Lilypie - First Birthday

Friday, April 27, 2012

The coffee here sucks.

I figured I should write something here to mark the end of my first week at a new job, in a new company. So here goes:

Life is, actually about getting used to coffee in new places.

Today is the fifth day here at my new job. Basically I found out that the coffee here sucks. Back in Korea I thought the coffee there was too mild, but here it is too strong! The coffee here also has some kind of weird taste, like today it actually smells and tastes like fried noodle sauce. The liquid looked stubbornly black although I added one spoonful of sugar and two spoonfuls of creamer powder. So I threw it down the sink after braving myself to take one sip. Sigh, looks like I have spend money to buy my own packet of coffee mix after all.

I miss the coffee culture in Korea. Last time when I got bored of the coffee mix in the lab, I could have other choices, like the vending machine on the second floor. The coffee from the vending machine cost 300~400won, depending on whether I was feeling "noblesse" on that day. There is also the cheaper choice of various types of can coffee from the school-subsidized mart in a building nearby. And when the weather was so freezing until my fingers hurt, there were hazelnut, vanilla, tiramisu-flavoured hot coffee, take your pick. Last of all, if I'm still not satisfied with the choices, or if I simply wanted to take a break from the lab, I could walk across the street and try out all the different cafes- some cute, some elegant, some which simply offers good coffee. :-)

I miss the decor and the feeling of those days...