Happy Birthday Kok Shin!!!

Just wanna do a shout-out to my buddy in Busan, Korea...


Although you never surf my blog
Always call me FAT and like to pijak me
Always wanna runaway and hide (oh, no! Off to South Korea!)
Like to act cute and "chun qing" although you've hit 23 years of age
Like to act macho, go to gym and keep a mustache, but actually not so
Always VERY geli and like to harass us your friends

But we LOVE you unconditionally just the same...

*MuaksssSSSsssSSSsss... hope you have a great year ahead of you, and find the LOVE of your LIFE in no time at all!

*Miss ya and do come back in one piece yea! Don't go trotting over to some North Korea territory and getting yourself gunned down over there! ;-)


Lichard said…
If this fella come back Msia and he will be tracked down and being ... ... by YOU!!!!

Gunned down in North Korea is way way way better than the thing mentioned above... :D

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