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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Song playing: Moby - Extreme Ways

Late afternoon yesterday, I was feeling a bit hot, so I decided to go for a swim after work.

I was just one lap away from finishing my usual routine when I stopped by the edge of the pool to catch my breath and check out a girl's hair.

Suddenly, I heard a sound "pssst... pssst..." behind me. I thought it was a water-snake (watched Snakes on a Plane lately...), so I quickly turned around. To my surprise, there was this guy, still with his goggles on, baring his teeth (luckily, not other parts), trying to chat me up.

What the...!

This is not the first time I've been harassed in a pool.

For some guys, maybe this is just your idea of chatting-up a girl. In the dictionary, harass means to disturb persistently; to pester. So this means harassment to me.

Since Form Two, I've had my fill of guys trying to harass me in the pool and in the jacuzzi. I still remember back then, the guy asked me whether I'm a Thai and whether I'm staying in that condo... -_-'''

Guys, if you wanna get to know girls, the pool is neither a good way nor a good place to do it. Especially not when the poor girl is hanging by just a tired arm and trying to catch her breath and trying not to drown in the deep, cold depths at the same time, while you are trying to maintain a conversation with her. And neither does it help when you're blatantly looking down her swimsuit and persistently asking her where do you live and are you here for study?

Hello, Too Desperate!

Going to swim alone is different from frequenting a pub alone. Just the same as when a girl flaunts her assets around in a bikini does not mean she's up for grabs.

So swimmers, just keep to your own lane in the pool, alright? And while you're at it, do leave other female swimmers in peace!

Best vocab game!

For those who like to wordplay, here's a site for you!

Accompanying website:

Happy playing! Haha...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lok Lok @ New World Park

After seeing the popularity and success of some floggers in the like of Kampungboycitygal and Vkeong, I've decided to turn around my blog to blog about food too!

*Silence all around...*

Haha... just kidding. :P

I could never be like them because first, I'm not an avid food finder and second, I simply can't remember to shoot the food at various angles with my camera before chomping on 'em hungrily!

So I guess I'd better stick to my own personal style...

There's a new hangout in town -- New World Park @ Burma Road where the park is divided into two major sections: hawker centre and food joints.

I personally like the hawker centre cos I can enjoy my cheap, tasty hawker fare in a clean, airy environment as compared to the dirty Swatow Lane as it was before.

At the other section, there is a camaraderie of food joints that sell a variety of food at slightly hiked-up, but still very much middle-class affordable prices. Examples are Nyonya Cafe, Mizi's Bistro (ate there, did not really leave an impression though), Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam, Bak Kut Teh King, Passions of Kerala, soon-to-be-opened Manhattan Fish Market, Lio' Z Music Cafe and Lok Lok.

When we arrived, the centre stage was thronged with uncles, aunties, young couples and small children while a girl group dished out some Mandopop and English songs. Their nice singing livened up the atmosphere. :) I was not feeling very well that day and pined for some hot soup, so I opted for the Lok Lok.

Inside the restaurant

Again, it's a clean and comfy environment to enjoy my hawker food. :)

It's been such a long time since I ate loklok. Reminded me of the times when I was in secondary school, Kah Khee and I pushing sticks and sticks of fishball greedily into our mouths at the piping hot loklok stall, and running to catch the bus just as it was about to leave... :P


Their sauces are homemade. From left, (in bottles) Thai chilli sauce, sweet sauce, lemon chilli sauce, szechuan spicy sauce, (in bowls) satay sauce and oyster sauce.

The waiters are attentive and eager to please. One waiter asked for our opinion on the sauces because they'd just been open since August and are trying to improve on their sauces. Semangat betul!

Tomyam and Chicken Soup

Yes, yes I know I'm sick... but give me that tomyam soup anyday!!

Food on sticks

The food can be ordered in sets, or ala carte. We chose the RM24 set which included 20 sticks (squid, scallops, prawns, fishball, fishcakes), 2 kolo mee (finally I get to taste the famous Sarawak mee!), and soup. For less, there will be more vegetables on your sticks. For more, more seafood and fishcakes.

Can I dip him into the soup too?

Leonard says the Air Itam loklok is much, much better (he says the sauces are fab!)... I guess, I'll try that next time. But, if you're wandering around in New World Park and prefer some 清淡 food in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, you might wanna check out this Loklok place. :)

Monday, October 29, 2007


Although Monday marks the start of a whole new workweek, I totally have no mood to work today. Reason? My jeans are suffocating me to near-death! *Chokes from asphyxiation*

I hadn't worn this pair in a long, long time cos everytime I wear it, I feel like I'm in those old English days where ladies have to wear a tight corset until they cannot breath... After weighing myself at the gym yesterday, I found that I'd slimmed down a bit so I thought I'd give this pair another chance. But no, I feel like I'm seeing stars now... O_o

A pair of fitting jeans is just so, hard to find!!!

Till now, I don't own any expensive jeans so I can't tell you whether wearing brands like Levi's, Guess and CK are really a nice fit. My only next-to-expensive jeans are markdowns from Miss Selfridge (white capris) and MNG. While the former is a perfect fit, the latter got totally loose after the first wear! Same to my other jeans, they've either gotten too tight or too loose!!

Last weekend I saw some Levi's at a bargain price at the Levi's outlet in Prangin Mall. There was a beautiful dark pair that I especially liked... but... too tight. Tried others on, but they were either too loose at the thighs or too tight at the hips!! *Sobs*

When can I find my perfect pair of jeans? I really don't feel like spending a bomb on my jeans... but if by next month I can't find them... then I might consider investing in some Levi's... :(

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My First Diamond

I'm so happy last night!!!

Leonard bought me a diamond for our half-year anniversary...

My Very First Diamond...
from Diamond & Platinum... *all_smiles*

Diamond with white gold chain

The pendant is two hearts stacked on top of each other, with a little diamond in the middle. Because it is stacked, when it rolls around on my chest, it gives a 3D effect with the little shiny diamond. :)

I chose a practical necklace, because I'm scared that I might break it with all my rowdy movements. :P

Yesterday was also Forever 21's new store opening at Queensbay Mall. Leonard gave me the card below, I redeemed a cute brush set for free! \:D/

Pinky Forever 21 makeup brush set

My friends are right, no need to envy others, just cherish what you already have. :-)

Happy 6-month Anniversary, my sweetie!
I love you! *Kiss*

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

蓝 · 雨 · 十月 Blue Rainy October

蓝色 Blue

星期日下午,我考上了空手道蓝带(7th kyu)。就是因为我知道大概会很容易考上,所以我只上了两堂的 heian niidan ,再通过 youtube 随便温习一下就跑去考了。嘻嘻,sensei 也没怪我没学好,只为了换带而去考试!

I'm blue-belt now! 不要欺负我!

雨天 Rainy Day

昨天下午下了一场豪雨,上完 Synopsys training 之后,只不过下午四点。本想一回家就可以在冷冷的天气喝一口暖汤然后呼呼睡上一觉,没想到回家后,却发现房内发生水灾,地上积水成片!原来早上出门之前忘了关窗~

结果做大工,抹了很久~ 还好我的床还有被单没弄湿,不然可糟...


十月庆典 Oktoberfest

十月是 Oktoberfest 的季节!上网查了,但还是查不懂这德国的节日到底有什么意义... 我觉得,又是人们多找一个藉口来喝酒罢了!

槟城的马来西亚-德国学会(Malaysian-German Society) 每年都会在会所举行 Oktoberfest。这是我第一次去!(在那里碰见老板在喝酒作兴... 呵呵)

Band playing at Oktoberfest

入门费是 RM25,不象其他 nightspot,是不包酒的!好贵... 那里除了有卖啤酒,hard liquor,还有很多德国美食!数一数有 lebkuchen(gingerbread)、hendl(鸡)、sauerkraut(包菜)、cheese noodles、还有长长的德国香肠!可惜,我是吃饱晚餐后才过去的...

这是一瓶价值 RM24 的 Paulaner 牌德国啤酒,是 Oktoberfest 的 special brew...

我们喝到 bottoms-up!

酒肉朋友... Stanley 喝到醉醺醺... 呵呵

多谢当晚的男士们,我喝了很多啤酒~ 那时候到苏媚岛因为肝炎没得喝,现在可喝个够本了!^_^ 喝酒过后我们去跳舞,听说当晚的六人 Musikanten band 是从德国特地请来的...

Us @ Oktoberfest!



女生 Go!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

我现在的 ringtone

我讨厌下雨天 亲爱的你快出现
不然我 就告诉妈咪你偷牵我的手
我喜欢夏天 你穿背心的感觉
每天 都想黏 都很甜











握在手中会“doing doing” 颤抖的蛋挞

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tragedy on Vacation

Photo of Angthong National Park


最近发生的两宗和水有关的惨剧 -- Pulau Tioman Ferry TragedyThailand Khao Sok National Park Flashflood Tragedy,让我看了之后倍感心惊胆跳。泰国海洋国家公园意外的唯一生还者海伦娜说:“I cannot believe I am the only survivor. I can’t believe my John is dead. One minute I was in what I thought was the most beautiful place in the world. The next thing there is death all around me.” 令人闻之心酸。






意外,顾名思义 -- 发生时,往往是出乎意料之外;往往,也出于自己能够操控的范围之外。自己做好安全措施,并不代表意外不会发生。但,若全部人都遵守安全守则的话,很多意外,都可以避免的。

要是旅客多做查询,知道雨季不适宜到海洋国家公园岛上的山洞里探险,也许意外就不会发生。要是导游遵守政府旅游部门的指示,也许意外也不会发生。要是当地政府严加管制,educate and enlighten tourists,也许意外也不会发生。要是德国十岁小男孩的母亲不让他一个人去探险,他也许也不会送死。

要是到刁曼岛的轮船全都操作良好、没超载旅客、同时也 educate 船上的旅客如何正确地逃生,意外也许也不会发生。但,可悲的事实是,死者不是被火烧死,而是因为不谙水性被水淹死。这样的意外,又要怎么样去阻止它发生呢?早前普吉岛飞机失事死了八十余位人那宗意外,又要怎样去避免呢?


希望经过这两宗不幸的案件之后,大家的危机意识就会相应提高。先照顾好自己,就是达到成功的安全旅游的一半。God bless all the souls!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

台湾游~ '05 (第三章/ 最后一章)

歌曲选播:孙燕姿 - 《 向左走向右走》


多谢一班很好的朋友兼 D-16-A housemates,台北之游成为其中一个 most memorable/ happy moments in my life。其实旅行不求什么,只求一班谈得来,喜欢搞笑,能互相谅解、互相帮助,能 同甘共苦,能主动建议、合体作决定的朋友们(呵呵,似乎要求太多了... :P)。但我这一班朋友就是可以... 除了一位!(but, no prize for guessing who that is...)


因为我们是一班懒惰的大学生,我们在台北的 extended period,虽然决定了一定要尽量探险多一点地方,但也一定要有充足的睡眠。结果我们从每天的 12 点(中午)走到 12点(午夜)。利害吧?因为有充足的睡眠,大家通常都很精力充沛地准备好踏上我们一天的旅程。直到准备好要出门了,发现少了一个“他”-- “他”就躲在棉被里,不肯跟我们出去!“你们去啦... 别管我... 你们都不要理我的... ” 因为男生比较少懂得“tam” 男生,结果这一份艰辛的工作就落在我和思敏的手上!连续两天的软硬兼施之后(不要想歪!),我们成功拉“他”出街,直到一个风和日丽的一天...

当时,我们在台北市,在一个有一点象《向左走向右走》那部戏里的美丽公园里一面谈天说地,一面欣赏周围漂亮的大树。突然,听见后面有一些争吵。不知起因是什么,“他”硬说要回马来西亚,令我们傻眼。还剩下几天,我们玩也来不及,现在就要回?!我们就不理他,继续步行到 MRT 门口。怎知道“他”要抢 TVC 及我们的重要文件 -- 地图!幸好英勇的舞男,哦,不是,是武士 Nicholas ,就站出来说:“你要,就分给你吧!”,然后,撕下从公园回酒店的那一部分...!轮到女主角出场了,本小姐实在忍不住,之前劝了“他”那么多天,现在玩到一半才说要回,真是扫兴,真是白费我们之前的嘴舌!结果忍无可忍,在 MRT 正门口对他脱口而出:“Everybody hates you!!” 结果,他一声不出,拿住地图自己一个人回酒店去了。就这样,我们一行七人,就变成六个向左走,一个向右走了~***


好了,继续我们的台北之旅。你问我台湾食物好不好吃,我可以说,它的街边小食是很好吃的(但要小心,不要像 Nicholas 一样吃到肚子痛漏屎!)。多谢 TVC 的带领,我们跟着他的吃遍台北的手册一路寻找,从站着吃阿宗面线、到买了很贵的黄梨酥、到夜晚寻找五分铺麻辣火锅找到迷路、到某某店楼上吃一碗热呼呼的牛肉面(店主对我们说:“你们终于找到了!” -_-''')、到台北旧巴士站吃水饺然后因为只叫一小笼差点被人骂“混吉”、到正宗珍珠奶茶店春水堂叹茶、到吃很不错的蒙古火锅自助餐、到吃饱晚餐后还吵着要到夜市买冷面、盐酥鸡... 真是一个很好很好玩的经历!那天问 TVC,他还记得那麻辣火锅是超级难吃的,我只记得有些傻瓜将汤都喝下去,结果嘴唇都肿得像香肠一样大!哈哈哈,唯独我,是觉得不辣的!哈哈哈!

站着吃阿宗面线... 其实我觉得它味道还不怎么样...



还记得,有一天晚上,我们决定搭德士到著名的士林夜市。平时看美国戏就懂纽约的德士司机驾车是很狼的,没想到台北的德士也是!Nicholas 坐前面,从一开始就双手紧拉门上面的把柄,直到下车时脸是青色的... “哇,那德士好像玩 game 一样,我以后都不要坐前面了!!”士林夜市很大很大,绝对不是我们大马的夜市可相比。卖的东西林林总总,吃的、戴的、什么都有!衣服很 in,可惜很贵,要一件quality 好的 T-shirt,不要褪色起毛的就得上 RM60。我也是买了一两件比较便宜的罢了。

士林夜市(看后面的整容人士后来变成裴勇俊了 -_-''')



说起诚品,那可是一间开 24 小时的书局,我们吉隆坡的大将书局也走一样的路线,专吸引一些晚上不睡觉,去书局撞鬼的人。听说如果你穷到在台北沦落街头,可以选择沦落来这里。嘉琪搭我帮她买两本马来西亚找不到的禁书,第一本是很变态的日本翻译本《失乐园》,另一本是蔡康永的忘了什么名的书。结果在国鑫的怂恿之下我多买了一本什么《意大利 18 岁堕落少女》 的书。我很喜欢那里的系统,诚品里面有素质的华文书真的很多(虽然我买得不是很有素质 :P),排列的系统也非常有条理,若找不到你要的书,可以到柜台查问。当然,现在大马也有很多酱的书局了,如 Kinokuniya 和 Borders。在台北的四天,因为 TVC 要找蔡明亮《天边一朵云》的缘故,我们拜访了很多书局和 DVD 店。

背包旅行的好处就是这样,旅程是由你自己策划的,有时候可以很即兴,有时候也可以很随行。看地图找路迷路的也是自己的责任,决不是巴士上导游说下车吃饭唱歌(尿尿)、上车睡觉一样。到了不懂第二还是第三天,我们发现到身上带来的钱好像不太够用,可是当时马币受管制,在外国是找不到的。结果我们决定到台北国家银行(不知是否这样称呼)碰一碰运气。结果真的没有,幸好醒目,带了美金来换新台币。离开银行,发现到,原来总统府就在附近!我们就在那里冒着生命危险地拍了一张照片,因为向前再走三步,就是车龙繁忙的大马路!我们也到国父孙中山纪念馆参观,好像很有文化一样地看看里面的画展 :P 可惜错过当时的交更仪式。


从国父纪念馆可以看见台北 101

歌曲选播:戴佩妮 - 《淡水河边》

最后,对我来说最难忘的,是到淡水渔人码头那里。到淡水,要乘坐蛮久的 MRT,到了站还要走一段路去搭船。有一点可以证实台北其实很小,我们在 MRT 站那里竟然看见向右走的米高炉在走来走去!呵呵!到码头那一段路两旁,有很多很多卖精品的小店,我很喜欢那里的气氛,结果大多数的纪念品都在那里购买。怎知道,走到一半突然发现到挑选得很用心,买了很多钱的整包纪念品竟然不翼而飞!结果,我在船上向海的位置哭了... (加强那里郁落的气氛... 哈哈)(后记:回到酒店 TVC 告诉我其实那包东西在他的袋子里 -_-''')


淡水一路上(wall of art)

渔人码头那里真是一个很有气氛的地方,有一个长长的海上 boardwalk、很多咖啡厅、过了情人桥, 还有一个很有格调的大餐厅(没有钱进去吃,不知道里面气氛如何)。靠近傍晚了,情人桥上的 yellow lights 都会 light up,真是非常非常漂亮!可惜当时还没拍拖,不然可是浪漫极了!不过,和一班 single (除了连胜)的朋友们在一起,也是很爽。哈哈哈~



Nicholas 和他的情人桥

我们在浪漫的 boardwalk 上

台北之旅告一个段落,虽然这已经是两、三年前的事情了,但每每和思敏、Nicholas,TVC 他们谈起,种种当时的事情与感觉,都不期然地浮上心头。大家毕业后开始工作了,各有各忙,要召集这么一大班的人一起到外地旅行,真是一件困难的事。也许,酱的旅行方式,是再也不会有了。所以我一直都很珍惜当时,觉得到台湾旅行的时光,一点也没有白费到。


Thursday, October 11, 2007

台湾游~ '05 (第二章)

歌曲选播:《不能说的秘密 OST - 19. Angel》



接着,我们去参观一个做 marble 的地方,叫做 《石之屋》。

台湾的天空成天黑黑的... 但却没有下雨。


因为早上坐巴士时,他对思敏说他的嘴唇爆裂,思敏就好心借他 Lip-ice 搽...
殊不知,那 Lip-ice 会变粉红色~


高雄市 - 莲池潭

这是莲池潭,是一个很大很大的潭,附近有很多寺庙和亭子。由于很晒的关系,再加上马来西亚又不是没有酱的东西看... 我们只看了附近的龙虎塔和春秋阁。还记得当时要从龙的屁屁走进去,在从它的嘴巴走出来,要是倒转走的话就会有霉运~




高雄 - 佛光山


身高 120 尺的金身接引大佛


Nicholas 要亲吻他和米高炉的宝贝...

当大家在摆 pose,国鑫在练少林武功~

经过很多天的环岛 adventure on the bus,我们又回到了台北。在那环岛的过程当中,我发现到宝岛虽小,但城市与城市之间,风俗人情却又不尽相同。就像台北的人比较 in,其他地区的就比较纯朴一些。在一路上可以到的郊外地区也显得比较落后,但好像马来西亚一样,比较 basic 的,基本上都有。若要体验一个浓缩的台湾,我却觉得,去一趟台北,就够了。整个环岛旅程,最可惜的,是没到日月潭、没到阿里山、没到野柳、也没到阳明山山顶看日落。





中正纪念馆。听说笨扁要将它易名了~ 不知道现在状况如何?


这个守卫可是动也不可动的!别碰他~ 要是你碰他,他就会“碰”一下他的手枪,

Taipei 101 - is made to look like a bamboo, looks like a Taoist building

大名鼎鼎的台北 101,没什么特别,里面真的很像 KLCC Suria。为什么这两栋高楼大厦都象菜?我们的 KLCC 象玉蜀黍,101 象竹。好像 KLCC 里面的 Kinokuniya,101 楼上也有一间很大间的书局。比较特别的是有一间卖很漂亮的琉璃的专卖店!台北 101 附近是台北美丽华摩天轮,听说有很多人在转到最高顶的时候突然求婚!真是浪漫极了!


我在这里第一次吃鸭舌。嗯,看起来很 geli,但好好吃!这里有很多型男型女咯,我们还看过中间有人表演魔术。过后的每一天我们都得来这里,西门站搭地铁。有一天,我和思敏俩在这里逛街,我逛进一间卖项链饰品的小铺,结果是间黑店!被那里的安娣抓着双手不放硬要我买!把思敏吓呆了... 我抓起她的手,跑!由此可见,西门町虽然繁忙,但是竞争太强,生意也很难做的...

这是我们说尼古拉斯像舞男(Malaysian Gigolo)的照片...