Yesterday was my First Day of Industrial Training

Thus began a new chapter of my life --> Internship at Damansara Heights!

To kick off yesterday, I battled a total flurry of transportation madness to reach my company, ENT Quest (View the company site at ). Here's a brief note of how MAD KL traffic can get:

1. Uncle dropped me off at around 7.00am in front of shoplots before The Curve, waited for Metro 99 to come.
2. Took Metro 99 (squeezed like a can of sardines) to Asia Jaya LRT.
3. Took LRT to Bangsar.
4. Took 908B feeder bus at Bangsar and landed straight *plop* on the entrance of Wisma E&C, Lorong Dungun Kiri at Damansara Heights at 9.00am sharp.

Man!!! Did you realize it took me almost 2 hours to get here? Not mentioning I had to get up one hour earlier to prepare myself.

But today, everything's changed! My boss (KY Lam, handsome Manager) asked colleague (Swee Swee, QSA leader, nice lady) to fetch me on her way to and from home! I'm so grateful to both of them!

The manager also gave me the server computer to use (since the other computer I was supposed to use was out of order), and I got to take the AXIA (World's SMALLEST PDAphone) back home!

Xwei : Where to keep the phone?
SS : After work, you get to treat this as your own phone-lorr!
Xwei : Wahhh!!!

Hehe. So this is just an example how GOOD some workplaces can get.

Despite my cold and fever last night. Heheh. So here's hoping I get better and get to blog more on my job. For now, I get to play around and test out the phone and its applications.

Signing off!

P/S: Just saw the MOST zha-dao thing in front of The Curve just now. While I was waiting for SS, I saw two security guards conversing in Mandarin. Nevermind this, one was an Indian male guard, and the other a Malay lady! Wow... and the Indian guy knew how to spew bad words too. Hahaha!


Anonymous said…
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Lichard said…
PDAphone neh?
I work for sooooo long.... I don't even have a free online account.... sob sob...

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