Sequel to My Funny FYP Presentation

Wahahhahahaha... I'm sure all of you had a good laugh after reading my previous post. I bet God up there just loves to turn his TV on at 9am, switch to "Earth's Most Funniest Videos", and watch me fumble with my zipper.

But worse come to worse... something GOOD came out of it!

Today morning I went to find my supervisor to get the stamp and signature on my attendance form, and he went like "Hey, your presentation went very well yesterday!!"



Supervisor: "Yeah! I think you must be quite nervous because of your skirt problem right? But you did very well! Very calm to finish the whole presentation..."

OMG!!! TQ GOD!!!

And he went on to say.. "Actually what happened to your skirt?"

-_-!!! Pretty obvious, wasn't it?

"Sir, it ripped."

*Laugh until roll on floor...

And I took a sneak peek at the paper lying right next to me... which said... Supervisor: 70/75



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