At USM, Main Campus, Penang

I'm at USM!

Reached here yesterday at 7.30pm by tagging along with Wee Ni who drove all the way back to Penang from Cyberjaya. What a heck of a good driver! *Thanks Wee Ni~

I shall be putting up a few nights at Kah Khee's place during my stayover at Penang... boy, am I gonna have a good time here...!

Today, I went to the USM library to study for my job interview tomorrow while KK went to her Communications Lab to work on her USM campus magazine, Berita Kampus. Not unlike the Tun Razak and other state-owned libraries, the outlook and interior of the USM library building was almost the same, with yellowish walls and floors, brownish shelves, and a waft of medicine (book?) smell in the air... kinda looked like a hospital, that explains the medicine smell.

But what the USM library boasts of, is having an AUDIO room! And no ordinary Audio room it was, kinda like a music lounge with blue sofas and racks of CDs on the wall, with a male singer (forgot who it was, think it was Michael Jackson with one of his slow songs) crooning in the air. According to KK, it was a place that students could study while playing their favourite CD. Now, how COOL can that get?!

Imagine listening to Michael Buble surround-sound live while poring over your books with a boiling pot of coffee on the study desk. What an afternoon!

And Khoon Hau said USM library was 'baliah'. Well, to an extent, but USM library has got 3 stories and more books as compared to our MMU library! Now how 'baliah' can that get?! It's even got a 'penasihat pembaca' and many staff walking around the library... while MMU has them all sitting comfy at the helpdesk while playing games on the computer.

Okie, gotta go for dinner now~ it's gonna be at TIGER's... maybe they serve tiger meat there or even might be a tiger stripclub featuring hot USM chicks. Haha...


zul.bigo said…
you should visit UTP's Library but after all, i like kinokuniya! haha.. as if kinokuniya become a library...i will sit there for nite and day :D

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