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Hayley x Bradley

It occurred to me that I hadn't jotted down my thought process while naming my children. I'd like to write this down, so that next time I can tell them the origins of their name if they ask me.
For both my children, we decided on their Chinese names first before their English names.
Hayley 恩愉
Naming my eldest girl was relatively easy. Long before I even got pregnant, I had already thought of names if I were to have three daughters - 愉,悦,悠. I wanted my girls to be happy , joyful and carefree, without a worry in the world. I especially loved the pronounciation "yu" because it is the same as 鱼仔, the nickname of 杨怡's role in 《On Call 36 小时》which was the drama I was watching at that time. Add the feeling of being blessed with a baby, and her name becomes 恩愉 - “恩典的恩,愉快的愉 ”.
As for her English name "Hayley", I can't really remember how is it that we came to decide on this name. I think hubby and I were kind of going through a list of baby names, and narrow…

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