Bad Bad Last Day of 2005!

Just when I thought that I could wrap up the year in peacefulness and glee, something out of the blue happened... one hour before 2005.

My cousins had just come from all over to countdown at my aunt's house in Kota D, consisting of Melina & Selina the twins, Jie Ren & Jie Ke the babies, and of course the cousin's living here, Jia Sheng & Je Xi and Jia Yi.

Since children are profoundly known for the voluminous appetite, my aunt, kind as she is, went to buy satay for them to eat while waiting for the countdown. So I volunteered to go along, seeing that it was almost midnight and bad Indonesians are lurking in the dark around Kota D, but to my horror, I saw my auntie's small Kancil stuffed full of BABIES... !#$@#!^#@!!!

I was like... "What are the BABIES doing in the car?!?!?!?!" And my aunt told me that the babies' mother wanted to have a few moments of peace and quiet without the naughty boys in her hair.

So okay... we reached the Satay stall, and my aunt told us to stay in the car, while dumping me her handbag and telling me to jaga it. And off she went to buy the satays. And within a few minutes, Jie Ke (SMALLEST BABY) was crying and crying and threatening to throw up all over the car seats! With quick thought... I hurriedly asked Melina to hold him out of the car, and threw up he did! And some of the vomit hit Melina's feet too! And Melina was screaming and screaming at the yucky goo... while Selina was yakking away at her phone to god-knows-who.

Then he sat back down on the driver's seat... and continued crying and crying and crying like it was the end of the year. Which coincidentally was.

And he wanted to throw up AGAIN. Oh my heavenly father. So this time I opened up my car door and brought him up to throw up on the road, while asking for tissues and tissues from the car.

And by God, that must've been the time that the handbag slipped out of the car, and onto the ground. And whoever picked it up in the twinkle of an eye... was nowhere even seen by the 6 pair of eyes in/surrounding the mini-car.

And we had a hell of a moment when my aunt prepared to leave and found that her handbag was missing. And of course, I was to blame. Because I was supposed to look after the bag, damnit!!!

But Thank God, my aunt had taken out her purse (with her credit cards and cash and all~) AND her newly bought handphone (2-3 days old)... so nothing big was inside the handbag. Geez. Talk about spending the rest of the year in shame...

I guess some superstitions maybe true after all~ like what my aunty said when she came out of the shower that very night BEFORE we went for the satay spree. She said she was wearing a black shirt instead of a red one, a red one would start the New Year off with a good bang.

IF only she had wore a red shirt that night.

And today, the chandelier (not really a REAL chandelier) hanging on top of the dining table in her house fell down and broke into a thousand splinters while she was out. After that she found out it was the maid's doing by swinging it too hard while cleaning it.

Really, fate or negligence?

Some others, like Dr. Liew Boon Horng, would never know. Peace be with him.


libelly said…
luckily that is the last day of the year! 2006 is a new begining!!
weixuan said…
a blessed day and then a disasterous night...

why can't you have normal days like everyone else?

Xweing said…
What the..

Those entries which dun have bad/good day ma = normal days lor..




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