The Man That Was Peter Pan... Finding Neverland

Just finished watching a movie. A breathtaking, awe-inspiring, ingenious, marvellous movie at its best -- Finding Neverland.

Starring Johnny Depp as the playwright J.M. Barrie, this movie tells how the Scottish author was inspired by a family of four boys and their widowed mother Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, played by Kate Winslet, to write the play "Peter Pan". This movie is based on true-events. As usual, Johnny Depp was fascinating and truly believable as the charming but eccentric J.M. Barrie, and yes, ACCENT is important! For I never would have guessed the wonderful J.M. was indeed, a Scottish. (I should have guessed by the way Peter Pan is always dressed like a leprechaun. Oh sorry! That's Irish!) Movies like this make me fall in love with Johnny Depp once again...

Like I said, the movie is astounding. You get magically swept into the world of imagination where you are yourself transformed into a child, remember those pillow-fights, treehouse, pirate-fighting, make-believe... Finding Neverland just swirls you into its captivating magic. You are able to see how indeed the story of Peter Pan was born on stage, through a series of events filled with childish fantasy, romance, laughter and tears.

There are some sweeping moments in the movie, the most memorable ones are where Barrie actually BROUGHT the play TO Sylvia's house, and the ending part of the movie, where Barrie talks to Peter. I especially loved the green green grass at the parks with the tall trees and open space and lovely benches where Barrie often meets the kids and Sylvia. Reminds me of Ipoh's Polo Ground, in the daytime. Moments like these get so romantic that i dug out a platinum-coated bracelet someone gave to me long long ago, with a crystal lily on top, and wore it just because it looked so romantic.

"For in the heart of everyone there is a Neverland, you just got to Believe It... "

Watch the movie, you've got to catch this one.

Trivia #1: As in the movie, it has been a tradition for a girl to play Peter Pan in stage productions.

Trivia #2: What happened to the boys after they grew up? George was killed during World War I, and Michael drowned at Oxford in 1921. (Some suspected it was suicide.) Peter, who became a successful publisher, threw himself under a London subway train in 1960.


Scott McLean said…
I want to see that movie. It looks good. You have a great site. Have a nice weekend.

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