No Cruelty To Animals!

This is such an outrage!!!

Page 3 of The Star (Nation) reported "RM100 Fine for Dog Abuse" by a 46-year old engineer, Douglas Lien San Chong, for purportedly neglecting his German Shephard and letting its health deteriorate while its body was infested with ticks.

Sheena, the dog, was suffering from malnutrition and severe tick fever. Vets tried saving the dog but to no avail. So it was put to sleep. The dog's post-mortem showed that the dog had an empty stomach, shrunken kidneys, a brittle ribcage, and haemorrhage in its lungs.

And Lien had the guts to say "the dog was old and sickly anyway".

I mean, what the hell is this?! Only a RM100 fine? The engineer should be slapped with a RM1000 fine for treating an animal like this!!! According to The Star, the highest fine for cruelty to animals is RM200.

This is too outrageous and I simply cannot come to the terms with the fact that this man is being grossly underfined for his cruel and unkind act towards his dog.

If you didn't even want it in the first place, why rear it and keep it as your pet?! I think the dog would be better off on the streets than rotting in your nice little apartment/house anyway! And it has now been put to sleep!!! I mean, do you even have a heart?!

I cannot imagine why people have the conscience to do things like this. Maybe the reason was because he was too busy and overlooked the poor dog, or maybe he simply did not care. As a reminder, pets are YOUR responsibility to look after and love and take care for the rest of your life! Yeah, and the same goes to your spouse. I can see the guy treating the dog bad or bashing up the wife, but I simply cannot see the guy mistreating or banging up his own CAR!

Please remember, we are NOT God and do NOT have the power to rule over other beings. Sure I eat chicken and ducks and fish and pork and all that... but I am speaking in terms of PETS. They are your pets for God's sake. Don't you even have an emotional connection with them?

Geez, the article I just read just makes me wanna rush back home to Ipoh and hug my dog dearly. I hope that it will never ever runaway again and be captured by an evil man such as Douglas Lien San Chong.


MRmOOn^ said…
On behalf of my August (which is my puppy), i would like to voice out our disappointment on this dog's owner....hehe....

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