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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Well, summer has come to an end so... goodbye to my long locks! Feeling much lighter now, before my hair was so tangled and in such a mess cos I hadn't cut it since I permed my hair in April! :P

Even after cutting it still looks dry and bad... hmmm the transformation is not complete... gonna grow it out a bit first then maybe do a straight volume magic perm on the ends...!

Haha having short hair means I can add some cutesy accessories to my head eg. a polkadot ribbon headband!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Graduation Day (...but not mine)

Today is Graduation Day again. For those who graduate in the beginning of fall, they call it "graduate cosmos". That's because this is the time when the pretty pink and white cosmos flowers open... such a lovely name, right?

Three of my lab members graduated - 2 Masters and 1 PhD. Took picture with Heung Sub and Rohit who graduated! Congratulations to them!

My lab members (part of them): (from left) Dr. Lee, who's doing post-doctorate in our lab, Sang Joong, a PhD candidate and "head" of our lab, Heung Sub, graduated Masters, Sung Mo, Masters student, me and Jeong Heon, 4th-year undergraduate who's doing internship at our lab.

More pictures: Rohit, his sister Nidhi, me and Heung Sub

When is it gonna be my turn???????????????? 

The answer is February 2012..... but till then... I have to plough through my thesis, debug why the damn signal is not correct, etc etc etc..................... *sad and worried and everything and feeling hopeless sometimes...*

I really hope I am able to graduate next year and go home to my loved ones! Miss them so much... :-(

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Counting stuff I

How am I ever gonna live the Minimalist life? My bathroom already has:
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 toothbrush holder
  • 2 old toothbrushes (i find them good for cleaning hard-to-reach places in my white Converse sneakers)
  • 2 tubes of toothpaste (the weird tasting Korean herbal 1 left over by my ex-ex-roommate)
  • 2 bathroom baskets (for putting my loads of bathroom stuff)
  • 3 shampoos (1 was left over by Tiina)
  • 4 conditioners (1 left over by Tiina)
  • 1 scalp care
  • 1 face scrub (yummy pineapple)
  • 3 foam cleansers (1 left over by Tiina)
  • 1 jelly scrub
  • 1 body scrub
  • 1 bar of soap (left over by ex-roommate)
  • 4 body wash (1 lavender bath to soothe me when I sleep, 1 milk bath to make me feel enriched, 1 peach shower gel to make me feel awake in the morning, and 1 olive bath left over by Tiina)
  • 1 foot scrub (left over by Tiina)
  • 1 foot polisher
  • 1 razor
  • 1 clothes brush
  • 2 toilet brushes
  • 2 pails
  • few sanitary pads
  • few facial care/ body wash packet samples
And that's already 35++ items of stuff in my closet-size bathroom! 

And yes, I'm bored :P Just finished my experiment - able to transmit and receive, but the ECG signal looks weird... need to change the sampling rate I think... dunno what's wrong :-((((((((

Soldiering on with my efforts to finish using my tonssssssssss of stuff, resist the urge of adding anymore junk to my life, and living a minimalist lifestyle~~ ^^

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fukuoka Part IV - Late Night Sushi in the Red-light District

We saved our stomachs for a late-night supper near our guesthouse. At first the yatai foodstalls were on our itinerary, I planned to slurp down a hot bowl of tonkatsu ramen and eat a few sticks of grilled yakitori, but I think at that time we were too full for a heavy supper. So we decided to find 100-yen rotating sushi shop instead. 

Pictures above: Brightly-lit yatai (foodstalls) along the Nakasu-Kawabata district. It felt like Malaysia 大排挡 foodstalls again! Here in Korea we seldom get to see this... Also the taxis in Japan are so old fashioned... like those taxis in 1980s-1990s..

By the Hakata river
Me holding the cheap plastic umbrella that we borrowed from the guesthouse... everybody was using the same kind of umbrella, when we left it at the 100-yen store it got stolen... or taken by mistake since they all looked the same haha.

When we walked around the Nakasu-Kawabata area, little did we know that it was a redlight district! There were many "salary men" (office workers) walking around in their black suits and ties and girls dressed very sexily standing in wait... 

The picture below is a very blur picture of a girl dressed in a wedding gown! They were at a flower shop... 

Shirly: "Heyyy look at that girl wearing a wedding dress... why is she wearing a wedding dress at night?"
Me: "Errr... maybe they just finished their wedding dinner..." 
Shirly: "=_='''''' where got wedding dinner until so late and the bride still walking around after that 1?"

Wow... Japanese "taste" really different... haha... really all sorts of kinkiness level........ =_='''''' And their 7-11 convenience store even sold lace panties with hole in the middle... again I asked (naively), "why this panty got hole 1???" Hahaha... for convenience-sake I guess!! =_=''''''

Nakasu-Kawabata red light district!
Cute owls in a display window
Finally, we saw a 100-yen rotating sushi shop and went in. This is what 3 girls ate... not too much huh... but everything was so yummyyyyyyyyy the salmon was so fresh!!!

And lastly, back in the comfort and safety of our guesthouse........ zzz... prepare for our next day adventure early the next morning...

Red Japanese paper umbrella

Autumn is here again.

Autumn is upon us all of a sudden... I saw my first golden leaves today, they shone out amongst the thick, dark green leaves of the sakura tree. Autumn came upon us as fast as the hot, humid showers of summer, it rained  one day last week and I found it to be surprisingly cool after that, unlike the summer rain that leaves the residue sticky feeling on my skin. I stopped using air-con at night and opened my windows to let the fresh air come in (although the quality of air is debatable, considering my window opens to a big, noisy road outside..), and I started wearing cardigan again.

It is depressing to see autumn again, this means that summer is really over. I didn't expect autumn to come so soon, I remember last year I wore short-sleeves shirt well into September and after my short Fukuoka trip I came back to Busan, and saw everybody was already in long-sleeved cardigans.
Living in a four seasons country, I am able to witness that summertime is really flighty, no wonder so many people jam-pack the beach whenever they can. I don't like autumn where all the leaves start to fall off the trees and it starts to get cold and you don't see the sun that often and I have to layer-up but I'm not good at mix-and-matching my clothes. Although on the bright side, my friend kindly reminded me that "summer is over, after autumn, after winter, you'll get to see your hubby again!"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Random 3

a) A bad case of stomach ache reminded me yet again that I should steer clear of oily food. I should try to eat healthy, except eating healthy really here means forcing the cholesterol-free yet awfully bland dormitory menu down my throat, twice a day! Couldn't take it anymore during lunch, so I had instant food - microwaved sausage, microwaved rice and ate it with my mother-in-law's heavenly sambal except -- having microwaved food is really, really bad. I didn't feel very good afterwards. :-( And just now my senior labmate bought me dinner cos I helped him with his English so I succumbed again to a plate of yummy yet greasy yakisoba. Reminder: need to drink hot green tea and eat two nectarines later.

b) Uninstalling/ re-installing/ installing/ cracking software + making everything work together smoothly is just one of the many technical hurdles (small, yet complicated!) of an electronics major student. How I wish that everything were just pre-installed and working nicely on my workstation so I could proceed directly with my research and not care about the details!! Sigh.......... *uninstalling Labview 9.0 now and installing the cracked version (albeit in Korean)... pray that it'll work for me!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fukuoka Part III - Skydream Marinoa

Our next destination was Marinoa City, although I didn't quite know what to expect there except for the pier and the giant ferris wheel (Skydream Marinoa). I have this obsession with theme parks and seaside boardwalks... colorful, childlike and romantic fairytale-like... reminds me of carefree summer days, lolling on the beach with my loved one. The best pier I have ever been to is still Santa Monica pier in California, wish I had better camera skills to capture the careless charm of that place.

How we managed to reach there is a blur to me now... I vaguely remember us taking the subway and changing to a bus. One funny thing happened at the subway... I had tried to ask directions from an elderly subway guard but the only Japanese I knew was "xxx doko desuka?" (where is xxx?) I even tried drawing circles in the air to gesture a ferris wheel. The old Japanese man gave me a puzzled look, and  started to follow me by putting his finger in the air to draw a circle too!!! OMG... my friends LOL-ed like crazy.....

It was already dark in the evening when we got off the bus at a big, vacant parking lot. The place was somewhat deserted, like most of the "tourist attractions" in Fukuoka, we continued to feel puzzled about the lack of crowd. But in front of us towered a gigantic white Gothic-style building in the night sky, a castle so big and beautiful, glistening in the moonlight, the three of us girls were drawn to it at first sight. So we walked nearer... 

It turned out to be a five star luxury wedding hall - Notre Dame Marinoa.  From what I experienced in Korea, there are specially-built function halls to hold wedding ceremonies and dinner, quite different from Malaysia where we normally have our wedding dinner in restaurants, hotel ballroom or public-function halls. The strange thing about this place was... you guessed it... again, there was nobody around! Not even a security guard or receptionist in this grand, elegant place. It was starting to feel a little creepy... like the Twilight Zone... but still, being girls, we explored the beautifully decorated lobby and took as many pictures as we could! ^^

Then we walked to the Evergreen Marinoa factory outlets located nearby. Again, there were very few shoppers cos it was a weekday ( I guess...) There was even a Coach outlet!

Next, crossed the road opposite to the Skydream Marinoa Ferris Wheel! It was located by the pier, amongst a row of restaurants and shops selling clothes, soft toys, and Le Creuset cookware... It was so serene and beautiful, looking at the bright neon-colored ferris wheel rotating splendidly in the night sky...

Dinner time! We just randomly picked a restaurant that looked authentic (read: looked affordable) and went in. Good for me the menu had pictures! I didn't wanna risk ordering something that wouldn't turn out as familiar Japanese fare... especially as I was dead hungry. We ordered grilled mackerel, sushi platter and tempura prawn to share amongst overselves... and boy was it AWESOME!!! Much better than any of the Japanese restaurants in Malaysia (and Korea)... hence our conclusion: you can walk into any random shop in Japan and still feel it's so awesome............ really missing the food now... yum yum

Grilled mackerel
Sushi set
Tempura ebi don

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


First, I'll start by getting the food out of the way... hehe

Had ginseng chicken soup (삼계탕 samgyetang) on the third hottest day of summer (말복 malbok) to fight the summer heat with heat (以热攻热)! Surprisingly, it felt really good after that! This is a samgyetang shop in Haeundae, my first visit to that shop.

Wall lined with bottles of medicinal herbs... ginseng, roots etc, they even had pineapple in one of them

Had a fun afternoon at the beach... it was very very hot and filled with pastel colors! Love my Dunkin Donut's float... ^^

Then went to Seomyeon to buy farewell present for the Malaysian girls who are leaving... saw a soju promo event there... Seomyeon is like the central district of Busan... but I had never really walked around that area at night. Went to eat the grilled shellfish... miss it so much! There was this shop with 'grilled shellfish + eat-all-u-can sausage + beer can chicken' near my university but it closed down and changed hands...

Soju bottle and cup taking a rest...
Seomyeon is so nicely lit up at night! I never knew...
Grilled shellfish and octopus in spicy buttered sauce
Recently discovered this little beer place near my university... looks like the owner had been to Bali cos I can see those wooden cats and paper-mache notebooks lying around... The ceiling is very low... but I love the place cos it's so funky with the funny drawings on the wall and so cozy with the chess games and cheap draft beer and potato fries~~

That day after lab seminar we had a free dinner... 마포갈매기쌀 samgyupsal with egg around it... this is the first time I'd been to this place... however service is really bad...

Went to play Disco Jump one of the days... had heard about it a couple of times from MJ and Shirly... so went to try it... It's this amusement park ride where everybody sits in a circle and grasp hold of the railing and the controller will toss you up and down like a pancake! Back pain like hell and arm muscle pain till now... T.T

Disco jump!
Went to a petting zoo too... saw some cute animals~
This rabbit is so adorable!! Begging for food...
Even the hamster house is so cute!!
Piggy... this is a house-pet!
Check out that dripping-wet snout!
Piggy very lazy... rolling round and round on the floor...
And this is a spotted pig...

And last but not least... inspired by this blog: The Minimalists ...Check it out! The guy said he has only 288 belongings...

This is my latest snapshot of my shelf and desk in my dormitory room... I have sooooooo much stuff! I have at least:- 
  • 3 soft toys, 
  • a dozen ballpens, 
  • 6 packs of wet tissue, 
  • 3 hats/caps, 
  • 3 combs, 
  • 3 sets of untouched facial items, 
  • 3 sleeping packs, 
  • 20 nail polish and 
  • uncountable free samples of skincare items, sleeping pack, BB cream.... 
OMG... do I actually need all that stuff? But actually it's not entirely my fault, half of it is free anyway, the sales people here just like to stuff us mad with freebies! But for the rest... I just feel like I'm so guilty for creating so much garbage and waste in this world... we were born with nothing and we should go with nothing, why do I need so much stuff?! So my resolution is... stop buying stuff until I finish using all of it!