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Bradley's Milestones @13m1w

After 3 weeks of not being with our baby Bradley, finally we are back together again as one little family!

In just 3 weeks, he has grown so much. He fell sick while he was at my parents', and each time after that he grows just a little taller. And skinnier now so we have to fatten him up lol. He is still crawling around, which is good cos we don't want to miss his milestone of walking!

Baby Bradley is so very talkative. He loves to communicate to us every thing that he sees! Right now his favourite words are "ball", "kick", "car", "clock", "dong!", "mum mum" (eat) but he can also say words like "door", "light", "off", "chair", "bom bom" (bathe), "da da" (smack), "jie jie" (sister)! I think it's amazing for a 13-month old to be able to understand and communicate so well!

Being a boy, he is a little bit naughty compared to his sister. When I ask h…

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