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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Love is...

when you see something beautiful in something simple.
When you're in love, you begin to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. Everything looks beautiful - the roses look pinker, the goodness of your partner magnified, the ordinariness of everyday life made special, and even the callous remarks from others are left aside for a while.

People say that my blog has grown mundane when I only blog about romance; but these are beautiful memories, memories that I cannot bear to forget and not jot down.

I came in to the office this morning and saw some fallen rose petals on my desk. I thought to myself, "How can you stop petals from falling?" You cannot do that, nor can you stop the overflowing of love and joy from your heart while you're significantly in love.

I love the way he puts on a straight face to take a second; even third helping of my raw, under-cooked vegetables.

I love the way he holds my hand tightly when we go to Bukit Jambul for a hike.

I love the way he doesn't mind how I look after the hike - with my hair clamped to my forehead, sweaty and smelly and looking ugly.

I love the way he acts all macho and protective when I meet with problems while in fact he's just a child deep down inside.

I love the way he follows my wishes when I wanna see his cute, kitten-eyed look with paws up.

I love the way he's being romantic by driving me all the way up - steep and narrow - in his Fifi to Bukit Genting just to watch the sunset.

I love the way he says he loves me, calamity and all...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Roses in the Office

I got lovely flowers again today!

Six pink roses on my desktop~

Thursday, May 24, 2007


You told me monsters creep into your dreams while you're asleep
From under my bed?
But I sleep on a mattress

The big white moon followed us after the cinema
Walking with you felt like a dream
But what if I wake up?

I wonder why you dream so much while you're lying beside me?
I try to toss and turn like you
But after I met you I dream no more

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last weekend when I went back to Ipoh, my mom commented that my face looked dark and dreary. Weird, since I'm in love, I'm supposed to look pink and flushed. Expected, because I know I ate a lot of unhealthy food throughout the whole week. Really, 生日,乃暴饮暴食之日也。 I also did not get enough sleep on Thursday night because I had to work late as well as wake up early for my 7 o'clock meeting the next morning.

So mom and I went for a sauna at the club for a detox session.

From Wikipedia: "Steambaths and saunas induce perspiring to provide a comprehensive cleansing of the skin and sweat glands. Skin is the largest organ in the body. 30% of body wastes are passed through the skin. Profuse sweating enhances the detoxifying capacity of the skin by opening pores and flushing impurities from the body."

I spent 5 minutes in the hot jacuzzi, then stepped into the sauna. I poured a bucket of water on the hot stones and watched the steam sizzle out. Mom came in, and we chatted for a while. After 5 mins, I told her I couldn't really take the heat anymore so I stepped out and went into the steam room for another 5 mins, then stepped out to take a shower. Then I saw stars and felt my head throbbing with pain. I quickly grabbed a towel and rushed to the rest area to lie down. This is the second time I almost fainted in the shower. The first time, I really fainted and mom had to help me out and wrap me in a towel then rest me on a bench.

From Wikipedia: "Saunas can be dangerous. Heat prostration or the even more serious hyperthermia (heat stroke) can result. A cool shower or plunge afterwards always results in a great increase in blood pressure, so careful moderation is advised for those with a history of stroke or hypertension (high blood pressure). A good practice is to take a few moments after exiting a sauna before entering a cold plunge, and to enter a cold plunge by stepping into it gradually, rather than immediately immersing fully."

I don't know why I'm so prone to fainting after a sauna. I don't have hypertension and I do exercise every week. Mom says it might be because I'm supposed to take a cold shower but I took a hot one. Anyways, she's really worried that I've got all these fainting spells so she gave me many many fruits and a box of Eu Yan Sang's Chicken Essence to bring back to Penang.

But after the detox session I really felt my face clear up and glow again. Now, if only I could continue exercising and eating healthily for the rest of this week...

Me and mom after our detox session. Do pardon my unkempt hair though... I almost fainted!

Bin, dad and me :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Groovy Birthday

Turning 24, I had 5 birthday celebrations planned out for me this year. It's like all my birthday celebrations for the past few years suddenly lumped into a series of successive events in one go.

On Sunday night, KK had already been the first to kickstart my birthday celebrations by buying me a lovely Baskin Robbins heart-shaped ice-cream cake. This is the second time since my childhood birthday that I have eaten a B.R. ice-cream cake! I cut it to share with all my other colleagues... Although the cake was cold and the weather was chilly, I felt warm deep down inside because I felt very touched to have a best friend that's willing to spend so much from her salary to buy me such a lovely cake. Thanks again, KK, for buying me and Leonard lunch and dinner while we were at Genting! ;)

My best friend KK and I during lunch at Hainan Place, Genting Highlands

Two weeks back, I was still in a blur trying to settle all my workmail flying to and fro when Kelly asked me whether I was free on Tuesday.

Kelly: "JK, me and Hong would like to invite you for dinner on us on Tuesday."
Xwei: "But I'm very busy recently. Maybe I'll have to work late on Tuesday."
Kelly: "But it's for you-know-what..."
Xwei: "What?"
Kelly: "You-know-what lorr..."
Xwei: "What?? Tell me..."
Kelly: "This will be the last you-know-what celebration for you before I go off to Japan..."
Xwei: "Ohhhhhhhhhh... *blur*"

So we chilled at Bagan on Tuesday night. I bought them mocktails, and they bought me two pieces of cake. I had a Pussy Foot to drink, and Belgian Truffle and Almond Chocolate Cake. The night was fantastic, the environment trendy to bits and the absolutely soulful singer there chose to sing me a jazz number "Happy Days" for my birthday when the clock stroke midnight. Thanks to Kelly and Hong's cameras... I managed to record a video clip of the song, which I'll play whenever I feel down to remind me of those happy days.

Happy Days
Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again!

And though the settings were entirely different, I couldn't help but feel that the four of us were transported back to our Alpha Days sitting and chatting in the mamak stall. Wish we'll do more of this in the future...!

Just the four of us: JK, Kelly, me & Hong

Belgian Truffle

Almond Chocolate Cake

This is my very first birthday present this year from Kelly who has nice taste in makeup! A KATE by Kanebo velvet/blue eyeshadow pallette... Finally, I can have purple eyes! \:D/

The next day when I stepped into the office, I was astonished to see a balloon hanging over my cube. My dear bought it for me to wish me a Groovy Birthday! \:D/

There's yet another present lying on my table nicely wrapped in a little box. It's a blue lightning hairclip from Pik Lay and Soek Junn! How these people know what I want beats me!!! The "Kungfu" lollipop next to it was given to me by PL. Thanks for the encouragement and birthday wishes from both of you... ^_^

At midday, my lovely buddy Pik Lay took the time and trouble to organize a nice birthday luncheon for me at Ichyo, I-Avenue. One sad/(happy!) event was that it was also Chin Leong's farewell that day. I wished him blue skies and an even better future ahead in his new company! I'm sure my wish will come true since it was my birthday :D

Angel with a halo

My birthday cake!

Colleagues @ Ichyo Birthday + Farewell Gathering

When I came back to my cube after a full lunch, I was surprised to see a note on my whiteboard saying that my batch of GTs would be having another round of celebrations down at the cafeteria during tea time. Another cake!!! Hahaha... This was fabulous chocolate cheese cake. Thanks a bunch to Shin Huey for buying the cake and for giving me the largest piece with strawberry on top, to Huey Fen for calling me down, to Sze Hui for her camera and to all the other guys who sang "Xiao Wei" at the cafe!

At night, my darling Leonard brought me to TGIF for a FUN night out! As my birthday gift, he gave me his heart, along with many little hearts! Hmm... I wonder what the many little hearts mean... 多心? Hahahha... Ideally, that's the best present a girl could ever have: her man's heart ^_^ Realistically, he gave me a car mp3 player! *GLAD*

At TGIF, there was this obnoxious waiter who kept on prancing around in front of me to gain my attention while I was trying to eat and charm my guy at the same time. After a while,

Leonard: "Didn't you notice something special about that waiter?"
Xwei: "Err... nope." *Continues munching on the buffalo wings*
Leonard: "Really didn't notice anything special?"
Xwei: *Rolls eyes... cracks head*
Xwei: "Yeah... he's got braces on..."
Leonard: *Faint

The fact was, he actually went to S&J to find a complete set of badges to form "HAPPY BDAY XWEI" and asked the TGIF waiter to wear on his vest! The moment I saw it, I felt so sweet...! The waiter said next time he would use this on his girlfriend cos no one had ever thought of it before *Sweet*


And if you think that's all of it, just yesterday I got this through my mail... from SpiderBerry, my sweet ex-roomie! Hope SpiderBerry gets over her insect bites soon... ^__^

As a result of my 3 cakes + 3 pieces of cake and food binging throughout my birthday week, I added on 2 kg...! :((~~~

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

~~~A very Happy 24th Birthday to Me!~~~

Full post later... in short, a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends and loved ones who celebrated my birthday and made it all the more meaningful to me...

Here's to many many years of FRIENDSHIPS to come...!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


追追赶赶高高低低 深呼吸然后与你执手相随
甜蜜中不再畏高 可这样跟你荡来荡去 无畏无惧

当生命似流连在摩天轮 幸福处随时吻到星空
惊栗之处仍能与你互拥 彷佛游戏之中忘掉轻重

东歪西倒忽高忽低 心惊与胆战去建立这亲厚关系
沿途就算意外脱轨 多得你陪我摇曳

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My workspace environment

Just in time to watch a damn funny "Conan O' Brien visits Intel!" clip in YouTube before it was taken down due to copyright issues with NBC. In the video, the US comedian Conan paid a visit/ poked fun at Intel's HQ at Santa Clara.

Conan: "Look at how they number their cubicles! I thought this was only found in parking garages...?"
Conan: "(Waves to guy...) Hi A2, meet B2! I think you both should have dinner at C2!"

Yes, in Intel, and I think in many other technology design companies too, we do work in these little spaces called cubicles (Yes I know it sounds like we're working in the toilet) with high walls with numbered poles to mark the divisions of our seats, like parking garages. High walls because I think they wanna protect the designers' Intellectual Property from other colleagues' prying eyes?

Conan saw a bunch of school children on a trip to Intel too.
Conan: "Children, was this your first choice to go on a field trip?"
All: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo..."

Still poking fun at the cubicles:
Conan: "Children, can you say 'cubicle'?"
All (in a high-pitched voice): "Cubicle..."
Conan: "Can you say 'confined space'?"
All: "Confined space..."
Conan: "Can you say 'lifeless environment'?"
All: "Lifeless environment!!!"

But it seems less confined and more open-space here at my workplace than it seemed in Santa Clara. From the video, the cubicle walls in Santa Clara are higher. I guess the cubicles are built according to height - Asians are shorter, hence lower cubicles. So I guess it's not at all that bad.

Talking about IP protection, we're also supposed to lock our screens whenever we leave our workstations unattended. That day I was in a hurry to get to the toilet, and in my rush, forgot to lock the screen. When I came back, someone had opened an untitled notepad on my desktop and typed "I will remember to ctrl+alt+del" 100 times in it.

Thinking back to when I first joined Intel, I thought it was pretty cool walking into work, with everybody dressed they're going to college in their logo-tees and jeans and colourful backpacks. However in less than a few weeks, I suddenly realised that everyone was just trudging to work like robots in a movie, going thru the scan gate (think Minority Report, think airport security), and blindlessly bonded to company safety rules and regulations like driving like in driving school, buckling on seatbelts inside the company van (backseat!) and holding on for dear life onto railings as you walk down the stairs. I mean, seriously, even as a prefect in high school I had not seen myself follow the rules so religiously then. During orientation, we even had the company CEO extend his welcome message via video. It felt so Robocop.

The first thing that got me damn confused in my first few months of learning was the many thousands of acronyms used here. Seriously they are able to think up an acronym for everything. So much that they even have an Intel acronyms library to store all those acronyms.

In my job, we basically use UNIX a lot to execute our stuff. When I ask my boyfriend, "How's your run this morning?", I mean his project run. Not his morning-jog. And he says we're always using violent language everyday "killing our jobs".

There's also this command in UNIX where you can "finger someone" to get the info about that co-worker. Fingering a guy is not too bad, the layman will just think you're giving him the universal sign language. But what about "fingering" a girl? Hmm... now that's a different context.

Back to Conan, at the last part of his video he asked one kid to pretend he was an Intel employee calling home to tell his wife he'll be back late from work.

"Honey, I'll be home late from work."
"Intel is making me work, work and work!!!!!"
"I wanna get my boss and throw him outta the window..."
*Conan hurriedly stifles the boy with a hand...*

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mushroom Chicken

Just want to spend some minutes out from my busy schedule to blog down something.

Yesterday I cooked dinner for my beloved one. Though not a great feat, but I thought to myself on Wednesday night as I was massaging the chicken at midnight, "Hey, this is the first time I've actually chopped and marinated a chicken." Hahaha...

So it is true when they say a girl will learn to cook for her loved one... hahaha... but due to my unhoned culinary skills I specifically asked my mom for the easiest and yet impressive way to cook mushroom chicken. Oh yeah, I wanted to cook mushroom chicken cos he loves mushroom. All kinds of mushroom. He's Mario!

Felt utterly contented when I heard him keep on saying "perfect, perfect, perfect" at the dinner table (other 2 friends were rolling their eyes... haha) and "我觉得很幸福..." afterwards.

Menu (He forgot to take pics):
- Steamed broccolli
- Canned beans
- Old cucumber + chicken soup
and the main course:
- Mushroom chicken marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce and cornflour

Friday, May 04, 2007

One Heart, Two Hearts :)

He gave me a heart (shaped nugget) today during breakfast. That's so sweet... :)

This morning I woke up to a lot of lizard-shit on the floor. I'm guessing either the lizard must have ate something wrong to get a serious case of diarrhoea, or, I maybe turning into Cicak-girl anytime soon...

Yesterday I blew the 24-seconds whistle for PDC Basketball for the first time. Shucks, I don't even watch basketball. But I did okay, didn't I? It's just blowing the whistle when the 24 seconds for each offensive side are up, during player-substitution, and during timeout. Thanks to Julian for guiding me and taking all the blames during the first game... haha :)

Haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately... due to some boisterous ruckus going on... but I got myself a RM25 bolster at the Jusco member sales yesterday... and I slept comfily throughout the night! I still like my noisy bolster though... :)

Am still feeling a bit sad because I still haven't gotten any greenlight from Intel to sponsor my Masters studies yet... therefore I need to defer my studies till the next intake. Hopefully the decision can go through by then...

Sujea sent me a link which led to the blog of the girl who died after 8-hours of prolonged usage of her laptop on her... lap. Singaporeans can really express themselves, man. Anyways I found some good readings in her blog, and also many similarties in her thoughts with mine. I'll make it a point to finish reading all her entries... and that she did leave a mark in this world when she left.

Talking about Singapore, my boyfriend asked me to go to Singapore with him in June! I've never really been to Singapore yet except for that stupid Leo Forum back in 1999 where we had to stay cooped up in the resort for 3 days while enduring all the snide remarks from arrogant S'pore girls. Still can't get over that impression of S'poreans. And Ye Hsin's staying there! Must visit her and introduce our boyfriends... :D

Zhiwei said I've been blogging too much about Love recently. Okay, I shall make it a point to finish blogging about my Siem Reap trip and publish my HK trip post as well this weekend.