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Lake Tekapo, New Zealand South Island

"Lake Tekapo, the name derives from the Maori 'taka' (sleeping mat) and 'po' (night) suggests that it is a perfect place to roll out a mat and lie beneath the stars.'

I always thought about what I would be able to see in this place. 
Would it be a sky full of stars? The darkest canvas, spread out miles and miles far beyond our sight, beyond our understanding of the world. And a gazillion stars laid bare on that canvas, as far as the eye could see. As many as you choose to see.
As we descended upon that darkness, on the church beside the lake, it felt a little cold, eerie even. People huddled together in groups speaking in hushed whispers. Was it more of trepidation or out of sanctity for this place? Who knows what lies yonder, beneath its chilly depths? Who knows if we would get separated from each other in the darkness and never find each other again?
I stood there by the edge of the lake, the vast expanse of the icy cold waters stretching before my eyes, not…

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