Stoned... Almost

Stoned stoned stoned... how does a girl get drunk on her own? Must've been the loneliness, must've been the need to get a little bit drunk, must've been the whole GROWN-UP atmosphere, you know, holding a glass of red wine outside with your colleagues and all~

It's a long time since I've been stoned since that outing with the MESCORPians, but after red wine, French white wine and a full glass of Black Label at the Tenant's Party... whoop Pardon Me(!!) but I do feel a little bit dizzy walking unbalanced...

As for you guys who didn't know, Wisma E&C had this really great Tenant's Party where they had 10 roasted lambs (mutton is great!!!), lots-and-lots of satays, great sambal sotong, scrumptious chocolate mousse cake etc etc... not mentioning free flow of booze! Wow the rental must be really really expensive for them to throw such a bash! Photos of the Christmas Tree later...

Like Fei Ching mentioned, it was kind of a waste that we forgot to bring down our camera phones to capture the moment, but nvm, I guess I'll see more of this in the grown-up world next time...

Anyway I managed to get home safely (the taxi driver almost fetched me to PJ), tried to call Crimson Tide, but it seems the Tide got lost somewhere out of range... lonely lonely lonely!

Had another great outing with Nic (without his pet Mimi), Xuan, Kellygan, and bumped into TVC after the PC Fair! Well seems like everyone made up for the disappointment with Aeon Flux, since all of us got something at the Fair... Nic some DVD-Rs, Xuan a DVD writer, Kelly a 512MB flash drive, and me a FAN :P

Here's some photos of the ABSOLUTELY HOT Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux!

Wowee...! Uncut and TOO COOL sleepwear! No need to wear better lahh.. go naked straight to bed. Waste of fabric.

*Plop on the fields of Eden. Except, I'd stay off the grass ;)

No, it's not taken in MMU...

and HOT HOT Marton Csokas as Trevor Goodchild. Oh God... I'm starting to fall for guys in THAT age-range.

Well how was the movie? Quite good, I must say... except for the very monotonous way in which they, especially Charlize Theron, talk "We1 must1 get1 out1 of1 this1 place..." A bit too boring if you speak like that throughout the whole show, if you get what I mean ;)

It's really a genre of its own, those cult sci-fi anime shown on MTV... not everyone likes the same storyline of a PERFECT CIVILISATION which so happens ALSO to be the last one on earth, clones and governments controlling the mass. And a woman who uses hands as feet.

But I do quite like Charlize Theron, so that's why I went for the movie. Enough said.


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