Of Abortion & Premarital Sex- Part I

I got an unexpected message from a friend who is studying Down Under the other day. Seems that she and her boyfriend got "down under" without protection(!!), and now she's afraid that she might be PREGNANT.

Silly, silly! Why didn't you do birth control in the first place?
Why have sex in the first place? (But that's a later issue...)

I, for one, who has had *ZERO experience in this abortion/pregnancy area... was at a loss on how to advise my very good friend.

"So what are you gonna do about it... that is, IF you are really pregnant?"
"I don't want a child now. I'll abort."

What was I to say, "Good choice?"

For my case, I guess I would have chosen to do the same. Not to say that it is a choice to be proud of. After all it does mean killing your own flesh n blood, and no matter what the pro-abortion rights people think, I do believe that life does begin at the time of pregnancy (I think it's called a blastocyst, whatever).

Throughout my adolescence, because of heavy influence from HK dramas and daily reportings in the newspapers, I have, sometimes, thought about what I would do in case of accidental pregnancy. Would I abort? Or would I bravely face the wrath of my parents and insist to carry the child whilst still attending school at the same time to get my SPM cert? At those times, I guess, it would be a utter disgrace for anyone to have a child while still in secondary school!

But what about now? Barely half a year more before graduation. What if I had a child now? Would it hamper my chance to be a successful career woman in the future? I guess I totally would have to get married with the guy who was so-eager-but-too-stupid-not-to-wear-a-condom who did this to me in the first place. Then what? Neither of us would have been prepared for this: no house, no career, no MONEY!!! (Unless it's a rich kid who would be more than happy to take responsibility for it) And I guess, no support from my relatives and parents too... at least not just yet. I guess it would still be a disgrace for me to get knocked up in my last year at university, not to say casual/ premarital sex with a guy, without my parents' knowledge!

Would I still think of abortion?

Sadly, my answer is still yes. Call me selfish, call me unkind, call me a cruel, cold-blooded murderer, whatever. I think I couldn't resist living with all the humiliation and anger sure to be channelled to me from all directions. This is life.

But perhaps, just perhaps, you would never know I just might change my mind when I'm really in the picture.

And on a good note : My friend did THE test, and found out it was a fake alarm after all.

* By this I mean ZERO experience, because none of my surrounding friends have had children yet OR wanna take out a living child from her womb.


Anonymous said…
dont they know how to do menstrual math?
jq said…
i think not so easy to get pregnant gua ? according to Bio .. 1 month only have 3 days which is possible
Anonymous said…
jz put on a damn condom lar guys & gals don't so stupid let the guy have you if he's not wearing a condom.
gim said…
Why are kids still so ignorant? There are such things called morning-after pill - to be taken within 24 hours of intercause. Available at your local pharmacies.
Anonymous said…
heh, i had sex with my gf all the time but she's not pregnant, be smart with the dates. best time to @# : 7-10 days after period.

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