Not my name again!!!

Arghhh!!! Not my name again!!!~~~

Each time I hear you call my name, I'm slinking deeper and deeper down into my chair... wishing that I'll disappear in a pop of a second everyone turns their heads and looks at me... with the blinding lights that suddenly seem to just focus on me

Okokok I'll admit I've not been paying 100% attention in your classes but do you have to pick on me everytime with a devillish smile just because you're all too familiar with my name? Give me a break! I need to digest what you've just said okay? And mathematical equations just isn't my forte, if you know what I mean?

Ah well to look on the bright side, I guess this means I'll have to put in an extra tad of effort in my studies, if I'm ever gonna pass this paper without you smirking at my horrible scribbles and unfathomable doodles...

Oh my dear lecturer, please don't call my name~~~ "Ng Xiao Wei, do you have any questions?" *rolls eyes*


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