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Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary! ^^

22 pink roses just becos I love 'em
4 red gerberra for the fourth month of the year
26 stalks of flowers for that special day

April 26! It's our day!

Seeing the flowers in my living room made me think of my first bouquet,
more than 365 days ago.

He was secretly let in,
and I with my hairdryer on, blissfully unaware.
I opened the door at with my handphone ringing,
and shouted, Ahhhh!!

I wish these flowers would last forever in full bloom,
and our love,
growing stronger and stronger each day.

I'm one happier girl ever since you found me.

Happy 1st Year Anniversary, darling! (LOVE)

Friday, April 11, 2008


These few weeks are going to be consistently mundane, mundane, mundane for me. It's mid-project tension time now, with so many violations to debug and so many things to be perfected before FSO.

I spent the entire workweek working late at the office last week. Even on a Friday night - which I used to exclaim, in my freer days, "Give me a break, it's Friday night for God's sake!" - I was still slugging it out in the office instead of painting the town red.

Why work so hard, you ask? Well if I'm not as good as the others I'd better work more to catch up and finish my stuff.

I didn't have time to hit the gym, and neither did I have time to swim nor go for my yoga/Pilates class. But one of the little perks of working in this company is that you get to have free dinner in the office (But of course, everyone Knows there's no such thing as a FREE dinner!).

It's called Focus Night. A few years back they had this, then somebody 'conveniently' forgot about the whole Focus Night thing and now the department has it back again, seeing that it's a small price to pay in exchange for meeting project deadlines. Ah well, the food's good... and everyone seems a little happier staying back. :-)

On Tuesday I had Teriyaki Unagi and Ginseng Tea from Chopper Board.

On Mondays, which is today, we have Marrybrown. On Wednesdays, hmm, let's just say I'd rather go home and cook up a simple meal. On Thursdays we have Nyonya Food. And on Fridays, Sweet N' Spicy Chicken Wings from Pizza Hut! (Hmm.. didn't I tell you that was one of the reasons I stayed back...?)


By the time the weekend arrived, I'd already freed up most of my workload and was ready to kick back and relax for a while! So on Saturday morning, I slept late, woke up to go to the market, cooked Maggi Mee for brunch, and immersed myself in a dreamy HK drama - The Most Beautiful Seventh Day (I love the Schnauzer..)! Then I went to fetch Leo for afternoon tea (poor thing was working in the office, he's more tension than me) at Paddington's House of Pancakes.

Dollar-size Pancakes with Strawberries. If you ever decide to order this, it's extremely filling for two and comes with 26 50-cent size pancakes. I wouldn't exactly call it 'light'. :-P

After that, I went for a bit of retail therapy and bought a pair of new heels from Primavera, new Maybelline 2-way-cake and sunblock. There flew RM150. Oh, when will I be able to actually afford to splurge?! After that, Leo went back to the office while I went for a few laps in the pool. Happy... though sad because I missed the '3 for 2' promotion at Borders for Grotesque and 19 Minutes. :-(


Steak N' Cheese at Subway

Leo and I had brunch at Subway E-gate. It's a Buy-1-Free-1 promotion till the end of May, if you have the voucher. I had a 6-inch Steak N' Cheese with Parmesan Oregano bread while Leo had a Turkey Ham or something. It looks so different from the promotion flyer... :-(

Then he worked somemore while I cleaned the house and made ABC soup and read a novel. Then at night came the toll on my heart. Actually, I don't mind working overtime but please, stop comparing me with others. Don't make my heart work overtime.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008







P/S: One piece of great news! My friend Kevin Tang is going to be an SIA cadet pilot! God is great! Congratulations, Kevin... and don't forget to upgrade me next time!! Hehe! ^_^

Saturday, April 05, 2008

On a piece of Vanezza Regazza

'But I cannot marry the Mole!',
The beautiful mouse cried in despair.
'What on earth shall I do?' in her grieved stupour,
she stumbled on a corncake and fell in a heap
on the ground, and continued falling,
deeper and deeper, until she rolled no more.
A little thud echoed in the hollow.
Through the darkness, she heard a gentle voice.
As comforting as the cool earth
beneath her dainty mice feet,
She heard the single strike of a match light,
lo and behold,
appeared a halo illuminating the sweetest brown face
'Do not be afraid, my dear. It is I, Mr. Mole.'
Her tiny heart gleamed with surprise,
for it was love at first sight.

--Wind in the Willows