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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hayley @2 months 3 weeks


Our baby Hayley is now almost 3 months old. Baby can fit into her 3-months-old rompers already! I dug out some Carter's 3-month-old sizes that I forgot I had bought... red stripes, red flowers and red dots.

Her papa is going to USA soon, can't wait for him to bring back the cute dresses that I shopped for her. *yays!*

  • gives "genuine" social smiles - from ear-to-ear!
  • babbles when you talk to her
  • 流口水
  • demands your full attention while carrying/nursing her - no looking at your tablet or smartphone!
  • beginning to be aware of her own hands - she looked puzzled when we put her hands in her pocket and she couldn't see her hands anywhere!
  • playing with her own hands - putting her own fingers together, looking at her fingers or putting her fist in her mouth
  • when she doesn't want anymore milk, she pushes away the bottle using her hand or pushes out the teat from her mouth using her tongue

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5th Anniversary

Uh-oh... did a mistake while updating my latest post and washed out this entire one. Garhh now I have to spend time to write it back! 

Time flies, we celebrated our 5th anniversary this year. I tried to search for anniversary postings on my blog for the past five years but to no avail. Can't understand why our anniversary always turns out to become a non-event at the last minute, due to lack of time? Laziness? Or simply can't find any special restaurant to go to? 

Anyway, to note it down:- 
  • 1st anniversary - I was in Korea. 
  • 2nd anniversary - I was in Korea. 
  • 3rd anniversary - Here's one that we celebrated! We went to Via Pre for a cozy dinner and exchanged some gifts. We should really do that every year. 
  • 4th anniversary - We didn't celebrate it since we were going to Singapore a few days later. 
  • 5th anniversary - We had a quick lunch eating charsiew rice and went to eat a piece of anniversary cake at Mon Delice cafe. Just to take some pictures to commemorate our anniversary. 

 Anyway, this year we got our perfect anniversary present - Hayley! Most of the time she is our sweet angel baby but sometimes she can turn out to be a very cocky baby!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hayley's @2 months 1 week - Staying in Popo's House

Little Hayley in her bellflower cap from H&M
Starting from last Tuesday, baby Hayley will be spending her third month at my parents' house. My mom will take care of her. Hopefully she does not cause a fuss at night.

During the second month when I was on maternity leave at my parents' house, I had a hard time taking care of Hayley at night. She refused to sleep from 11pm onwards... sometimes until 3am! And she refused to stop crying even though I tried everything to calm her down... change her diapers, nurse her, sing lullaby, swing her in my arms... I was so tired and lack of sleep. However a magical thing happened - I just handed her over to my mom and she stopped wailing immediately! Wow my mom must have some sort of super-grandmom power. 

When the third month started the situation got better where she moved her fussy time to to 9pm onwards... it was better cos it was at more civilized hours... haha.

This is little Hayley fast asleep in the car, while we were traveling back from Penang to Ipoh. She looks very comfy in her GAP hoodie.

Little Hayley in her GAP hoodie
This is little Hayley's look before she shit-bombed her diapers, while we were stuck in the terrible Menora tunnel end-of-holidays jam on Hari Raya Haji.

Little Hayley in her Carters seahorse romper and pants

We observed a very amusing thing about baby Hayley - she likes to wriggle to the front of her cot/ playpen - like she is a baby Vietcong trying to tunnel her way out of the cot/playpen. When she reaches the edge of her playpen she will turn her head and wriggle somemore until she gets stuck in the corner. Then she will cry cry in frustration that she cannot wriggle to the front somemore. Me and papa find it so funny!

Other than crying cos of thirst/hunger/diaper change, she also likes to give out a large cry for attention when she awakes. "I want you to carry me, NOW!" Hahaha... And when you carry her she doesn't allow you to sit down, you must walk around and rock her in your arms. Great exercise.

Little Hayley in FOS starry romper and H&M "I love Mom & Dad" pants

However papa found out a great way to calm her down - throw her into the Fisher Price rocker (a gift by Uncle Bin Bin) and turn on the vibration! We call it her "massage chair"! And she will give a "Oooh... what's that lovely sensation" look, and sit quietly, enjoying her "massage" and give you some time till you finish your meal/ task at hand.

Little Hayley in her Jungle Girls pyjamas

That's all for baby Hayley updates! Till next time! \:D/

P/S: Baby's weight is now 3.86kg@2 months 1 week. Our pediatrician gave us the thumbs-up, saying that this proves that even underweight babies can be exclusively breastfed successfully! Even though she's still in the lowest 10% percentile, but she's so healthy and active I'm sure that she'll catch up to other babies in no time! *Feeling awesome* 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hayley is 2 months old!

时间过得真快, 两个月的产假, 刷一声就飞过去了。这段时间, 在妈妈家住得很好, 每天都可用很幸福地吃着妈妈煮的菜, 还可以陪妈妈聊天... 真没想到, 离开了家里这么久, 也真只有到了生了孩子过后才可以逗留在家里这么久。产假完了, 有点舍不得妈妈爸爸, 我想, 也只有到生下一胎才可以再次在家里逗留一个月了。

宝宝在家里一段时间, 发生了很多趣事, 例如:

  1. 她原来是个刁蛮的小公主, 睡觉一张开眼就大声喊人来抱她。抱的时候也不可以坐着, 一定要走来走去, 把我们当马车夫了。
  2. 别人的娃娃都哭着找妈妈, 我家的娃娃哭了竟然不是找我, 是要找婆婆! 一转手, 她就立刻收声了。
  3. 她的爸爸有一次隔了五天没看见她, 她竟然忘记了爸爸, 爸爸抱她, 她哭了... 我说, "孩子, 别怕, 这是爸爸, 不是 bangla... haha"
  4. 她很粗鲁, 打哈欠时偶尔会大喊一声, 或者放屁很大声。有一次她睡婆婆的身旁, 然后喊一声大大声, 吓得婆婆以为夹到她了! 原来她是要人抱, 抱起她后脸竟然浮起一抹胜利的微笑! 哈哈...
这段在怡保的时间, 很感激好友们抽空来看我和宝宝... 当中有 Nicholas, Weixuan, Kah Khee, Kit Lai... 其中 Ethan 更是在我家住了一晚, 替我顾宝宝。

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hayley @Day 26 - The Many Cute Faces of Hayley

Baby girl is getting more active now, and is starting to show many cute movements.

On Monday morning, I walked into her room and saw her wide awake playing alone, doing leg-ups.

She was also wide awake for long hours on Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening. I wonder was it that the caffeine from the cafe latte I had from Sunday afternoon had finally gotten to her at last.

People say newborns like to be swaddled to sleep, but our newborn is a different story! Despite her mini size, she doesn't like to be swaddled! If we try to swaddle her in a thin napkin cloth, she will try to wriggle free of it. Our previous confinement lady had already figured this out around baby's second week. She let baby's hands roam free. And baby will do different poses like the big "大字型" pose, or clamping her ears in what her dad calls the "Allahku Akbar" pose, or the "Ultraman" pose. She had also learnt to draw the napkin up to her eyes to shut off the sunlight while she's asleep. She's a strong-minded one, that one! 

Also the unbelievable thing is, we saw her flip from right to left, twice already! And once when I was DL-ing her lying on the bed, I fell asleep and after half an hour I woke to see that she had wriggled close beside me! 

Baby also sometimes like to try to touch my face with her hand. But that's only when she's in like a really good mood... where she'll do the "Hayley face" with the pouty lips, or smile in her sleep. Nowadays she can't fall in a deep sleep and always cries for people to cuddle her to sleep. And when you're doing that she'll quietly open her eyes to sneak a peek that you're still there, and smile contentedly. 

Last but not least, muscles are growing on her arms and she has a double chin now! The government nurses came on Day 23 and checked her weight - 2.7kg! Breastmilk really works wonders! Also the nurse asked whether her dad is Chinese cos Hayley looks so Mat Salleh! The nurse wanted to bring her back... haha.

The "大字型" pose
The "Allahku Akbar" pose

The "Ultraman" pose
P/S: Baby's weight is now 2.7kg

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hayley @Day 15 - 3ml

带了小贝比去小儿科医生那儿复诊, 医生问我们要不要知道贝比生得这么小的原因。要的话就要做两个 check - ultrasound scan of the brain & blood test for TORCH。验血要抽 3ml 的血。
当时有点吓倒, 就忙点头说要。医生说要是将贝比交给 lab 的人抽血, 他们是抽不到的, 她自己来。3ml 的血, 结果贝比哭了好久, 好久...
抽完血之后, 我抱她到楼下做ultrasound scan。她静静地, 眼睛湿湿地看着地上好久好久, 好像在伤心地问: "你们为什么要刺我?~"
我的心好痛, 痛在妈咪保护不了你。
在同一天的下午, 我到妇产科医生那里拆线, 顺便也问她 TORCH test 的事情。她说, 贝比小的原因, 是因为我是典型的妊娠高血压案例。TORCH test, 其实也没必要做。啊~~~ 那贝比不是白白受苦?!
还好, ultrasound brain scan 的结果很好。我也感到放心。
回到家, 贝比因为哭了很久, 很累, 睡了很久。下午六点才醒, 一喝就而喝了 2.5oz 的奶。看着她, 小妞好像一夜之间, 懂事了许多。
P/S: Baby's weight is now 1.94kg

Friday, July 25, 2014

Warrook Cattle Farm

September 2, 2013 
Melbourne - Phillip Island

We woke up early today, excited about traveling to Phillip Island to see the Penguin Parade that night (finally!) But first, we had to make a stop at Warrook Cattle Farm, which is just on the way from Melbourne to Phillip Island. It takes about 1 hour by car from Melbourne to WCF, and another 45 mins from WCF to Phillip Island.

Along the way it was miles and miles of clear blue skies, white clouds and green rolling hills with black cows and wooly white sheep grazing on the grass. A perfect Australian countryside picture. One house to the next was so far, separated by so much farmland, you had to drive. We got a little bit lost using the GPS, but soon we arrived at Warrook Cattle Farm.  

Moo moo cow at entrance to gift shop
Dining area inside the homestead

Warrook Cattle Farm

Warrook Cattle Farm is a cattle and sheep farm on the highway from Melbourne to Phillip Island. The historic homestead was originally settled by the Lyall family in 1857. Visitors can choose to visit the fauna park, or take the farm tour where you can experience farm life activities eg. shearing sheep, milking cows, cracking the stockwhip etc.! Visitors can also opt to have a traditional Australian lunch inside the beautiful homestead.  

We chose to just visit the fauna park, it only cost us a few dollars each.

My first time seeing a real-life, hopping kangaroo! Although to be frank, hubby and I were a little disappointed to see that the kangaroos actually looked like dogs. I was expecting this giant, red-haired creature leaping majestically across the field like in the Tourism Australia logo lol. The kangaroos here were small-sized and pale-colored and they were crawling around on all fours limply like they were in lack of food. :-P We got the chance to feed them some kangaroo food from a bucket. Although they may look tame, their nails are actually quite long and I got scratched by one of the kangaroos. 

While writing this post, it suddenly crossed my mind that if nobody condemns Australians when they eat kangaroos, nobody should condemn Koreans for eating dogs cos actually they are just about the same. Well, just a thought. :-P
Stuart the Wombat

We also met Stuart the Wombat! Wombat is also another marsupial which I had never seen before. It looks like a black baby pig actually minus the snout. We got to feed Stuart some carrots. The keeper cautioned us to be careful while feeding in case Stuart bites our hand. It was scary. I couldn't expect it to be ferocious as it looks so cuddly!  

We took a little time to walk around the fauna park and snap some photos. There was a pond and some waterbirds, and some other animals such as emu, peacock, etc. We didn't greet all of them as we were more excited to see the kangaroos and wombats. 

More of the farm...

Do we look like a farm couple?
The homestead is very beautiful, as well as its surroundings of green, green grass.

Warrook Cattle Farm:
4150 S Gippsland Hwy, Monomeith VIC 3984, Australia
+61 3 5997 1321