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Monday, May 30, 2011

Late Bloomers

Woke up surprisingly early today. Took one look at the alarm clock, saw "10.30" on it and straightaway jumped into the bathroom. When I came out, wrapped in a towel, I checked my handphone and saw that it was actually only 8.30am... haha... dried my hair, jumped back under the covers and continued reading "Loves Music, Loves to Dance" by Mary Higgins Clark...

Love this time of year with blue skies and white clouds and yellow daisies by the road combined. This patch of yellow flowers are planted by the roadside behind the dormitory building which I don't pass by so often, only on the weekends when I take a bus to church. The long, thin stalks and big  yellow head sway ever so easily in the strong breeze, releasing so much pollen and fragrance into the air. Good thing I'm not allergic to pollen. But I did fall sick though, due to the extreme change in weather - one week it felt like summer and the other week it threatened to go back to winter. I had a fever with a heaty cough that still hasn't gone away after one bottle of cough syrup...

Waiting to cross the road
Golden yellow buttercups? Or daisies?

I didn't know that roses were late bloomers too. I can see them in full bloom now, by the roadside bush, or planted in rows along the path to school, or crawling through the arch above my head. The vivid red colours, as strong as the lips of a lover. 

Pink rose in Busan University campus
Red roses at the bush behind my dormitory

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Birthday ♥

Looks like all my May-born friends have put up their birthday cakes in their blogs! So ta-da... here's a picture of me with my lovely birthday cake too! *^^* (But picture looks very chan... oh why couldn't I just look pretty and fresh on my birthday?? :P)

Me and my birthday cake!
Thanks to my baby for making this an extra special birthday for me! Felt loved and nothing else mattered... after I saw the sugary sweet pink Hello Kitty cake and roses that he delivered to me! The Hello Kitty cake was from Paris Baguette.

My pinky cake
Nice cake box
Beautiful bouquet of roses which has turned into a dry bouquet in my room
Haha... one funny thing about my birthday is how it is always over-shadowed by two events in Korea...

1) Coming-of-age day/ 'adult day' (성년의날) is held on May 16th in Korea. It is celebrated when young adults turn 20 that year and the girls usually get roses. When I was carrying my bouquet of roses walking happily back to the lab, I heard a group of girls say... "oh yeah... it's sung-nyeon-ui-nal today!" and I was like........... "nooooooo it's for my birthday!!" They probably thought I was an ajumma flower-seller as no one in their right mind would still think I look 20... My roommate turned 20 too and she had two stalks of roses in her makeshift plastic bottle flower vase. So the number of roses in my room is officially 20.

Flower bouquets selling on the street just outside my campus!
2) Teachers' Day. And when I mean they celebrate it, they really celebrate it with great honour! Everybody had to handwrite a card to give to our professor. I hadn't handwritten a Teachers' Day card ever since I left primary school! And we all chipped in to buy professor a gift, a wallet this time. And no, this time I did not get to blow the candles and cut the cake together with him.

That's my professor with his cheese cake

My birthday suit
Friends who celebrated my birthday together with me... we had a good time teaching the Indian and Finnish to play Korean drinking games.

My birthday gifts:

Custom-made gold nameplate which I bought for myself (from OSI)
Gifts from girls in the lab - L'occitane lavender handcream and lip gloss

Happy birthday to me! And I wish that my next birthday will be better... cos I will finally be at home celebrating it with my dearest hubby...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mary Higgins Clark

I had always seen Mary Higgins Clark's books displayed on the bookstores' shelves, yet never attempted to pick up one. Just like Jeffrey Archer or Sophie Kinsella etc.You see, I am somewhat of an unadventurous reader -- I stick to authors whom I am familiar with, or only if the book is on a bestsellers' list. Then after I finish reading those books, I pass them down to my brother, and  one day, after reading a string of books all by the same author, he finally got fed up and exclaimed, why do you always read from the same author? Haha... same for drama series, I only watch those which I am familiar with. Like for crime drama, I only stick to CSI (Vegas, NY and Miami), not Numbers, NCSI or whatever!

My favourite crime/suspense novels are wayyy too antique -- Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie novels.  Mary Higgins Clark's stories are set in fairly more recent settings, like the suburbs of New York in the 1990s. And she is still writing, until now!

I picked this book "On the street where you live" off from the bookshelf in my church's mini library. It's a real page-turner and just perfect for some brainless reading when I relax on my bed at night or when I'm on the bus. 

I guess I found my new favourite suspense genre writer. :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Korean Cinderella.

OK, so I have a renewed resolution to update my blog about the small details (non-happenings) going on in my life. A reminder, that everyday of my life is worth living for, and everything is worth its own tale. Need to remember to blog for myself and not for other people, although I often get discouraged by lack of visitors and comments...

Today, I learnt a fairytale in Korean language class. The name of the story is 콩쥐 팥쥐 and it's actually Cinderella, retold in the Korean version. -_-'''.......... Btw I was busy checking my phone-dictionary for the meaning of 콩쥐 팥쥐, then my classmate told me it is actually just the name of the two girls, 콩쥐is the Cinderella's name while 팥쥐is the step-sister's name. The story is actually the same as the original version except at one point while we were watching the flash cartoon, my classmate shouted out "I've never seen Cinderella wearing a hanbok!!!"... and we all laughed... it was ridiculous, really. And at the end of the story Cindy married a magistrate instead of a Prince.

This is the link to the short story (in English):

and the flash animation (in Korean):

Yesterday was there was a concert in Kyungsung University, just walking distance from my campus. Compared to Pukyong National University which is the univ I am studying in, Kyungsung University is a private university geared towards the arts, while PKNU is more of an engineering and fisheries science univ. So you can easily tell the difference when girls walk out of the KyungsungDae/PukyongDae subway station, the pretty girls will go to the right (KSU) while the not-so-pretty ones will walk to the left (PKNU) haha. It's kinda like how the described 2nd floor in Intel last time, pretty girls turn right (IT dept.) while not-pretty ones turn left (PDC) hahahahaha...

Anyway the music major students had their semester performance in opera and classical singing. The main point of going there is to see the pretty Korean girls all dressed up in elegant gowns! My friend said to me, she would like to learn opera just to be able to wear those dresses... Really felt like I was in a TV drama when I went there.

Aren't they just Cinderellas dressed up for the palace ball?

My church friend, Sarah
Boys group

Love the white flower in her hair...

I love her silk velvet colored gown... so elegant and shimmery... the girl on the right was the best singer of the night and her facial expressions were superb~

Even the pianists (all different for each song) dressed up in gowns, but all the pianists wore black. The girl on the right had sooooooooooo many supporters cheering for her.

Nuns??????! It was a performance of the songs in "Sister Act"
All the pretty girls and boys

Friday, May 20, 2011

May updates...

It's half of May... I have less than 10 months here.
Felt sad on Sunday the day before my birthday,
I think I have what my Korean friend calls "The Princess Syndrome"...
I constantly crave for attention and feel sad when others do not give me the attention I expect.
Sounds childish and weird considering that I am an adult and not a little girl anymore...
Has going back to student life gone to my head and makes me think that I'm still really young?
My hubby said, "but it's not even your birthday today!"
Duh :-P

Went to Shinsegae alone tried to read a book in Kyobo...
Luckily "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" was quite interesting!
Immersed myself in tales of wizardry and feisty princesses...

Have to concentrate more on my research...
Feeling stressed out cos one of my abstract to Florida got rejected...
But I got good news today that my paper to Jeju got accepted... so I guess I'm going to the summer island again next month! *^^*
However still need to work hard so that my abstract to Taipei at year-end gets accepted...
Dunno what I'm doing just keep on reading reading reading and pray to have the energy to do experiment the next day...

OK gonna go back to do my laundry now, haven't been washing clothes for two weeks now...
Will update on my birthday gifts maybe tomorrow~
Hope the weekend will be better *fingers crossed *peace out!

2011 PKNU University Festival (축제)

Oh man... totally cannot focus on anything at all in the lab with all the music and noise that's going on outside... 

It's been one year now and it's the time for Pukyong National University to celebrate its anniversary again. The school festival goes on for three days and each night, the organizers bring in singers  to perform on the open stage set up on the school field. It's a good time for students to take a break from their studies and just kick back and enjoy... with some crazy fun. Alcohol, gambling, sexy dance in super mini shorts, guys taking their shirts off on stage... you name it, they have it. Seriously, I cannot imagine all these "vice" activities taking place in Malaysian university campuses... makes me wonder, should we had loosen up a little during our campus activities last time? Or are the Koreans too wild? Haha...

In the afternoon

Tents were set up around the school field... selling alcohol and snacks. Cass (a brand of Korean beer) was the main sponsor for the festival so the theme was blue color. Other than beer, they were giving out free bottles of soju too! And of course, the usual Art Market selling handmade crafts, jewelery and trinkets, and some games... 

Mix your own cocktail for only 2,000 won
Alcohol before noon... life is so great

Games stall

1) 6 pairs of sexy black-stockinged feet lining up behind a curtain... pay 1,000won to guess which is a girl! 

Sexy black stockinged legs...

2) Throw water balloon at a guy behind a cutout board... this is pretty normal except for the fact that there are profanities written on the cardboard! The red words actually mean "MF"... and yesterday the MC keep on chanting this word and making crude jokes of it on the stage... beh tahan...

3) Gambling!! Throw a 100won coin on the grid, if it hits the x2, x5, x100 boxes then you will get back the multiplied value of your money, if not they will telan the 100won...

Sexy Dance

Then the sexy dance competition (Superstar PK) started... my friends were complaining that the dancers' costumes and dance moves were too monotonous and boring... all of them wore black shirt and  mini jeans shorts then the girls would perform sexy K-pop dance while guys would perform BBoy dance...  haha my friend said that she would give extra points to the first group that appears with a colored t-shirt... nevertheless I enjoyed watching them!

This is one of the more "normal" ones... swing dance to "Americano"
Some girls were walking around in military uniform, so hot...
S-line... so geng... LOL


Then the show started. There were dance and stuff to warm up the audience before the main singer, PSY arrived.

The MCs randomly picked 3 boys from the audience, and asked the boys to randomly get 3 girls to come up. Then they all did sexy dance on stage and the best couple wins a coupon.

I took so many photos of this guy cos he was really cute... too bad he's not a PKNU student though!
Sexy dance

Then the winners of the Superstar PK dance competition performed their sexy dance again on stage... a lot of hip-thrusting and hair-flinging...

And then the professional dancers came in to warm up the stage before the main act!!!!!!!!! Their outfits were simply................ too much... haha... in Malaysia we would normally see this kind of sexy dance during somebody's wedding...

In the middle... what kind of costume is that?!?!?!? Geng...

Finally, the MAIN EVENT - PSY...................................................

The singer's name is Psy (short for Psycho, it seems) and he is in the K-pop and rap genre. When I first saw him I was kinda disappointed because he looks nothing like those handsome Korean idols... in fact he looked more like a 猪肉荣 type... haha.... But it seems he is really really famous in Korea because sooooooooooo many people came to watch him and everybody could sing all of the songs that he sang! My Korean friend said that she thinks Psy is a god of the stage because he is so humorous and he really knows how to make the crowd go wild! And he was very sporting too because the crowd kept on Encoring him and he sang around 12 songs in total!

Some of his more famous songs are like - Right Now, Champion, 내 눈에는, and a couple of ballads which I didn't get.

Beh tahan his shirt... so "see through" and tight...
It was a wild night, everybody was soooo close to each other and jumping with their hands in the air
People standing from the balcony on the 4th floor..

It was good exercise and I enjoyed myself tremendously...!