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Mount John, New Zealand South Island

If I could
have one more chance
to hold you in my arms

On top of the world
where earth meets sky
where the clouds soar away in mindless flight
leaving the skies in reflection blue
dizzying down to the azure lake

As I gasp in awe
of the endless mountain range
we are buried deep in our thoughts
beneath the snow
beneath the frosty covered layers of ice
there lies a small golden flower
that gives me hope

If I could
you know I would

                     - Mount John, 10 July 2017

Mount John University Observatory, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand South Island
I was not prepared for this view at all. 
As our car drove up the winding, narrow, private access road, I felt the familiar feeling of panic sweep over me. I always panic whenever we travel up really steep inclines. I worry that the gears or something might fail, and we might slip and fall, arms and legs flailing, over the snowy banks and lie mangled and crushed in the ice below. But I shook away my morbid thoughts and in a short moment, we we…

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