Girlz Rock, Boyz Suck!

Very Romantic Curls!!!

Just had my hair cut, permed and treated at Thomas & Guys, SS2, for only RM238! And I'm lovin it!

I'm just thinking... if I could open a hair-salon of my own, I would name it "Girlz Rock, Boyz Suck!"... and paint it a gaudy pink, with lots and lots of faux pearls hanging on the interior of the shop.

And the shop would attract all kinds of girls, no matter old or young!! While the hair-stylists would all be cute, handsome guys (Oh, no gays, please!!) who feed you all their attention, bow to your every flick of the hand, be your slave while washing your hair, massaging, cutting, blowing, and ogle at your hair after it's done: "Wow! You look extremely gorgeous!!" ... muahahhaahah

I'm sure such a concept would work... so, part-time gigolos, anyone? Hahahahaha!


Girlz Rock, Boyz Suck! said…
Naming your Salon Girlz Rock, Boyz Suck!, getting a straight guy hair-dresser is totally off topic, and "no gays please" statement seems very offensive towards homosexual people.

Yeah, i think you are imagining to open a gigolo house rather than salon
you suck said…
you want guy hairdressers that are cute, handsome AND not gay? good luck finding one.

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