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6D5N in Xi'an China

Travel Itinerary (Xi'an China):
Inside Xi'an: 西安城墙 - 钟楼鼓楼 - 回民一条街 - 大雁塔 - 小雁塔 - 大唐芙蓉园 - 大唐不夜城 Outskirts: 临潼秦兵马俑 - 华山 - 西岳庙 - 潼关黄河游览区
Day 1 - Xi'an: We arrived at Xi'an International Airport T3 via AirAsiaX around 11.45pm late night. There were plenty of cabs waiting at the arrival gate. Cab fare to downtown Xi'an was RMB160. We checked-in for three nights at Ibis Hotel Xi'an 和平路成功国际酒店 (4 stars for great location and cleanliness!). 
Day 2 - Xi'an/ Lintong: Had a quick hotel breakfast and set out to explore the city! About 500m away from the hotel was the Hepingmen Gate 和平门 by which we could ascend the ancient city wall. We rented a tandem bike and individual bike for two hours and cycled around. It was a truly memorable experience. After that we walked to South Gate 南门 , crossed the road, and had lunch at the Calligraphy Street 书画院一条街 area. 
After lunch, we took a bus to Railway Station 火车站广场 to take one of the many readily available No.306 buses to see the Ei…

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