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2020 Resolutions

It's already the second month into the year of 2020... guess I'm late to the party to write my resolutions!
Recent events have made me feel strongly that "Life is short." As I shared with a friend, my previous company gave me work-life balance but I still wasn't happy because the peer pressure was too much over there. My colleagues were so into material things and I felt so small compared to them. We should not take life as a race, to compare with others whose house is bigger, who has a more luxurious car, travelling to which exotic destination this year, whether or not children are going to international school, whose face is more glowing... etc. Such unhealthy competition only adds to misery, making one feel depressed and unworthy, when that should not be the case as there are so many more things worth cherishing in life... such as precious moments with family! So one of my NY Resolutions this year is to "Stop Comparing!" and "Reduce Time on Soc…

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