Cool Treatment...

Went to FSBM today to get my cheque.

The company itself stands alone at a nice part of Cyberjaya, overlooking the barren spots where no other buildings yet stand. With its background against the blue afternoon skies, and where yellow grass (weeds) beside it topple and bow to the passing winds, it kind of projects a futuristic yet distant image (e.g. Mansion on The Hill) to us students. The roads circling the building make it further look like a castle encircled by a moat, where passerbys wonder how it functions but yet have no reason to wander yonder.

But because of my job, I have had the opportunity to wander there twice.

Starting from the first year of MESCORP where FSBM was one of the main sponsors, I have always wondered what actually the company does. But what I have wondered most, is how the interior of such a modern-looking building would turn out like, and how the people working inside it would be like.

The interior turned out somehow to be like what I pictured, cool and minimalist like its exterior design, with glass windows looking out to a man-made garden with fake hills and waterfall, a big blue aquarium with menacing-looking fish swimming inside, and a few rattan chairs and tables sprinkled across the waiting lounge for visitors.

And not to mention, a bored-looking receptionist at the front desk.

I mean, what is it with companies hiring bored/ sour/ unfriendly-looking receptionists to sit (while reading a novel) at the front desk? And especially a big company which caters to many global clients too? It kind of defeats the purpose of "reception", where these girls/ladies sitting at the front desk ought to bear the responsibility of extending a warm welcome to its visitors and to project a warm first impression for those who are new to the company.

It's like, okay, I know we look like students, but shouldn't there be a warm greeting "Hello, Miss, how may I help you?" or at least a smile to cheer up the mood? During my previous visit the lady receptionist even snapped at me and sized me down with a boring look! What is that?! I can't help but remember my experience in one of the telcos in South Korea, where receptionists had to stand on shifts rather than sit at the front desk. And strategically placed, their receptionists were always smiling and keen to accomodate any enquiry of the visitors, and not to mention, they were eye candies too! (Yep, a guy receptionist!)

Sigh! Don't talk about CERIA public sector servants... even the private sector doesn't know when to offer politeness and respect for its own staff these days... *rolls eyes~


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