Some People Just Get So Lucky...

Like Michelle Leslie (pic-left).

She is 24, blessed with a pretty face, looks good in anything including bodypaint/burqa, has a millionaire boyfriend Scott Sutton, works as a catwalk/underwear model, AND was recently released from 3 months of prison for possesion of 2 Ecstasy pills in her Gucci handbag at a Bali nightclub.

These people get so lucky!

Not to mention she even got frontpage pics on a newspaper that isn't even in the country that imprisoned her, nor her birthplace, nor her residential country, nor has anything to do with the underwear label that she is currently modelling.

Come to think of it, Antz Pantz hasn't ditched their contract with her not just yet, unlike what Chanel did to Kate Moss after she pulled her cocaine stunt. And there are dozens of magazines and tabloids out there offering millions for her story.

Now that's what's called Downright Celebrity.


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