Morning Swim

The dawn is breaking, as I stand at the tip of the swimming pool. I open my eyes to the blue skies above, and take in a breath of the cool, fresh air.

Slowly, I lower my feet into the pool. The water is warm. Plop! I take a dive in, and feel the warmth of the water spreading itself around me.

It's a clear tranquil morning, and I can see little red petals floating on the surface of the water. I gently lift one of those, and fill it up with water. Up on the trees, I can hear birds sing, and their reflections in the clear pool.

I relax myself in the waters, and try to stretch a little. I lift my foot up, just a little above the surface of the pool, and feel a little tinge of icy-coldness in the gap between water and wind, shivering my senses.

There is no one around me, just my mom in her navyblue swimsuit at the far end of the pool. I did 10 laps across the pool, and swam back just as the bright morning sun started to rise in the sky.

I can hear my mom calling me now, and I get out of the water and walk towards the shower room, just stopping for a moment and looking back at the pool to say,

"Oh... what a lovely Monday morning!"

Morning swims are just the best, don't you agree?


ahteck81 said…
Plop! the pool turned dry. :p

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