In the Mood for some High-Flyin'

Wow I can't believe it! 4 tickets at *zero airfare to Macau next year!!! What a BIG FROG leaping around on the street!

*Taxes and fees not counted

Was incredibly ecstatic when I saw the PAYMENT CONFIRMED appear on the screen this morning. You know, with all the congested servers and people keep logging on during office hours... this was really a hard/ lucky get (esp. first time since I've never gotten anything online for FREE before...)

Albeit... feeling a bit worried that spending 4 days and 3 nights there might not be enough for us (parents, me and brother) to travel around HK island in a relaxed mode.

Plus, mom did not do anything to lighten my mood when she exclaimed "So EXPENSIVE!!" about the airport tax and fees, amounting to RM772. Guess I should have told her I'm paying for this trip :P

Really, AIR ASIA -- Now Everyone Can Fly!

Plus, I ate a SUBWAY sandwich for lunch just now at the newly-opened outlet at Wisma UOA, Damansara Heights.

That's the Turkey Breast and Ham sandwich.

Simply scrumptious!

Plus its under 6 grams of fat! And VERY FRESH too! I can still remember the first time I ate a Subway sandwich in MMU three years back... until now, I could still feel the fresh smell of lettuce and tomatoes, and delicious lean and tender sliced turkey breast and smokey sliced ham all captured in one terrific sandwich.


Really, SUBWAY -- Eat Fresh!


On another note, today would really have been flyin' high if not for a dumbass who's so terribly inconsiderate and ungentlemanly;

and if I had been focused enough on my work to not have left that stupid SIM card inside the phone...

Up, up and away!~


libelly said…
wow...u manage to get 4 seats? my colleague a very much crazy on this free flight like 'lumba kuda', some of them even book for 2 destination. hey ....dun forget to buy me pressie oh :">
abeautifulmind said…
Wah... congrates!!
Jace said…
seems like many ppl going to macau ler ... anyway .. the free seat is for all flight to any destination ...

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