Dang it...!

You know sometimes I really hate people who just have to argue their way out of everything. Doesn't matter if others have their own two cents to say, doesn't matter that people just don't feel the same way. They just have to disregard and shut off the opinions of others from their retarded, closed-door-policy little world.

It's damn frustrating to even listen to two people argue, with one of them trying to shout and shout and shout their words into the other's ear... and it's 10 times more disheartening to learn that you don't even get to speak what you are entitled to say... just because him/her has had that tad more of "different" experience than you do or that he/she thinks that he/she has a higher IQ than you do.

Well you know what? I don't care. Some people just do NOT have the diplomacy to let a girl speak her thoughts. Sucks... it leaves a distaste in my mouth even it was a few days ago~

Hey man! Not everybody is born to think the same way as you do. You might be Superman, Einstein or Linda Evangelista for all I care, but there are millions and zillions of others who might not think the same as you... and please respect the opinions of others, however great you think you might be.


Lichard said…
where's my book?
zul.bigo said…
gal is meant to take care.. be nice to gal... listen to their words and u'll learn something new.. coz they always have something to say :D

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