Friendship Fate

Do you believe in "friends at first sight"?

I do.

Just like "love at first sight", it's that perfect second where you take a first glimpse at someone, and determine right there and then... I wanna be friends with him/her... forever. I've had that moment with my best friend; no, you might not know it cos I've never told you before; but at that time in Standard 2 when I saw you standing by the gate waiting for the schoolbus... I knew that we would be friends forever.

Then there's that oddity... that rare, coincidential moment that only happens at a one per millionth chance of fate; you run across some old friend at a unexpected time or place. It's like, some people you may never meet again; but for some others, even if you've lost contact for so long, but as predestined, your paths would cross again when the moment is right.

Yesterday, while I was on the KTM to Midvalley, I met my primary school friend, Yiyin, whom I haven't seen for like 9-10 years. I couldn't see her face, I was sitting while she was standing with her back to my face... with only her voice and the occasional (once!) side glimpse of her face, I didn't really know... but I was SO SURE it would be her. I tapped her twice on the shoulder, and voila! It really was her! Sudden flashbacks of music school and the letters she wrote to me after she switched to Shen Jai High School flowed through my mind.

It wasn't so long ago when Jia Yunn and I met on the LRT on our way to KLCC. I mean, the statistics of the train schedule are not that rare, but of all the people boarding and getting off the train... how coincidential can that get?
Boy, I'm beginning to think this world is really starting to shrink.
Now let me find something other than fate in friendship. Hahaha...


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