Blessed Day!~

Wahahhaha... I can't wait to record today's happenings in my blog!

Today, after lazing a while in my bed, I woke at 8am and hurriedly brushed teeth, bathed and got dressed, then walked out to catch the bus to Midvalley, coz Dad asked me to go redeem the Elba DVD player for 7,900 Bonuslink points at the Midvalley Exhibition Centre. Okok I know, what's a DVD player to you? But excuse me, my house don't have one yet.

At 9.38am, I reached MV and found to my surprise, a long line of kiasu-ppl standing in line at the entrance, waiting to pounce in and get their gifts. (I'm not kiasu, but my Dad is, cos he asked me to "go early early, before ppl snatch all the stuff, u know?") Haha, bad daughter :P To my surprise, I was among the first 100 to be in line.

When it reached 10am, the big gate opened and I made a bee-line straight for the Elba counter, and was the second to get the DVD player. Wow, now THAT was easy :P And I thought there was gonna be a huge brawl for the 800 units there. Especially when Hannah Tan (so pretty!) said that EVERYONE was asking about the DVD player. Wakakaka. #Blessing No. 1

#Blessing No. 2 - Got to see Hannah Tan in person, u know, always hear ppl say Hannah Tan Hannah Tan but never really saw her before...

I was also looking to buy some NH DetoxSlim products, cos I'd been feeling a little bloated lately... and wanted to, well, expell some of the toxins in my body... wahahah. Then I passed the Lou Hong Ka store in the Bonuslink ring, and they gave me 2 packets of HappyGo, free!!! And also a free Lipid Profile, worth RM40 at PathLab! So, #Blessings No. 3 and 4.

Wahahaha... like si lai, get so excited after so many free gifts... kakakakaka

Then the other important agenda in the day was to meet Ling Siew, who's back in Msia for 3 weeks, whom I haven't met for 3-4 years, since we ate KFC in Jusco, Ipoh when I was in my Alpha year... (I think)

But my handphone went dead, and she couldn't contact me, and I didn't memorize her number, but I saw her arriving at the North Court just when I stepped out from Jusco! Now is that a coincidence or what?! #Blessing No. 5!

And we had a long long chat at Kim Gary's, which was kinda uplifting and enlightening, because of the fact that she has had so much more experience in that other side of the world (UK), like comparing the different job market/requirements in London and Malaysia, London being a financial hub and thus needing more finance workers and Malaysia, not being one, thus resulting in less vacancies for finance/banking graduates and lower salaries~ Plus I found out that a fresh-grad business analyst over in UK is bound to get 2,500 POUNDS per month (*GASP imagine converting that into RM!!!), but as she said, don't convert, as food there costs 4 pounds average per meal (similar to Msia standards) and rental there costs a minimum of 150 pounds PER WEEK (equals to 600 pounds per month!!!) WOW! Luckily I didn't burden my dad by going to study in UK...

We also compared job-hunting and interviews, and while I thought my Intel interview was tedious, she told me she had to get through 3 rounds of interviews just for INTERNSHIP placement, and 2 rounds of interviews to get her contract next year (including a phone interview, 2 more group interviews, 2 business presentations and 1 round of SCRABBLE!). *Phew~ congrats to her that she scooped the job anyway~ Go girl!

After that I was at a loss at where to find that heck of a card holder for Nic's birthday... (Walao I thought when I asked him "What do you want for your birthday?", I thought he would reply me sweetly with an "Anything also I like!"... no, instead he had to give me a challenge of finding a nice card holder in NOT-TRENDY Msia. You think Taiwan meh??) But Ling Siew's sister just bought one the other day from Jusco, so I knew in a jiffy where to get the best present! Wakakakaka... such a breeze, and it's really nice! ;) #Blessing No.6

At 3.30pm we decided to call it a day and go home... she took a cab while I waited for a bus. One Metro 99 came and went, another one so, while the sky was getting darker and darker as rain clouds were approaching. I got up and asked a girl, and the young cool Malay dude behind me said, "You better go to North Court if you want to catch a bus." I was... "@!$#@!^%$#!!! This isn't North Court!?!?!??!" and I ran and ran for my dear life from South back to North, carrying all my shopping + DVD player, while praying "God, please don't rain yet, bus please don't come yet!!!"

And Thank The Lord! The bus was waiting for me at the North Court entrance! And it was just starting to drizzle! Got on the bus in time! Clap hands~ #Blessing No. 7.

And like I said before, I was carrying all those things and like the clumsy person I am, bumped into a old Malay guy who was seated on the bus. And halfway through the ride, the OLD Malay guy stood up and offered me a seat! SO SO SO SO KIND! Old man offer me seat! Must've been because I always offer seats to old ppl on LRT+bus... wahahhaa... a good deed in return! #Blessing No.8

Lastly, my aunt boiled too much dong sum soup, and I drank 3 bowls of it!!! *Slurppppp #Blessing No.9

Wakakakaka... well this day is just full of #Blessings... you may think that this sounds like a "flow water entry", but really, Blessings do come in little little surprises, and when you least know it, it comes as a Blessing In Disguise. Thank You Lord! #Blessing No.10!


KellyGan said…
Hehe..As you know, God always fair to everyone.So your DAILY clumsiness at least got some return.You cannot be clumsy everyday,must rest for one day.Contact me when you see this message,I have been looking for you for years.
weixuan said…
nice day you have there ;)
libelly said…
hey what a nice day u have~
Lincoln said…
Wow, talk about counting your blessings! :P

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