Very Clumsy Entry!

I don't know why I'm so clumsy.

I always get myself into embarassing situations in front of my friends... or even in front of people I know least!

Maybe it's an inborn quality since the day I accidentally kicked my mommy's tummy and broke her water... hence, I've been clumsy ever since.

The first day of ITP in my new company, my heel got stuck in the cracks at the parking space where we were headed to for lunch. In front of my new colleagues!!!

Then a fortnight ago, when I walked into my boss's office to return the QC-ed phones, my heels caught on the loose carpet strings and I almost FELL in front of my Handsome Boss!!! Then 2 days after, my pen fell to the floor under my chair and when I bent down to pick it up, I BUMPED my head on the table again in front of my boss who was coincidentally seated beside me!!! *Owww...!!! And he laughed at me so heartily too... :((

And I almost tripped and fell down the staircase when going to lunch the same day. That would have been quite a spectacle.


And I had been so CAREFUL to jaga my steps throughout my ITP in order to avoid being the laughing stock of the company.


And friends close to me would probably would not forget the longkang incident, the jellyfish incident... and I guess my English teacher would not have forgotten the time I forgot (really, I did!!) to insert the "L" in "public"...

Eg. Kids like to play in pubic gardens. Or,
Hamid used a pubic telephone to call his gf. Or,
The man brought his dog for a stroll in the pubic park. (!!!!!)

Friends have often used this scenario when they see a rich guy passing by in his expensive car. "Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei faster pretend to fall down in front of his car-lah! Then he will pick you up and both of you will live happily ever after..."



If I were Cinderella, I probably would have tumbled down the staircase in my glass slippers... If I were Snow White, I probably would have coughed the apple into Prince Charming's eye... If I were Princess Jasmine, I probably would have fell off the flying carpet... And if I were Rapunzel, I probably would have fallen down the tower!

So let's hope I really do not end up this way... BUT

Nothing beats the Joke of Today!

Nicholas: What I want to say is....I still remember the scene that the King Kong "CRASH" the aeroplane while it is climbing the tall tower.....but then.....I realize that i spoke something wrong right after i saw the aeroplane thing

Nicholas: Then Ah Ken said "Walao...king kong da fei kei.....(repeated my words but laughed with his hands attaching with his BIG mouth)"

Nicholas: So damn embarassing


Xiao Wei: That must have been QUITE a load!


iplaywithheart said…
xweing u really remind me bout the "longkang case" in alpha .. AHAHAHHAHA..

anyway i feel that muk zui is just more clumsy !!
KellygAn said…
Damn funny but damn true.If you put the article at other's blog,I will still believe you are the one who actually wrote that..hahahaha..
abeautifulmind said…
really clumsy la... :))
frozen said…
U pasted what what we chat in your blog AGAIN....ass
I am gonna kill you~!!!
Beware...clumsy :))
libelly said…
kakaka.. u are more clumsy than what i thought. anyway...nice thread!
weixuan said…
that's y i said u reminds me of the term "dumb blonde"
Anonymous said…
mm.. thanks for text ))

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