Gang of Killers

Ling Siew was back in Malaysia, and I went to her house to stay overnight. Her apartment was white-washed and lit with dim yellow lights on the interior, and overlooked a wide stretch of road with houses on the opposite.

We were back from dinner, and when I finished brushing I put my blue-and-white toothbrush inside the mug on her bathroom sink together with the other brushes.

She lay on her single bed, while I made myself comfortable with a mattress on a floor, and talked late into the night. After which we fell asleep... until we woke up with a start. We heard noises, the rumble of motorbike engines and men shouting to "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Hush, it's that killer gang again. They come here every night," said Ling... and hurriedly turned off the single lightbulb hanging above from the ceiling. We tiptoed to the window-sill, huddled low beneath the panes in our white nightgowns, barely daring to breathe aloud. I saw flickers of light come from the opposite windows, I guess the neighbours must have turned their lights off too.

Down below on the stretch of road was gathered a huge gang of motorbikers, huge rowdy men and women with bandannas on their heads... each carrying a gun. It seemed to be some kind of initiation ceremony for new assasins.

"We must kill so-and-so, he has been a growing influence in our community... threatening our very existence..." the gang leader announced through his loudspeaker. "Be prepared..."

Following the words of their leader, the gang members positioned themselves on the road, and aimed towards the direction of the end of the road.. waiting..

Suddenly, a girl in the opposite house came wandering out in her sleepwear, and was shocked to see the situation in front of her. Immediately a woman from the motorbike gang walked up to her and banged her down with a gun.

"No!!!" Shouted her mother from the balcony... "What have you done to my daughter?! Get out of my house!"

People started piling out of the house, I saw a young lady and a man I assumed was her husband come out from the main door.

And in the midst of all the commotion, a gang member threw a bomb at the young lady. The lady looked at her husband... and both of them were blown up.

And that's where I woke up from my bloody nightmare.

They say that dreams are in black-and-white... but mine was so vivid, I could remember the dim yellowish light of Ling's apartment... and the red polkadot sleeping gown the mother was wearing. I guess I must have had too much sambal at Bumbu Bali last night...


aileen said…
omg... this is very scary le, i thought it's real till i read the last line :( wish i will nvr have this kind of dream

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