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Friday, July 29, 2016

[Baby Diary] Cow eats Hay!

Hayley has begun to show her defiant side prior to stepping into her Terrible Twos.

Nowadays, it's "No way!" instead of just plain old "No".
Mom: "Do you want to eat porridge?" 
Hayley: "No way!"
Mom: "Do you want Mama to bathe you?"
Hayley: "No way!"
Mom: "It's time for you to go to bed."
Hayley: "No way!"

And like I mentioned previously, all the clothes picked out by nanny are "not nice!"


Three days ago, out of the blue, she suddenly bit my finger in the car while we were driving home from nanny's place. It wasn't very painful so I ignored it, till it happened again at night. She lifted my nightskirt and bit me on the thigh! Just like SJ's bunny which bit me on the thigh too a good many years ago. 

I yelled out loud, it was such a pain, and she cried. 
I asked her, in between tears, "Hayley, are you a crocodile? Why did you bite Mama?"
She nodded and said "Yes. (I'm) Hayley-dile."

I didn't know whether to cry or laugh hearing that!

Another funny incident happened while she was watching TV. The narrator said, "This is a cow. Cows eat grass and hay." She thought "hay = Hay" cos she has been referring to herself (Hay) in short-form lately. She thought the tame old cow was gonna eat her! Hahaha my goodness! Can't wait to see what's yet to come from the second year onwards!

Monday, July 18, 2016

[Baby Diary] Cute interjections

Hayley has been learning so many words and expressions from the children's shows she watches on YouTube. The way she uses interjections are particularly adorable and funny!

When she accidentally drops something on the floor she'll put her hand to her mouth, look at me with her big eyes and cautious expression and say "Oh no!" This has progressed from when she used to say "No no" as a baby.

Sometimes, she'll say "Oops." or "Uh-oh!"

Yesterday, she picked up a new word "A-ha!" while I was reading to her. She looked gleeful and kept practicing the expression over and over again.

She's so funny when she sees something she likes and says, "Oh, nice!" When she turns her nose up at something, like when I pick out a dress she doesn't like anymore, she'll say matter-of-factly, "Not nice."

When she's enjoying herself she'll say, "Oh, fun!"

And yesterday, she spritzed my L'occitane perfume all over her face and said, "Smells good!"

Monday, July 11, 2016

[Baby Diary] Things Hayley says at 23mo

This post is about things that Hayley says.

Hayley has spent one week bonding with her daddy while mommy was away in Europe. Every morning when she woke up she would ask for mama "Mama? Mama? Mama?" When papa asked her, "Where is mama?" She said, "Mama sit big airplane, flyyyyy..." Papa asked, "How long?" She said, "Six nights." When papa fetched her to babysitter, she said "Papa drive Hayley in mama's big car." Amazing feat for a 23mo to be able to form a 7-word sentence, don't you think? :-D

Hubby told me she was veryyyyy manja with him while I was away. And when I got home, she opened her arms wide and said, "Ma hug Hayley", looked up with her big round eyes and said "big bus". OMG she has been asking me to sing "Wheels on the bus" every single day for a few weeks and she still hasn't got over the song after I came back from my trip. Her favorite part is "the baby on the bus goes..." And she'll do a fake wail like she's the baby "waa waa waaaaa waa waa waaaaa" and "the mama on the bus goes..." And she'll go "shh shh shhhhhh" hahahaha.

Hayley spent a few days in Melaka over the Raya holidays and also celebrated her second birthday with both sides of the grandparents present. She can say "Papa, mama, gong gong, popo, jiu jiu (my brother), che che (his brother)" but still can't pronounce grandpa and grandma yet. She said "papa drive che che's car." And my brother told me that she said to him "You, go there, byeee", so naughty!

She loves to play with the family cat, Ginger. She'll greet the cat ever so politely, "Hello, Cat", "Bye, Cat", "Come here, Cat", and gingerly touch the cat with one finger. When grandma asked her, what is cat doing? She said "cat eat."

She can also do a little bit of counting along with us. "One two (three) four five six (seven) eight (nine) ten" with the ones in brackets spoken by us. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

[Baby Diary] Hayley reads flash cards

I feel so sorry to my baby for neglecting to jot down her precious moments for such a long time. I promise I will do it more often.

It's amazing how quick a child learns. In the span of just half a year, she has learnt how to walk, run, speak one word, two words, then form sentences, knows every single nursery rhyme by heart, and can understand almost everything I say to her. And she's not even two years old yet! 

Hayley loves to learn. She'll look at me with those big, yearning eyes, point at her flash cards, and say "card, card". Those flash cards, I think I bought them from some booksale when she was one year old, tried one time to get her to flip through them then forgot all about it till now. We hadn't even rehearsed it and now she knows all the words on every card. She just picked up the knowledge from daily life and applied it when she saw the cards! 

I love her so much, my clever girl. She's gobbling up information as she hungers to learn more and more.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

[Baby Diary] Shoe Soup Tastes Good

Yesterday we had shoe soup for dinner.

It all began with the bird, a finger toy parrot that doubles as a kookaburra and cuckoo, depending on the song. She threw her bird into her soup bowl first. Then I fished it out and put her on the floor. Then she walked around while we were busy eating and suddenly laughed to herself, no doubt formulating some naughty plan in her head.. Then she walked to me holding her little red shoe. Thinking nothing about it, I just picked her up and sat her on my lap with her holding her shoe. Then she quickly threw the shoe into my soup... The turnip carrot soup which I'd been boiling for an hour!

Believing in the 3-second rule, me and her Papa finished the soup. Now I'm guessing it was either the super-spicy sambal udang or the dirty soup that gave me stomachache the whole night until the next morning... 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[Baby Diary] Morning Kiss

Yesterday before sleep, baby Hayley was scrolling through my phone when she came to this picture of me feeding her...

She looked at the picture and said "nen nen" (she calls me "nen nen") then kissed the screen.

Awwwwwww... *my heart melts delightfully like an icecream"


The next morning when we woke up, she turned to her papa, held his face with one hand, and planted a kiss on his lips. Then she turned to me and did the same.

Soooooo sweet. *love*

Monday, October 26, 2015

[Baby Diary] The Big Bad Pocket Pouch!

I realized that I have been neglecting to record down precious moments of our baby, due to being too busy at work or too tired to blog when at home. 

So, I am starting a new category called "Baby Diary" to capture little snippets of moments with baby Hayley, something that we'll look back in the future and read and laugh together about.

Yesterday, while Skype-ing with my parents, Hayley was busy as usual taking out all the remote controls from the black IKEA FLÖRT remote control pocket pouch attached to the couch. Suddenly her face turned red and she cried! She had stuck her hand into the pocket and could not get it out. She must have thought that the pocket pouch was eating her hand up!

She was still crying after we freed her hand. After that, I acted as though my hand was stuck and the pocket pouch was eating it up. I said, "Hayley, Hayley... help help... save Mama" but she wandered further and further from me while looking at the pouch with a scared face! Guess it's a lost case on that one, ha! :-P