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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hayley falls sick @8m3w5d

Yesterday when we went to fetch our little baby from the babysitter, she told us that Hayley's forehead felt warmer than usual. 

We took her back and measured her armpit using a digital thermometer. About 38 degrees Celcius. Indeed, she was having a slight fever. Me and Papa felt nervous because this was our first time dealing with her fever. She looked more lethargic than usual and just sat there looking glum. 

I sponged her, put Koolfever Baby on her forehead, gave her barley water, even tried to feed her with liquid paracetamol but she vomited out the pinkish liquid together with her milk. After that she looked at me like she was pleading to go lie on the bed. In the end we all went to bed earlier and I made sure to sponge her forehead throughout the night. Fortunately in the morning the fever went away. I called the babysitter at noon and she told me good news, Hayley was active and happily enjoying her porridge! Felt so relieved... I guess only parents will know this feeling. It's like you're worried but you have to stay calm cos now there is someone who is dependent on you.

We suspect the cause of the fever might be cos she's teething? Her half-tooth started appearing on March 28. Or might be due to the pneumococcal jab last Saturday.

Oh I wish that she will be back to her mischievous self again! Below picture: something's always up whenever your kid is quiet...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hayley breaks a mug @8m2w

Haven't blogged since January... I was too caught up in work to blog. 

How time flies! Our little Hayley is now 8 and a half months old. She is still as petite as ever. However, she is getting more and more active now since she started crawling about 1-2 weeks back. 

This morning something dangerous almost happened. After our last breastfeeding session this morning, I rolled over on my side to sleep, thinking that Hayley was still sleeping. But she was already up and about! Hubby was already up and working in his home-office, so his side of the bed was obstacle-free. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a cup crashing onto the floor! Hayley had crawled to hubby's side of the bed and knocked down the venti-size ceramic Seattle Starbucks mug onto the floor! I woke up with a shock and saw her almost wanting to crawl over the side of the bed. I hurriedly grabbed her leg and tugged her back to safety... imagine what would have happened if she had fell off the bed onto the broken Starbucks pieces...! :((((( After that, I scolded her but she looked back at me with that innocent yet cheeky smile on her face (like: "I did it, Mama!"). Still in shock, I told Hubby and he also gave Hayley a scolding. He's adamant that Hayley has been giving him the cold shoulder ever since...

Naughty Hayley giving us the cold shoulder

This is another cute picture of Hayley the Mechanic "repairing" her carriage. The joke between Hubby and I is that she likes to crawl inside tight spaces because she did not have the experience of coming out to the world through a natural vaginal birth. :-P

This is a picture of Hayley's first time sleeping in a sarung (cloth cradle)! After a second episode at my grandfather's house where she refused to sleep and cried at night, we finally gave in and took down a used sarung from the attic. Thanks to my aunt and cousin for bringing it down. When we went back to Ipoh, my parents and I bought a chrome sarung hanger (RM137 after GST) and a Pureen sarung cloth (RM18.60). Finally she can sleep longer in it, but only during the daytime, she refuses to sleep in it at night.

Cheeky little girl enjoying her sarung nap

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend in KL

Went down to KL for a weekend breather and also to attend cousin Gerald's 12th birthday party. They called in a loklok truck for the party, which is not quite a bad idea except for the bad weather!

Brought my parents to visit Publika and The Gardens at Midvalley. Hayley so enjoyed the egg sandwich that my mom fed her in Ben's Publika and she was also grabbing licks from the yummy Milkcow icecream in The Gardens' basement!

Here are some wonderful pictures from that weekend. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Big Bad Wolf Penang

Visited the BBW Penang. This year BBW took on a circus theme. The organizers really did a good job on the publicity events and designs. 

Bought a couple of books for ourselves. My friend bought some big picture animal books which Hayley enjoys. It's very useful for teaching her animal sounds at this stage.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hubby hospitalized

Yesterday, Leonard was hospitalized for a chronic viral ear infection. :-( 

It was quite sudden, he went to the hospital in the morning and was admitted straight away for antiviral drip. So I had to pack some stuff to bring to him at the hospital during lunchtime and fetch the baby from the babysitter that night and to the babysitter again the next morning. I had to do all that alone, so I felt quite "grown-up". If you're wondering, I usually do not have to do all these... my hubby has always been the one fetching stuff for me while I'm admitted to the hospital. And even then, he would stay overnight at the hospital with me. We're really as close as two peas in a pod. :-)

Anyway, I spent the night with Hayley, just the two of us. And it makes me really happy now, cos, I know that when hubby is not around, there's still my daughter to keep me company. :-)

Baby girl next to me this morning :-)

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Hayley eats apple @5m1w2d

*This picture was taken a month ago when baby Hayley first started showing interest in food. We let her suck on some apple juice and she loved it! 

Ever since baby Hayley started showing signs of interest in food, I have been itching to start her on some experimental solids. 

Hayley's first food was apple on Jan 6. We sat her in her Bumbo chair, I grated some red apple and fed it to her. She didn't take to the grated fibre so well, kept using her tongue to push it out after a while. But she loved the juice! Opened her mouth wide to "swallow" it. 

Encouraged by her positive reaction, I tried to feed her apple again on Jan 7. After like ten sips, she vomited out all the apple and breastmilk that she had taken in earlier.........! :(

Shocked, both me and papa think that we should:- 
  1. delay her solid to when she turns 6 months; 
  2. instead of giving grated apple, give apple sauce; 
  3. definitely should feed her solid first, then followed by milk 
A few weeks ago, I also let Hayley taste a few sips of Hokkaido fresh cow's milk, all the way from Japan!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year!

Greetings and Happy New Year to everybody! 

Looking back, 2014 was one of the best years I've had in my life. Despite the saddening 3x aviation disasters, 2014 had been good to my personal life. 2014 was the year I got upgraded to a new status - proud mummy! The arrival of our 'God's gift of joy' baby Hayley, has turned our lives upside down, but in a good way! 2014 was also the year I spent working in a new company, which has given me lots of freedom and great opportunities to grow in my career. And last but not least, before the year ended, I got myself my very own first car. So in summary, new job, new car, new baby!

Some events of the past few days~

Jan 1, 2015 - I didn't get to do 해돋이 this year again, still due to the cloudy weather. In the morning, we flew Malindo Air to Melaka. This was Hayley's third time taking a plane in a week. And her first time to visit her daddy's hometown - the historical city. Hayley was finally a good girl on the propeller plane this time, sleeping through the entire flight!  

Penang International Airport

Dec 31, 2014 - Papa and Mama were getting ready to call it a night, but baby Hayley wasn't ready to sleep yet! She didn't want to miss the countdown and the fireworks that were happening downstairs. So we brought her out at 11.45pm to join in the fun. She finally settled down to sleep after that. Sigh, we have a party baby~
Fireworks of 2015

Dec 31, 2014 - After working for so many years since 2006, finally I purchased my own car, a Suzuki Swift GL. :-P I wouldn't have done it otherwise if not for the fact that my current company is relocating to a very jammed place... cos I hate driving! After deliberating on the choice of colour for some time, I decided to choose white. Makes the car look bigger. My lovely hubby sponsored the coating, tint and leather seats! 

Dec 30, 2014 - Baby Hayley on the flight back from Singapore to Penang. The air stewardess gave her a soft toy airplane. I pray for the aviation industry that there will be no more further bad news, ever.

Finally, I think I should keep my New Year resolutions short and sweet.

  1. Be a kinder person - be polite, smile, say nice words to people, have a positive aura, don't scold people. This in part is to set a good example for my daughter as she grows up. But mostly, this is inspired by a girl who emanated such warmth and sunshine but was taken away by God a few months ago. I don't know her personally, she is my hubby's ex-unimate, but from all the photos and heartfelt memories of her that people posted, she remains a true inspiration for me that life is short and we should live it by always treating people genuine and nice.
  2. Be a good mummy to Hayley - cook her nutritious food, spend a lot of time with her, be a good example to her.
  3. Finish reading three books.
  4. Finish using all my facial products by June.