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Friday, September 30, 2005

Wake Me Up When September Ends

"Wake Me Up When September Ends"

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends
Like my fathers come to pass
Seven years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends

Here comes the rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are
As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dang it...!

You know sometimes I really hate people who just have to argue their way out of everything. Doesn't matter if others have their own two cents to say, doesn't matter that people just don't feel the same way. They just have to disregard and shut off the opinions of others from their retarded, closed-door-policy little world.

It's damn frustrating to even listen to two people argue, with one of them trying to shout and shout and shout their words into the other's ear... and it's 10 times more disheartening to learn that you don't even get to speak what you are entitled to say... just because him/her has had that tad more of "different" experience than you do or that he/she thinks that he/she has a higher IQ than you do.

Well you know what? I don't care. Some people just do NOT have the diplomacy to let a girl speak her thoughts. Sucks... it leaves a distaste in my mouth even it was a few days ago~

Hey man! Not everybody is born to think the same way as you do. You might be Superman, Einstein or Linda Evangelista for all I care, but there are millions and zillions of others who might not think the same as you... and please respect the opinions of others, however great you think you might be.

Cool Treatment...

Went to FSBM today to get my cheque.

The company itself stands alone at a nice part of Cyberjaya, overlooking the barren spots where no other buildings yet stand. With its background against the blue afternoon skies, and where yellow grass (weeds) beside it topple and bow to the passing winds, it kind of projects a futuristic yet distant image (e.g. Mansion on The Hill) to us students. The roads circling the building make it further look like a castle encircled by a moat, where passerbys wonder how it functions but yet have no reason to wander yonder.

But because of my job, I have had the opportunity to wander there twice.

Starting from the first year of MESCORP where FSBM was one of the main sponsors, I have always wondered what actually the company does. But what I have wondered most, is how the interior of such a modern-looking building would turn out like, and how the people working inside it would be like.

The interior turned out somehow to be like what I pictured, cool and minimalist like its exterior design, with glass windows looking out to a man-made garden with fake hills and waterfall, a big blue aquarium with menacing-looking fish swimming inside, and a few rattan chairs and tables sprinkled across the waiting lounge for visitors.

And not to mention, a bored-looking receptionist at the front desk.

I mean, what is it with companies hiring bored/ sour/ unfriendly-looking receptionists to sit (while reading a novel) at the front desk? And especially a big company which caters to many global clients too? It kind of defeats the purpose of "reception", where these girls/ladies sitting at the front desk ought to bear the responsibility of extending a warm welcome to its visitors and to project a warm first impression for those who are new to the company.

It's like, okay, I know we look like students, but shouldn't there be a warm greeting "Hello, Miss, how may I help you?" or at least a smile to cheer up the mood? During my previous visit the lady receptionist even snapped at me and sized me down with a boring look! What is that?! I can't help but remember my experience in one of the telcos in South Korea, where receptionists had to stand on shifts rather than sit at the front desk. And strategically placed, their receptionists were always smiling and keen to accomodate any enquiry of the visitors, and not to mention, they were eye candies too! (Yep, a guy receptionist!)

Sigh! Don't talk about CERIA public sector servants... even the private sector doesn't know when to offer politeness and respect for its own staff these days... *rolls eyes~

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Thanks for commenting...

Thank you! Thanks for your comments!

Hehe... this goes out to my friends who read my three pitiful blog entries! I never did think that you people would leave me comments, furthermore read my blog! So touched... hehe... Well, let's hope there's more to come and hope I don't get bored out by my own writing or some other unfortunate event to cause me to stop! *Finally I get to leave comments on MY blog to My readers! Hehe... feels so cool :P

I actually got asked by a friend yesterday night, where did my previous blog vanish to? Oh yes, for those of you who think I'm new-oh-so-new to blogging... you're WRONG! Ha! I actually started blogging in 2002... thanks to a senior Peck Li, who introduced to me this new way of keeping an online diary.

But like how all my handwritten diaries end up... I stopped blogging.

Why did I stop? I guess it always boils down to one reason... I just could not see the need for myself to blog anymore:

In all my previous diaries... I had always to chronicle a breathtaking event to "mark" the fresh new start of my diary/blog... such as my... 16th birthday (i think??) or the New Year (resolution 1: to start a diary??). I also wrote for one cause, and one cause only, which was to jot down everything I thought and felt about my love life... my love interest... and the most times I was eager to sit down and write were the times which i either felt OVERJOYED or COMPLETELY SADDENED... which made my blog seem somehow like an emotional rollercoaster to me. Its like, everytime I'm sad, the first thing I think of is to WRITE! Thus, filling my journal with sad(happy?) tears, and many tears at a time sometimes...

For those of you who like to record the romantic ongoings of your life: how do you cope when you lose the one you love? Especially when you've wrote down every special moment you've spent together with him/her, every rainbow in the sky you've seen together, every ice-cream shared together, and at last, every tear shed... dropped to the ground?

It gives me a heartbreaking wrench everytime I opened my blog, to only remember vividly the images of us together captured in every word, every sentence... to the extent that I decided to dump my journals/blog.

Oh well, I shan't do that again.

From now, I will only chronicle what I want to... NOT giving myself pressure by starting my blog on a specific SPECIAL day (negaraku?) and NOT giving myself emotional pressure and heartache by ONLY writing about love events. I shall write about general events and whatever and whenever I like... and that, I believe, makes a fine blog :)

So to all my friends... once again, I hope you stay tuned, and you may leave me any comments for me to further improve my writing (gone a bit rusty and dry~)

And to that friend who messaged me last night, I'm really touched cos I didn't know that there was someone who actually followed every entry of my previous blog... I believe that with every reading of my blog, there might have a heart touched? But the one that I hoped with all my heart to read the blog... would never know...


Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Myth~

Lazy Hazy Sunday~ the EXACT opposite. Today is NOT meant to be lazy at all. With the finals 2 days away... I'm starting to feel the pressure around me... and I just can't afford to feel "lazy" right now :(

Really feeling the need to de-stress, I went out for a "de-stress gathering" with my bunch of friends yesterday, to a dinner at Feeling Cafe (sucked), and followed by a Jackie Chan movie "The Myth". And also because Pei Chee was in town, and we wanted to meet up with her. During our initial discussion the night before, we hadn't decided on actually watching a movie. Like what I told them half-heartedly, "Nevermind-lah, having the company of good friends is good enough..."(which was NOT enough with my need to de-stress badly... i really, really WANTED to watch a movie, nevermind what. Hehee...)

So we went to THE MYTH. Wow... I truly think that this is the BEST movie Jackie Chan has produced since he went off to Hollywood (not counting New Police Story)... nice storyline (pls dun use your brain to watch an action flick), BEAUTIFUL, HOT CHICKS Kim Hee Seon and Malika Sherawat, and quite a laugh seeing Jackie Chan's nose bobbing on-and-off during his action scenes... :P

I found it funny at first glance of the opening scene where Jackie Chan put on a straight face acting as a serious general and all... damn all I could see was his BIG NOSE riding on the horse. He is so not cut out for serious acting/love scenes with Kim (hehe.. I agree with Nicholas)... look like father/daughter. Hahaha... and he didn't seem charming enough to have charmed the sexy Malika Sherawat ("Will I ever see you again?"... wahahaha... you think he is Indiana Jones meh...)

But I especially loved the scene where Kim Hee Seon flew in wearing long flowing robes to look at Jackie Chan fainted on the ground. She totally reminded me of those days of Joey 王祖贤 in those same long, white costumes... those 玉女派掌门人 who always acted as fairies or even pale fair ghosts... it's bad enough that we can't find beautiful actresses with the same aura in HK anymore, we can't even see the same romanticsm in movies that lay in the days gone by~

I guess we can only turn to Bollywood for the likes of Malika Sherawat... damn I love her body, really gotta slim down this time :P

Another part which I remembered to closely resemble another scene of the past was the part where Kim opened up her robe to hug Jackie Chan in the cold snow... isn't in an exact replica of the scene where Faye Wong did the same hugging Leon Lai in 原振侠? I still remember Faye Wong's character was named 海棠 back then... what a lovely name...

What I didn't like about the movie was Tony Leung acting beside Jacky Chan. Tony Leung can command a whole show with his own humour and comedic face, but somehow did not shine through in this movie (Do not put two monkeys in one show??) Hehe...

All in all, I felt that The Star was too harsh in rating The Myth as C+... maybe they have the same brains as Wei Xuan? Hehehee... Anyhow, again I stress, do NOT use your brain to watch an action flick. And you'll love The Myth as I did too. :)

P/S : The next movie I wanna watch is MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA... read the book by Arthur Golden... for someone who loves prose reading as I do... its descriptions are as vivid and intricate as the threads on a geisha's kimono itself... VERY good read :)

Malaysian Idol finale~

Study... is what we are all doing at this critical point of life. Some of us wake in the wee hours of the dawn and stay up all night till the next afternoon where they crawl back into their room in a zombie state, while some others lay all day reading their new car manual while putting status "Studying Seriously"... haha (you know who you are, guys ;))... while some others, like me, try to cram everything into my head at once and then try to digest them slowly while revising all over again. kinda like a cow.

And sometimes, i take a break doing what is healthy.... (not exercise)... but sweetness to the state of mind... by listening to music!!!

And what was better than watching the Malaysian Idol finale on TV last night... by listening to rendition of songs by Nita (Berhenti Berharap, Hey Big Spender, Mimpi) and by Daniel (Heaven Knows; p/s: it's the only song I appreciated from him last night)

I wish Nita will win!!! She's fantastic... and like what Kak Jee said... she COMMANDS the stage at her will... and if she doesn't win... I guess its to the power of those yelling crazy girl fans (and an occasional guy fan or two) of Daniel... (deaf, SO deaf... all they have is just the power of sight :P). Saw a really funny clip of Nita's guy fan who said... "Vote for Nita. Vote for TALENT". Which was so humourously blunt...! Hahahahaha!!!

Like what I told Zul, Malaysian Idol is indeed a good show... at least it presents to people who seldom listen to Malay songs to appreciate them, as well as giving old P. Ramlee songs a refreshing makeover by new, young talents of ALL races. If Nita wins tonight, I truly believe it will not be a result of race, but indeed, like what Nita's fan said, a result of voting for TALENT. And THAT breaks the barrier of race in common Malaysia. :)

Here's a list of Malay songs that I oh-so-tremendously like:

1. Keliru - Ruth Sahanaya
2. Keabadian Cinta - Anuar Zain
3. Di Persimpangan Dilemna - Nora
4. Kau Ilhamku - Man Bai
5. Pernah - Vince

And the list goes on! Thanks to Khoon Hau and Zul for introducing to me nice Malay songs! Anybody have more suggestions?