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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pantai Jerejak Voters, Vote for Sim!

Vote for Sim Tze Tzin
for State Seat (DUN) Pantai Jerejak

Dear readers,

If you are voting in Pantai Jerejak, Penang, Sim is your man!


Sim Tze Tzin (age 32) is a Penangite from Chung Ling High School. For many UTM graduates, you might remember him as your Engineering senior and SRC (Students' Representative Council) representative. After graduating from UTM, he went on to study his Masters in the United States and worked for 5 years as a highway engineer in Silicon Valley.

He came back to Malaysia to work as a political secretary to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He was the one who exposed the explosive V.K. Lingam (correct, correct, correct!) video clip to the public. Even though the ACA threatened to throw him into jail, he adamantly refused to reveal the source of the tape. (Read more of Sim and his mission at SimForMalaysia.)

How I know him:

He's my good friend Sim Tze Wei's brother. One day, Tze Wei, or Uncle Sim, as we fondly know him, suddenly called me up and told me, "Hey, my brother is going to contest under KeADILan for Penang state seat! Wanna be a volunteer?" I agreed. Later I found out that many of my friends, juniors and seniors from MMU had also signed up as volunteers! Some of them even took leave for 2 weeks to come up to Penang from KL to help out! It's so happy to be a part of a collaborative effort again with friends who have the same dream, and work together towards achieving it!

Call for volunteers:

For those who would like to MAKE A CHANGE - VOLUNTEER as a polling agent/ counting agent (PACA) today! You may go to KeADILan main operation room at the house directly opposite Vistana Hotel to volunteer your services. For Damansara people please click here.

I reiterate: sitting at home in front of your computer and complaining on your blog is NOT ENOUGH! We need as many helpers as possible to MAKE A CHANGE!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Nomination Day

"If we want any change to happen at all, we are the ones who must make it happen."

That's what I've been thinking all this while since I started helping out in Sim Tze Tzin's for Malaysia campaign.

Yesterday was Nomination Day. I've had many firsts, but this is the first time I'm actually taking part in the Election as a registered voter and playing a small part to help out in shaping a better tomorrow for Malaysia. Nomination for Bayan Baru (Parliament), Pantai Jerejak (State), Batu Uban (State) and Batu Maung (State) candidates was held at PISA at 9-10am. We went there to show our support and solidarity for Sim Tze Tzin and KeADILan.


By 7.30am, the police had already blocked the road to PISA. So, the four of us parked at Sunway Tunas and walked there. When we arrived at PISA, we were already late, yet we couldn't see any of our KeADILan marchers. However, we saw a huge troupe of BN supporters marching towards us! Decked out in our "I LOVE PG, I LOVE KEADILAN" t-shirts, honestly, we were a bit scared of being trampled to death. :P Luckily Leo realised we were being on the wrong side of PISA! So we hurried a big round to the other end to join our friends. Being late, Nicholas couldn't really "function" as Sim's bodyguard. :P

KeADILan troupe

Candidates - Raveen for DUN Batu Uban (green batik) and
Sim for DUN Pantai Jerejak (blue batik)

Dato' Zahrain for Parliament Bayan Baru

Nomination at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)

The nomination period lasts for one hour, from 9-10am. After that, the nomination forms will be pasted on the walls for people from both parties to scrutinise.

How to fill in the nomination papers is very important because both parties will try to "pick a bone out from the egg" from the candidate's information. Some cases happened yesterday that almost resulted or have resulted in disqualification of the candidates, eg. Rafidah almost got penalised because she forgot to sign her name on 2 nomination forms, and one BN candidate is actually bankrupt! (Actually the form is very simple-looking, I cannot imagine what's so hard to fill up about that form! Forgot to sign kononnya!! Aduh!)

The pencadang and seconder must be voters in that constituency, and every detail must be followed according to their IC. Honorary titles like Datuk, PJK, are disallowed on the form. The pencadang and seconder are very important too and they would usually overnight at the candidates house to avoid any abrupt "disappearances" on the nomination day!

Every now and then, the Election Commission people would blare out updates on the nomination and objection proceedings on the loudspeakers.

Don't cross the police line!

We were standing on this side while the BN supporters were on the far side of the photo! It was seen that the police in the other side were bermesra-mesra with them, while here the police looked stricter. :-S I felt a bit scared if I were to suddenly lose my foot and fell over the police line... later get beaten up by those huge batons...

Actually I'm just joking, it was a very peaceful morning where nothing untoward happened. :-) Both camps were very disciplined and didn't shout and jeer... except for one moment when the EC announced Encik Ooi... instead of Puan Ooi... (booooo!)

Winds of change?

We even found some time to paktoh there... :P

Public ceramah by DSAI

That was not all, after Nomination ended at 12 noon, I went around for some leafleting at Kg. Bahagia at 5.30pm and went to listen to Anwar's ceramah at 9.30pm opposite Vistana Hotel.


Some thoughts:

Talk is cheap if you don't take action to help out actively. I always hear some people complaining or commenting about the lack of political sense in other people/ complaining how this country is going down the drain. But when I approach them for volunteer help, they always sneer at me or give some silly reactions like "Why don't you go and help BN? They give RM50!" or "Ha? You help KeADILan ah?! Got money or not?"

Actually, voting is only the most fundamental thing that we can do as a citizen. If we wish for a better future, and hope for change, we have to take it on our ownselves to do it. If not, who's going to do it if everyone just sits back and waits for others to take on the job? In this few weeks, I am greatly touched to have met many passionate, helpful people who have stepped up to volunteered themselves and drove all the way up from KL for this campaign.

If you are really too busy to help out, at least, be more considerate and intelligent by giving some moral encouragement to your friends who do help out. And not by uttering stupid and worthless remarks. Thanks.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Alone on CNY





Friday, February 08, 2008

Detox Experience

Inspired by Kenny Sia's amazing 4kg weight loss after his 5-day-TruDtox-diet, I'm going to share my personal experience as a previous user of detoxification supplements.

"X-brand" Herbal Detox Tea

During my second year (Gamma) at university, I led an extremely unhealthy lifestyle from eating Cyberjaya food, late-night suppers, constantly sitting in front of the computer and not exercising. I felt so fat everyday and there were times which I felt like I was trudging (not walking) and lugging my heavy body around.

One day, I remarked to my friend that I needed to lose some weight. She immediately recommended me a herbal detox drink which she'd been using for quite some time. According to her, it was very effective for weight loss.

That night, I tried it out. I was actually feeling very curious as it was my first time drinking detox tea. I opened the teabag which was some Chinese brand, and dunked it in a cup of hot water. I remember I only took 1 big gulp of it because I didn't really like the taste. After waiting for 15 minutes -> half an hour, nothing happened. So I went to sleep, thinking that the tea wasn't very effective.

Halfway through the night, I felt an acute pain in my stomach. Rushing to the toilet, I spent one of the most torturous moments of my life on the toilet seat. The pain was excruciating! I was sweating like a woman in labour, lying and panting on the toilet floor, and all the while praying to God to help me get through this.

After the longest 20 minutes or so, I finally ended my turmoil in the toilet bowl. My whole world was spinning around me and I felt like just lying there on the toilet floor because I was so spent. However, I managed to put on my pants and fight the daze to make it from the toilet to my bed. Along that 10-step trip, I felt as though I was going to die. Later that night, I woke up for a second time to rush to the toilet again!

It was amazing what one sip of the tea could do. Luckily I didn't finish the whole cup! I guess my friend has a very high threshold of pain. Needless to say, I didn't dare take more from her!

NH Detoxlim Capsules

I guess the phrase "once bitten, twice shy" doesn't apply for me because not long after my bitter experience with the detox herbal tea, I once again braved myself to take detox supplement after being bombarded by the dozens of advertisements from TV, radio and posters.

NH Detoxlim boasts a natural formula for body-shaping by using all-natural herbal extracts. Most importantly, it gives no severe attack of diarrhea!

How amazing! It had to work, right? So I used it dilligently everyday. To say the truth it really didn't hurt as much as the herbal tea... but I didn't think it worked as it promised, because my weight remained the same!

Healthy Living and Eating

Now, after my bout with viral hepatitis, I'm refraining from simply taking any form of supplements unless prescribed by a doctor, lest I damage my liver any further.

Though I'm still fat, I try to lose weight by exercising regularly and eating healthily (homecooked food and fruits!). Though the weight loss is little and crazily slow (I've only managed to lose 1kg so far...) and it hurts a lot when people laugh and say that I'm fat, I don't care, because I'm not going to jeopardise my health just because of what some insensitive people say! Last but not least, I've found out that coming to love and accept the shape of your body, as well as choosing your clothes wisely helps a great deal too!