My Funny FYP Presentation

This morning, I woke at 7.30am, bathed, put on makeup and my pin-striped blouse from PADINI and black skirt, looking my BEST for my FYP presentation. Thanks to Fei Leng, I reached FOE half an hour BEFORE 9.30 presentation.. and touched-up in the toilet.

THEN... i saw my skirt... Ei? Howcome haven't zip finish. Then i zipped it.. *BANG!!!!!!! THE WHOLE SKIRT RIPPED OPEN.........

Telling myself to stay calm... I went into the cubicle, took off my skirt... and tried to zip it patiently. The time was 9.05am. Patience, patience, I kept telling myself... You sure can fix it! All the time the Madonna song "Time goes by.. so slowly slowly.." was playing in my head.

9:15am... the whole ziphead fell off. -_-!!! My hands were SHAKING as i tried to put the zip back into place... tried calling Esther to ask her to bring an extra skirt for me but my dumb phone died on me. Three times!

9:20am... GIVE UP! Tried to make the best out of my situation by praying to God one last time and trying to find the safety pin I put in my bag this morning (See, I had a hunch SOMETHING would come up...) BUT I COULDN'T FIND IT! It's like SOMEBODY up there is playing a prank on me... so I just put my skirt back on and pulled my blouse out to cover it. Thank God it was long enough.

GOD!!! And I looked so prim and proper 20 minutes earlier!!! Now... I look like AUNTY.

Then when I came out from toilet, guess what happened: I COULDN'T FIND THE VENUE!!! SO I WAS RUNNING AROUND WITH RUPTURED SKIRT TRYING TO FIND THE VENUE. I KNEW it was the 1ST FLOOR MEETING ROOM, which was actually JUST BESIDE the toilet itself... but then I was too all-over-the-place to remember directions properly.

Finally I reached the venue. I saw TVC walking over... he came to support me... and I told him my situation. Both of us felt funny and zhadao at the same time. So we decided on explaning the situation to the lecturer and requested to change timeslot, but if he didn't let me, I would just proceed with RUPTURED skirt. SINCE I have encountered COUNTLESS similar situations to this, I was confident enough to just get on with it.

So I went... "Dr. Mishra, can I speak with you personally for a second??" -_-!!!
"Sir, the most inexplicable situation happened to me. I think I can't proceed... my skirt is ruptured."
Lecturer giving incredulous look: "Nvm-lahh, just proceed... if not we have to change all the following timeslots."
Me:"OK. But if skirt falls down half-way it's not my fault." (Hope he doesn't see this as tactic... hey man, I got 实力, okay?!)

And I walked in and just presented. And NO, my skirt did not fall down halfway. Conclusion by TVC, my witness: "Xweing...u are keng de this kind of situation...still can present that well... :)"


NO, I WILL NEVER BE SCARED OF ANY UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER!!! \:D/ Just feel a bit unfair, why these kind of embarassing situations must happen to me each time, and on the MOST IMPORTANT DAY of my University life?!

And of course, I'm more than happy to share this encounter with my dearesttttttttt buddies. Thanks guys for being with me, always!

Read my friends' comments!

low kok shin: wah lao...u always like that larr
javehon: 你的人生还真坎坷 (Thx for pointing that out, Jace!)
Zhi Wei: 你要做的是。。。減肥。。。 昨晚還敢買kit kat (Hey man, 不关 kit kat 事, okay?! I wore this skirt since Alpha, went to Korea and Shanghai with it... it has NEVER failed me, alright?!)
low kok shin: dun pijak xiao wei larr...uncle sim
Wei Xuan: hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
zappy: *Clap hands...
kenlee916: i respect u
low kok shin: next time important more preparation...and relax your emotion... (I WAS VERY PREPARED OKAY... VERY VERY VERY PREPARED... in fact, i was BRIMMING WITH CONFIDENCE BEFORE THE SKIRT RIPPED)
nicholasnct2: whahaha... u should PEEL of ur SHIRT and dance like shakira "HIPS DUN LIE" and keep on shaking her *CENSORED*)
Me: -_-



家勤 said…
your style of posting is damn nice .. especially the comment part .. i like it ~!!
HuiMian said…

congratulation of finishing your fyp presentation, despite whatever situation. :)
weixuan said…
i have only 1 comment....

libelly said…
Really take my hat off u! kakaka
Kellygan83 said…
The lecturer is lecturous..He was counting down when the skirt will off.But unluckily it was not..hehe..
Jia Yunn said…
lol, good going girl! Superbly handled! Now get out there and treat yourself to a brand new skirt, hehhhehhee. Laters!
joseph's valley said…
i am sure what happened in the past, will shape u into a better person today! Bravo xweing!!!(i told u try to be a little bit more sexier on that day,siapa tau...-_-")hahahah...
frozen said…
Because ur SPARE TYRE HELPED U~!!!

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