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Hayley's First Exam and Storytelling Contest

Hayley has been attending nursery/kindy for more than a year now. In fact she started in this kindy since May 2017, and she is now in her Nursery 2 year.
So far we are quite pleased with her progress in this school. The teachers are comparatively young, and caring. The meals smell delicious when we send her in the morning. We can see that she picks up a lot of moral values from the lessons. And there is a good balance between academic and co-curricular activities - the school organizes incursions and excursions, and the children are so excited whenever they go for outings!
Last month, Hayley had her first ever exam. A day before the exam, I enquired from the teacher about the test syllabus and did some revision with her the night before - 1) matching uppercase letters/ lowercase letters 2) tracing alphabets 3) which animals lay eggs, 4) etc. When her teacher showed us her exam papers during Parents-Teachers Day, we were amazed! Hayley scored an almost perfect score in her first exam.…

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