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Monday, June 20, 2016

[Baby Diary] Hayley reads flash cards

I feel so sorry to my baby for neglecting to jot down her precious moments for such a long time. I promise I will do it more often.

It's amazing how quick a child learns. In the span of just half a year, she has learnt how to walk, run, speak one word, two words, then form sentences, knows every single nursery rhyme by heart, and can understand almost everything I say to her. And she's not even two years old yet! 

Hayley loves to learn. She'll look at me with those big, yearning eyes, point at her flash cards, and say "card, card". Those flash cards, I think I bought them from some booksale when she was one year old, tried one time to get her to flip through them then forgot all about it till now. We hadn't even rehearsed it and now she knows all the words on every card. She just picked up the knowledge from daily life and applied it when she saw the cards! 

I love her so much, my clever girl. She's gobbling up information as she hungers to learn more and more.


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

[Baby Diary] Shoe Soup Tastes Good

Yesterday we had shoe soup for dinner.

It all began with the bird, a finger toy parrot that doubles as a kookaburra and cuckoo, depending on the song. She threw her bird into her soup bowl first. Then I fished it out and put her on the floor. Then she walked around while we were busy eating and suddenly laughed to herself, no doubt formulating some naughty plan in her head.. Then she walked to me holding her little red shoe. Thinking nothing about it, I just picked her up and sat her on my lap with her holding her shoe. Then she quickly threw the shoe into my soup... The turnip carrot soup which I'd been boiling for an hour!

Believing in the 3-second rule, me and her Papa finished the soup. Now I'm guessing it was either the super-spicy sambal udang or the dirty soup that gave me stomachache the whole night until the next morning... 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[Baby Diary] Morning Kiss

Yesterday before sleep, baby Hayley was scrolling through my phone when she came to this picture of me feeding her...

She looked at the picture and said "nen nen" (she calls me "nen nen") then kissed the screen.

Awwwwwww... *my heart melts delightfully like an icecream"


The next morning when we woke up, she turned to her papa, held his face with one hand, and planted a kiss on his lips. Then she turned to me and did the same.

Soooooo sweet. *love*

Monday, October 26, 2015

[Baby Diary] The Big Bad Pocket Pouch!

I realized that I have been neglecting to record down precious moments of our baby, due to being too busy at work or too tired to blog when at home. 

So, I am starting a new category called "Baby Diary" to capture little snippets of moments with baby Hayley, something that we'll look back in the future and read and laugh together about.

Yesterday, while Skype-ing with my parents, Hayley was busy as usual taking out all the remote controls from the black IKEA FLÖRT remote control pocket pouch attached to the couch. Suddenly her face turned red and she cried! She had stuck her hand into the pocket and could not get it out. She must have thought that the pocket pouch was eating her hand up!

She was still crying after we freed her hand. After that, I acted as though my hand was stuck and the pocket pouch was eating it up. I said, "Hayley, Hayley... help help... save Mama" but she wandered further and further from me while looking at the pouch with a scared face! Guess it's a lost case on that one, ha! :-P

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A very full week

It's that time of the year again where my hubby has to go on his annual pilgrimage to USA. We left our baby with my parents at my hometown, so I enjoyed my freedom at home.

The perfect idea of me staying at home would be: after work, go back home and laze on the couch watching Korean dramas all day, while slurping shin ramyeon and downing the occasional Big Mac. Well, I'm so happy that I did manage to get my perfect time at home this time... hahahahahahahaha! There was a US vistor at my office too, so I had been eating full meals at lunch and even skipped thinking of what to eat for dinner.

Let me jot down what I did for a week, and also comment on some new eateries that I managed to try out.

Monday - Had team lunch at Jawi House, Armenian Street. I ordered a lamb briyani. We also chanced on the BBC Indian Summer film crew doing their production at Armenian Street. But the real surprise for me came when I saw the ink painting of Busan's Haedong Yunggung temple hanging in the art gallery upstairs in the restaurant! Dinner - skipped.

Tuesday - Had project lunch with US visitor at Penmutiara Restaurant, Batu Maung. This restaurant is a favourite for us because of its great halal food and proximity to our office. I love its fish head curry. Dinner - skipped.

Wednesday - Had lunch buffet with US visitor at Maritime Waterfront Hotel. It was a RM19.90 lunch buffet. Nothing much to complain about! Had dinner with fellow friends who studied at Korea, at the newly opened BBQ Chicken Restaurant at Elite Heights. We ordered two and a half chickens for five of us. The Paris-style chicken wings was yum, but the olive oil fried chicken was a miss.

Thursday - Just normal zhap fan lunch for a break. Dinner was Mushroom Chicken Maggi Mee. 

Friday - Ate lunch at Canton-i in Queensbay Mall. Thank God it's Friday! For dinner, my friend and I initially planned to have dinner and cocktails at Mish Mash, Muntri Street, but it was raining cats and dogs and we couldn't get out of the car. So we parked inside Gurney Paragon and ate Johnny Rockets hamburger and famous milkshake. By the time we finished dinner and shopping, the rain had already stopped, so we did go for those cocktails after all!

Saturday - I went back to my hometown for the weekend. Mamas food is the best!

Sunday - I bought some Groupon vouchers so we ate at Ben's TSG Burgers at Ipoh Parade. We took all three flavours - mushroom, fish and beef. The former two tasted quite nice actually but the beef patty was totally falling apart! Very bad. Totally could not compare to Johnny Rockets.

Monday - Hubby is back from USA! We took leave from work and went to watch Everest at Gurney Plaza. After the movie we ate Honeycreme soft serve icecream with honeycomb at Gurney Plaza basement.

Tuesday - Wednesday is a holiday for hubby! We went for a date night cum 6th anniversary celebration at Yella Fork. Hubs ordered a Pie in The Sky while I ordered Porky Choppy. The potato wedges were sooooo good! We topped it off with a Tiger beer and a glass of red wine. It's affordable Australian cuisine... yum! 

8 new restaurants out of 10 restaurants in about a week! That breaks the record, YEAH!!!~

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hayley loves to dance @13m

Wake me up when September ends. 

I like to blog this phrase at the end of September each year. Though this year I'm literally sleepwalking through the days while taking care of a restless baby at night.

On a funnier note, we've realised that our little girl has a talent at dancing! She can identify music very well and whenever she hears any kind of music, she'll start shaking her shoulders and swaying her ass to the tune. She simply lovesssss to dance! She got me cracking up when I saw her swaying to Girls Generation and Sistar's songs on TV the other day.

We attended a wedding dinner at Hotel Equatorial on Saturday. She was all dressed up in a velvet and satin black-and-red dress, looking like a real-life princess doll, regal-looking even! When I showed her how she looked like in the mirror, her face lit up and she immediately stopped crying. At the dinner, it was such a joy to watch her as she swept across the dance floor like she owned it, all the while swaying to the music the wedding singers belted out. 

Our Dearest Daughter,
Pappa and Mamma do not know how long we can hold your hand and dance,
Until your shoulders reach ours,
Until your gaze reaches over our head,
Until one day we start to wilt and tilt, 
Until the day we walk you down the aisle,
And pass your hand to the one you love.
28 years later,
You'll be all grown up,
And dance to the tune of your own royal wedding,
But you'll always be our little precious princess, 
And we'll love you and remember you just as you are right now.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Second house and Hayley walks @13m

Sept 20, the day we got the keys to our second house.

I wanted to take a photo of that memorable moment, but forgot... was too busy chasing our little baby around in the playground opposite the house. :P

For now, we decided to rent it out. Still loving the facilities in our current condo too much to move out... so we're staying put for the time being. Will contemplate again later whether to sell it off or to move in when the kids are older.

Little Hayley has started walking steadily! Nowadays she's very busy walking around the house, peeking at us at the bathroom door when we're showering, walking under the dining table when we're eating, etc. Too busy exploring the world on her two little feet!