Interview in Intel

Ever since the start of this year, I've been starting to feel a little bit grown up lately.

And with two interviews in Intel... I can easily feel the pressure of a mature person all grown up and attending job interviews and worrying the whole night before. (Grow UP! Grow UP!)

It did NOT go well today.

Sigh. I now think I have only a 40/60 chance of getting in Intel... 60% being the possibility that I might have to try harder next time/ apply for another company/ forget about getting into Intel.

Does INTEL INSIDE mean that everyone inside is intelligent like hell? Possibly yes! Cos the answers they asked me were tough like hell~~~ Or maybe I just wasn't prepared enough... no matter how much I studied the day before. It was like... they asked me on Digital Logic Design stuff, at first I did okay, but when they asked me to design using NAND gates, I was suddenly too anxious that I forgot! And when I came home and tried it again, I got the answer! Man!!! :(( And I totally knew how to write a simple C program, but when he asked me next how was the algorithm to retrieve the name of a person from a database of students, I was like... UHHH... but at last I did mutter something but I didn't know whether it registered on the fellow.

Then it suddenly hit me. I wasn't going for a general interview, I was attending a JOB/POST interview!

God... I am so so so screwed this time around. I really don't think my chances are high compared to others with good technical knowledge and good results... it is at THIS time I start to doubt my choice during first year... between society/studies~ but regrets should not come now.

Like what I told the interviewers, I will only try now to improve my techincal knowledge and prepare myself for whatever training they will put me through. :)

One good part of today was, I saw Mr. Stripe again! Infatuation, infatuation!!! "Am I too late?" If I get into Intel, it will be fate. If not, I will be truly late.


libelly said…
let me know if u really want to go into intel...may be *someone* can help:P
iplaywithheart said…
Intel cannot .. then try other companies loh ... haha

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