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Conception 2.0 ~ Week 36 Thoughts

*Pics taken during Week 25 Sarawak Trip

I realized that some coincidences happen for a reason. 

Like that weekend last Christmas where we decided to go to Gurney Paragon and stuck around to see the Christmas performance by kids at the main stage. We bumped into our obgyn who was there selling bread for charity, whom we hadn't seen in years since Hayley was born. That chance encounter with our doctor triggered us to go for a checkup when my period didn't come for five weeks. But my period came just before I stepped into the doctor's office, and we told her we couldn't get pregnant for so long so she asked me to try out some fertility pills. The pills ran out and I went to the newly opened Georgetown Pharmacy opposite my house to get a new supply. The pharmacist said those pills would lose effect and recommended hubby to take Q10 Coenzyme. Next thing I knew, we saw a double-line on our pregnancy test kit. That was the start of our Pregnancy 2.0 journey, 4 years after havi…

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