Disaster in the Toilet!

WARNING: 18PL - Not for the faint-hearted

Just as I thought today was going to be another uneventful day... something out of the BLUE happened at the watery hole.

As I walked into the first cubicle, I saw the toilet paper roll empty. So, like any normal person, I proceeded on to the second cubicle next to it where it was equipped with a nice chunky roll of toilet paper. WRONG CHOICE.

I was just completing my business (where else, in the TOILET-lah), when I turned on the water hose and was cleaning up after, while suddenly WHOOSH!!! an enormous gush of water started shooting out at 250km/hour speed at me! OUCH!

So I tried to turn the hose off but however I tried with all my might, the hose would NOT-TURN-OFF!!! It was like the water pipe had suddenly decided to take on a life of its own and started spraying around like a giant water snake... into the water hole where I could already see yellow stuff spiralling round-and-round into the whirlpool which the water hole was becoming.


Blissfully, the toilet flush too started to take on a life of its own and flushed the yellow poopoo down by itself. Thank the Lord!

After a while... I was still standing there in my, uh, you-don't-wanna-imagine stance, whilst holding the water hose. I HAD to get it to stop! But NO! I was still fighting the demon steel water snake while it was still getting the upper hand of me.

Think!! Faster think!!

Since the yellow poo was gone, I decided to leave the water hose as it was and quietly tiptoe away as if nothing had ever happend in Cubicle No. 2. So I snuck it in the water hole... but the evil metal fought back, refusing to go down! So I pushed it deeper into the hole (eeu, sounds wrong), deeper, deeper, when AT LAST! I managed to coax it to lie there, still gushing water at 250km/hour... while I pulled up my skirt and rushed out the door.

I burst into the office and told my colleagues... cos I didn't know how to close the main pipe. But it was like no one was partially interested in my story. So I guess the water is still gushing and gushing now.

Don't blame me for causing water crisis in KL, why isn't there any plumber around! Hopefully the cleaning lady will come earlier today and discover the running hose. Or hopefully it will go back to normal and die off by itself (I did turn the hose to full OFF).

So for the rest of my office life, I shall never leave the comfort of Cubicle No.1 anymore, where the hose there lies quietly and peacefully like a young horse grazing in the field.


zul.bigo said…
plumping is part of ur training? hehe.. anyway...eeuuu.... tell everyone what color is thing hahahaha... [-x now i am thinking... why i willing to read 18PL thing... kena insaf... haha
HuiMian said…
well... just be thankful that water hose didn't decide to shot you to "death", :P
Lichard said…
a powerful water hose with fierce torrent versus a toilet bowl... somehow it's not 18PL ... kinda 18SX though...
iplaywithheart said…
i duwan to imagine that situation .. anyway wish u best of luck for the rest of ur training life !!

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