after the storming interview that I had earlier in the day. Hahaha.. for you guys out there, this is what girls do with their purses after experiencing a bad day. Angin tak baik, pergi Prangin! Hahaha... and I didn't use my credit card at all this time (Independent Women~)

So Penang, I'll cya next time! ;)

P/S: And thanks very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much to KK for putting up with me during my stay~ Miss you very very much :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Interview in Intel

Ever since the start of this year, I've been starting to feel a little bit grown up lately.

And with two interviews in Intel... I can easily feel the pressure of a mature person all grown up and attending job interviews and worrying the whole night before. (Grow UP! Grow UP!)

It did NOT go well today.

Sigh. I now think I have only a 40/60 chance of getting in Intel... 60% being the possibility that I might have to try harder next time/ apply for another company/ forget about getting into Intel.

Does INTEL INSIDE mean that everyone inside is intelligent like hell? Possibly yes! Cos the answers they asked me were tough like hell~~~ Or maybe I just wasn't prepared enough... no matter how much I studied the day before. It was like... they asked me on Digital Logic Design stuff, at first I did okay, but when they asked me to design using NAND gates, I was suddenly too anxious that I forgot! And when I came home and tried it again, I got the answer! Man!!! :(( And I totally knew how to write a simple C program, but when he asked me next how was the algorithm to retrieve the name of a person from a database of students, I was like... UHHH... but at last I did mutter something but I didn't know whether it registered on the fellow.

Then it suddenly hit me. I wasn't going for a general interview, I was attending a JOB/POST interview!

God... I am so so so screwed this time around. I really don't think my chances are high compared to others with good technical knowledge and good results... it is at THIS time I start to doubt my choice during first year... between society/studies~ but regrets should not come now.

Like what I told the interviewers, I will only try now to improve my techincal knowledge and prepare myself for whatever training they will put me through. :)

One good part of today was, I saw Mr. Stripe again! Infatuation, infatuation!!! "Am I too late?" If I get into Intel, it will be fate. If not, I will be truly late.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

At USM, Main Campus, Penang

I'm at USM!

Reached here yesterday at 7.30pm by tagging along with Wee Ni who drove all the way back to Penang from Cyberjaya. What a heck of a good driver! *Thanks Wee Ni~

I shall be putting up a few nights at Kah Khee's place during my stayover at Penang... boy, am I gonna have a good time here...!

Today, I went to the USM library to study for my job interview tomorrow while KK went to her Communications Lab to work on her USM campus magazine, Berita Kampus. Not unlike the Tun Razak and other state-owned libraries, the outlook and interior of the USM library building was almost the same, with yellowish walls and floors, brownish shelves, and a waft of medicine (book?) smell in the air... kinda looked like a hospital, that explains the medicine smell.

But what the USM library boasts of, is having an AUDIO room! And no ordinary Audio room it was, kinda like a music lounge with blue sofas and racks of CDs on the wall, with a male singer (forgot who it was, think it was Michael Jackson with one of his slow songs) crooning in the air. According to KK, it was a place that students could study while playing their favourite CD. Now, how COOL can that get?!

Imagine listening to Michael Buble surround-sound live while poring over your books with a boiling pot of coffee on the study desk. What an afternoon!

And Khoon Hau said USM library was 'baliah'. Well, to an extent, but USM library has got 3 stories and more books as compared to our MMU library! Now how 'baliah' can that get?! It's even got a 'penasihat pembaca' and many staff walking around the library... while MMU has them all sitting comfy at the helpdesk while playing games on the computer.

Okie, gotta go for dinner now~ it's gonna be at TIGER's... maybe they serve tiger meat there or even might be a tiger stripclub featuring hot USM chicks. Haha...