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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Roses are red... but I'm fat!!!

I just found out that I had gained 4 kg!!!

And that, is thunder in the sky. I'm so so so perplexed now... should've seen this coming!

I shall start my diet programme... NOW!
1. No more food binging
2. Shall not eat rice for a week
3. Shall not eat fried chicken
4. Shall only survive on biscuits, bread and tuna.
5. Shall go for swimming
6. Shall run for 15 mins each day.

Just like Wei Xuan said:

#Roses are red
Violets are blue
God made me pretty
But what happened to you?#


Friendship Fate

Do you believe in "friends at first sight"?

I do.

Just like "love at first sight", it's that perfect second where you take a first glimpse at someone, and determine right there and then... I wanna be friends with him/her... forever. I've had that moment with my best friend; no, you might not know it cos I've never told you before; but at that time in Standard 2 when I saw you standing by the gate waiting for the schoolbus... I knew that we would be friends forever.

Then there's that oddity... that rare, coincidential moment that only happens at a one per millionth chance of fate; you run across some old friend at a unexpected time or place. It's like, some people you may never meet again; but for some others, even if you've lost contact for so long, but as predestined, your paths would cross again when the moment is right.

Yesterday, while I was on the KTM to Midvalley, I met my primary school friend, Yiyin, whom I haven't seen for like 9-10 years. I couldn't see her face, I was sitting while she was standing with her back to my face... with only her voice and the occasional (once!) side glimpse of her face, I didn't really know... but I was SO SURE it would be her. I tapped her twice on the shoulder, and voila! It really was her! Sudden flashbacks of music school and the letters she wrote to me after she switched to Shen Jai High School flowed through my mind.

It wasn't so long ago when Jia Yunn and I met on the LRT on our way to KLCC. I mean, the statistics of the train schedule are not that rare, but of all the people boarding and getting off the train... how coincidential can that get?
Boy, I'm beginning to think this world is really starting to shrink.
Now let me find something other than fate in friendship. Hahaha...

Friday, April 28, 2006

Telecommunications Group '06

Time to say goodbye... after 5 years together in MMU. Although most of you I don't know very well, many of you I haven't spoken to before, few of you I'm going to cross roads with again... but here's wishing all of you a smooth sailing future ahead... it's time to say goodbye!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sequel to My Funny FYP Presentation

Wahahhahahaha... I'm sure all of you had a good laugh after reading my previous post. I bet God up there just loves to turn his TV on at 9am, switch to "Earth's Most Funniest Videos", and watch me fumble with my zipper.

But worse come to worse... something GOOD came out of it!

Today morning I went to find my supervisor to get the stamp and signature on my attendance form, and he went like "Hey, your presentation went very well yesterday!!"



Supervisor: "Yeah! I think you must be quite nervous because of your skirt problem right? But you did very well! Very calm to finish the whole presentation..."

OMG!!! TQ GOD!!!

And he went on to say.. "Actually what happened to your skirt?"

-_-!!! Pretty obvious, wasn't it?

"Sir, it ripped."

*Laugh until roll on floor...

And I took a sneak peek at the paper lying right next to me... which said... Supervisor: 70/75


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Funny FYP Presentation

This morning, I woke at 7.30am, bathed, put on makeup and my pin-striped blouse from PADINI and black skirt, looking my BEST for my FYP presentation. Thanks to Fei Leng, I reached FOE half an hour BEFORE 9.30 presentation.. and touched-up in the toilet.

THEN... i saw my skirt... Ei? Howcome haven't zip finish. Then i zipped it.. *BANG!!!!!!! THE WHOLE SKIRT RIPPED OPEN.........

Telling myself to stay calm... I went into the cubicle, took off my skirt... and tried to zip it patiently. The time was 9.05am. Patience, patience, I kept telling myself... You sure can fix it! All the time the Madonna song "Time goes by.. so slowly slowly.." was playing in my head.

9:15am... the whole ziphead fell off. -_-!!! My hands were SHAKING as i tried to put the zip back into place... tried calling Esther to ask her to bring an extra skirt for me but my dumb phone died on me. Three times!

9:20am... GIVE UP! Tried to make the best out of my situation by praying to God one last time and trying to find the safety pin I put in my bag this morning (See, I had a hunch SOMETHING would come up...) BUT I COULDN'T FIND IT! It's like SOMEBODY up there is playing a prank on me... so I just put my skirt back on and pulled my blouse out to cover it. Thank God it was long enough.

GOD!!! And I looked so prim and proper 20 minutes earlier!!! Now... I look like AUNTY.

Then when I came out from toilet, guess what happened: I COULDN'T FIND THE VENUE!!! SO I WAS RUNNING AROUND WITH RUPTURED SKIRT TRYING TO FIND THE VENUE. I KNEW it was the 1ST FLOOR MEETING ROOM, which was actually JUST BESIDE the toilet itself... but then I was too all-over-the-place to remember directions properly.

Finally I reached the venue. I saw TVC walking over... he came to support me... and I told him my situation. Both of us felt funny and zhadao at the same time. So we decided on explaning the situation to the lecturer and requested to change timeslot, but if he didn't let me, I would just proceed with RUPTURED skirt. SINCE I have encountered COUNTLESS similar situations to this, I was confident enough to just get on with it.

So I went... "Dr. Mishra, can I speak with you personally for a second??" -_-!!!
"Sir, the most inexplicable situation happened to me. I think I can't proceed... my skirt is ruptured."
Lecturer giving incredulous look: "Nvm-lahh, just proceed... if not we have to change all the following timeslots."
Me:"OK. But if skirt falls down half-way it's not my fault." (Hope he doesn't see this as tactic... hey man, I got 实力, okay?!)

And I walked in and just presented. And NO, my skirt did not fall down halfway. Conclusion by TVC, my witness: "Xweing...u are keng de this kind of situation...still can present that well... :)"


NO, I WILL NEVER BE SCARED OF ANY UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER!!! \:D/ Just feel a bit unfair, why these kind of embarassing situations must happen to me each time, and on the MOST IMPORTANT DAY of my University life?!

And of course, I'm more than happy to share this encounter with my dearesttttttttt buddies. Thanks guys for being with me, always!

Read my friends' comments!

low kok shin: wah lao...u always like that larr
javehon: 你的人生还真坎坷 (Thx for pointing that out, Jace!)
Zhi Wei: 你要做的是。。。減肥。。。 昨晚還敢買kit kat (Hey man, 不关 kit kat 事, okay?! I wore this skirt since Alpha, went to Korea and Shanghai with it... it has NEVER failed me, alright?!)
low kok shin: dun pijak xiao wei larr...uncle sim
Wei Xuan: hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
zappy: *Clap hands...
kenlee916: i respect u
low kok shin: next time important more preparation...and relax your emotion... (I WAS VERY PREPARED OKAY... VERY VERY VERY PREPARED... in fact, i was BRIMMING WITH CONFIDENCE BEFORE THE SKIRT RIPPED)
nicholasnct2: whahaha... u should PEEL of ur SHIRT and dance like shakira "HIPS DUN LIE" and keep on shaking her *CENSORED*)
Me: -_-


Friday, April 21, 2006

Keys and glasses...

If there's something about me that I really HATE... it's my habit of misplacing my little stuff... like SPECTACLES, KEYS and handphone. Well handphone ain't that bad, I could always ask my housemates/family to miscall my phone and I'll find it in no time at all.

But KEYS and SPECTACLES!!! I tell you, these two are like the WORST things ever to get misplaced. Last time when I was small I used to find my mom really irritating when she asked me to find her glasses for her, EACH TIME. But now I'm grown up, it seems that I've inherited this part from her! Especially's like I'm temporarily blinded while I grope around, trying to find those two slices of TRANSPARENT chunks and a wire. Two days back I was searching high and low for my spectacles... when I found them lying inside my wastepaper basket. What the...!!!

And I JUST spent half an hour trying to find my housekeys... while being worried to bits that it might have gotten stolen by some burglar that's gonna creep into my unit and rob us all tonight... damn, I found them in the plastic bag where I bought instant noodles and chewing gum last night...

What's happening to me!!! Aaarghhhh... I must be suffering from short-term memory loss!!! Better get hold of those mini-sticky-beeping-sensors... HELP! Anyone?!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Kok Shin!!!

Just wanna do a shout-out to my buddy in Busan, Korea...


Although you never surf my blog
Always call me FAT and like to pijak me
Always wanna runaway and hide (oh, no! Off to South Korea!)
Like to act cute and "chun qing" although you've hit 23 years of age
Like to act macho, go to gym and keep a mustache, but actually not so
Always VERY geli and like to harass us your friends

But we LOVE you unconditionally just the same...

*MuaksssSSSsssSSSsss... hope you have a great year ahead of you, and find the LOVE of your LIFE in no time at all!

*Miss ya and do come back in one piece yea! Don't go trotting over to some North Korea territory and getting yourself gunned down over there! ;-)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Joseph's Valley?

吴坤豪开部落格了~ Joseph's Valley



我:Joseph Valley... hmm... sounds similar to Brokeback Mountain! Why not call it 厚背山?or 肥背山?OH...!! I know!! 虎背山?!!

玮轩:不如叫“吴哥窟”? Got the “吴” mar...


坤豪:-_-"" Valley is 谷。Something like Midvalley... Something 有山有水的,好像Kinta Valley,近打河流域~



Sunday, April 16, 2006

UNite '06

Proudly presenting...

"UNite '06 - Red Carpet Affair"

Ta-da! *Drum rolls...

Hehehe... let's forget all about the flaws and lapses that night! I just wanna blog about the good ones! And photos! Not many though... had to pick out the "slimmer" versions of me.. heheh :P

First and foremost! The Mayor of Penang and I! The Mayor of Penang loves to go au extraodinaire, just like Donald Tseng, Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, he has a special thing for bowties! He's also my knight in shining armour!

And this here is Ms. Adilah... haven't seen her for a year now... doesn't she look good, Joseph?

Zul BiGO! You da man! Looking superb tonight... sitting beside Tun Dr. Mahathir's table! (Boy, I wish I had that chance!)

And now for some shockers... brace yourself bachelorettes! This here is Mr. 3.99... Top Student in FOE! Who else? He's also my housemate, Meng Hui! And to the left is lovely lovely Berry! My fabulously hot roommate! \:D/

Pretty, pretty, pretty! This here is Jin Lan, the UNite '06 Prom Queen!

One nice group photo here... Weeliem, Berry, Me, Su Lin, Lincoln, Gim Han and Kevin!

And last but not least... ME!

*Ends the glorious night... \:D/

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Man That Was Peter Pan... Finding Neverland

Just finished watching a movie. A breathtaking, awe-inspiring, ingenious, marvellous movie at its best -- Finding Neverland.

Starring Johnny Depp as the playwright J.M. Barrie, this movie tells how the Scottish author was inspired by a family of four boys and their widowed mother Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, played by Kate Winslet, to write the play "Peter Pan". This movie is based on true-events. As usual, Johnny Depp was fascinating and truly believable as the charming but eccentric J.M. Barrie, and yes, ACCENT is important! For I never would have guessed the wonderful J.M. was indeed, a Scottish. (I should have guessed by the way Peter Pan is always dressed like a leprechaun. Oh sorry! That's Irish!) Movies like this make me fall in love with Johnny Depp once again...

Like I said, the movie is astounding. You get magically swept into the world of imagination where you are yourself transformed into a child, remember those pillow-fights, treehouse, pirate-fighting, make-believe... Finding Neverland just swirls you into its captivating magic. You are able to see how indeed the story of Peter Pan was born on stage, through a series of events filled with childish fantasy, romance, laughter and tears.

There are some sweeping moments in the movie, the most memorable ones are where Barrie actually BROUGHT the play TO Sylvia's house, and the ending part of the movie, where Barrie talks to Peter. I especially loved the green green grass at the parks with the tall trees and open space and lovely benches where Barrie often meets the kids and Sylvia. Reminds me of Ipoh's Polo Ground, in the daytime. Moments like these get so romantic that i dug out a platinum-coated bracelet someone gave to me long long ago, with a crystal lily on top, and wore it just because it looked so romantic.

"For in the heart of everyone there is a Neverland, you just got to Believe It... "

Watch the movie, you've got to catch this one.

Trivia #1: As in the movie, it has been a tradition for a girl to play Peter Pan in stage productions.

Trivia #2: What happened to the boys after they grew up? George was killed during World War I, and Michael drowned at Oxford in 1921. (Some suspected it was suicide.) Peter, who became a successful publisher, threw himself under a London subway train in 1960.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blast from the Past

最近一直在碰见以前的 Roommate。

那天去 One Utama 看戏,在戏未结束之前离开片场(下一个Blog 再解释为什么看戏看到一半没有掉...),竟然在走下电动扶梯那一刻听见一把熟悉的声音从背后叫我的名字...“筱薇!啊,真的是你!” 一回头,竟然是四年未见的 Alpha Roommate,美善!真的是好久好久没见面了,但她竟然还认得出我的背影!:)

在第二天的下午,我到学校找 FYP Supervisor。我在电梯前面看见一个好熟悉的脸孔。“喂,你不认得我了吗?”“嗯,不认得。”“... 我是你 Beta时的 Roommate,筱薇。”“噢,对不起,我不记得了。”“... 没关系。” -_-!!!

真的是很大的差别。How ironic. Hahahahaha...

当我把这件事情告诉我现在的 Roommate, Berry 时,她说:“哇,好大的问题哦... Roommate 了那么久,还不认得吗?”

我想,这个应该不是“gap 不 gap”的问题啰,而是同房之间有没有尝试“gap”的问题。


Monday, April 03, 2006

FYP - The End!


从去年开始,就对 FYP (Final Year Project) 感到一份莫名的恐惧感。也许是深受那群 FIT Housemate 的影响吧,得空就放“Mr. FYP... I'm coming for you!!”,“FYP FYP FYP-ing”酱的恐怖 YM Status... 问你怕没?

直到我的 Epsilon First Semester 的第一天开始,从我被 Lecturer 们一个一个拒绝,直到讨不到我钟意的 4G 题目,我这才真正开始感受到 FYP 真正的恐怖性。幸好,让我在机缘巧合下遇上 Dr. Abbou 出的新题目,这就开始了我研究“IP Traffic Over WDM Network in the Presence of Nonlinear Effects”的生涯...



也侥幸我自己拿到这个题目,让我学习了我的主修以外的崭新科技: 光纤技术。
侥幸自己拥有一位支持我的好 roommate,Berry 小姐,让我忙昏了的日子过得一点也不痛苦。
最后,侥幸上帝赐我这一份幸运及毅力,让我把 FYP 成功赶完。


就这样,算是一个 recap 这一路做 FYP 的一切一切吧。希望在明天早上 11点,我的 FYP 不必再做什么大改造 :)