Beautiful Saturday

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, notwithstanding all the stress I'm going thru with my FYP and stuff! I believe that the lesson I was taught yesterday was really put to use. Good use!

During the sharing session for camp counsellors yesterday night, Ms. Choo gave us a lesson on how to motivate ourselves, using our subconscious mind, and by speaking to ourselves with a gentle pat on the heart.

Pat yourselves on the left chest where your heart is and speak gently, as to a child:

"Good job. Good job done."

Then tell youself, "I am a good learner. I CAN do it. I CAN do it."

Repeat if necessary.

At first, I thought it was kinda weird, cos I didn't think my subconscious state of mind totally responded to this weird attention and "care" suddenly directed to it by its owner. Hehee. Maybe I should start to love myself more and speak more encouraging words to my heart on a more frequent basis.

One most important thing that Ms. Choo mentioned was, "Don't always tell youself that you are fatigued, that you have the worst luck in the world... get rid of those negative remarks! If you speak positively to youself, you WILL become more positive!!"

"Find time, not I'm busy!!... and believe it or not, you WILL find time!"

And this is what happened to me this Saturday morning, i woke up at 10, cheery and productive, even though I slept at 4am last night. Great!!!

I'm going to do one more positive thing to myself. Keep recording all the POSITIVE things that happened to me in this new blog of mine... and try to learn each positive feeling one day at a time. :)


JiNz said…
It's always a pleasant surprise to see familiar faces in blogsphere..And i count my blessing to have met u here. :) Hv a prosperous year ahead, mate!

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