Roses are red... but I'm fat!!!

I just found out that I had gained 4 kg!!!

And that, is thunder in the sky. I'm so so so perplexed now... should've seen this coming!

I shall start my diet programme... NOW!
1. No more food binging
2. Shall not eat rice for a week
3. Shall not eat fried chicken
4. Shall only survive on biscuits, bread and tuna.
5. Shall go for swimming
6. Shall run for 15 mins each day.

Just like Wei Xuan said:

#Roses are red
Violets are blue
God made me pretty
But what happened to you?#



Jia Yunn said…
darling darling! eat rice, but cut down on bread and biscuits coz they contain more sugar starch whatever....... What helps for me is that I cut out sugar totally from my diet for a couple of weeks, and i take 2 meals a day, one with carbohydrates and one without... or sometimes I go oil and salt free to detox.. haha, buzz me for more diet tips!
家勤 said…
yeah ... agree .. u shouldn't take bread and biscuit ... eat more fruit la ..

and .. eat less seafood when we coming out for gathering this week .. so that i can have more crabs and prawns .. hahahaha

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