To A Weekend of Friendship

I am bored! And hungry! All on a late Monday working-day afternoon.

No, I haven't got the Monday blues just yet... but one week of industrial training has really opened my eyes to the working world.

On Saturday, I woke up at 8am AUTOMATICALLY in Cyberjaya. I rubbed my eyes, looked at my Swatch, and grumpily decided to treat myself to a good sleep until 10am.

Afterall, I had a heck of a GREAT scrumptious dinner with my CUTE AND FUNNY A2-7-7 housemates the night before! Crabs, crabs and more crabs!!! We had salty egg yolk crab, baked cheese crab, XO pork, and I forgot what else~ I just remember the taste of the crabs... so NICE!!! Yummy~ After that we headed to 1 Utama to watch Transporter 2 (if you're reading this please don't go watch that stupid 1 1/2 hour movie)

I love my housemates!!! They're such a warm and funny bunch... WS, Berry, Meng Hui, Fei Leng and WS's date for the night, Julie~ Felt so warm and fuzzy inside just hanging out with them... and I almost rolled around with tears in my eyes after seeing Meng Hui's new COOL Cyber-shades! Wahahahahaha~

And on Saturday, I took a bus out to Midvalley to meet up with Nic, Hau, Jiakai and KwangChoo! After a round of Sushi King and laughing and shopping... I ended up buying nothing. Nil. Zero. Nada. Which was surprising, especially to the guys, and myself. But I have too many clothes and I guess I won't be needing any at the moment... teeheehee~

Well, I just feel now that a WORKING MONDAY is nothing compared to having the company of good friends to look forward to during the weekend.

And this post is specially dedicated to each of my WONDERFUL friends who make each week easier to get through... and YES that means you too :-X


Anonymous said…
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Lichard said…
CC, C+, Li Wei, Kelly, Ah Teck the Great and yours truly also in MV o that Saturday...

and Mdm. Kwan poisoned us ...

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