Just saw a very bo liao (mou liu) thing in my mail just now:

I'm being Christmas-tagged!

By Hongie!

This is actually the first time I've been tagged in my blog... luckily its a short one and not those stupid tags like "Who's sitting next to you?" or "What color panties do you wear based on your day?"

I know, @_@ ain't it... hahah

How you play it: First say who you want your Santa to be, then what you want as your Christmas gift, then your friends who have been tagged, and go to their blog to inform them that they've been tagged. Hehe.

So here goes:

Christmas- Tag

Your Santa Claus: Hongie!

Christmas Gift #1: A real, White Christmas in the snow...
Christmas Gift #2: A beautifully decorated IKEA home for me and my family... (I'm greedy so I want 2 Christmas Gifts :P)

Tagged friends: Zhiwei! Libelly! Lichard!


Lichard said…
How many christmas gifts o?
abeautifulmind said…
Eh no lah... the santa is the one who tagged you la... refer to hong's or my blog for the info la... aiks... not beautiful already :p
libelly said…
Merry Xmas!~

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