Heaps of Joy and Tears...

Hi world! Just wanted to take a break from the work/study stress that I've been going thru for the past few hours. Just one more hour away then I'll be able to lounge in my car and go for dinner...

On a happier note, Berry is in Penang! So happy to see her again... I never thought that our paths would cross since the day we left Cyberia, but life does have its small little miracles, and now there she is in my room! *Yes, we are roomies AGAIN!*

Hehe... so I wanna dedicate this MTV to my sweet roomie who loves pop and pink! (Nahh, just an excuse cos I lurveeeeeeee this song so much!)

Beyonce feat. Slim Thug and Bun B "Check on It"

On a not-so-happy note, Bin is going to KUKTEM. For those of you who dunno what KUKTEM is, it stands for Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan dan Teknologi Malaysia. And it is located in Gambang, Pahang.

Oh did I mention Pahang?

PAHANG!!! For God's sake, me and my family would never have THOUGHT that he was gonna be sent all the way there. I guess the fact never really dawned on me that one day, my younger brother would be one of the victims of the horrendous Malaysian education system! I mean, with 3A's and 1B, and a good co-curriculum mark of 8/10, why wasn't it possible for him to enter one of the more prestigious, CLOSER, universites like UM, UTM, USM, UKM or UPM? I guess we should feel lucky that my brother is getting the course that he wants, compared to the other 30,000 others who failed to even get a place in university. But my God, Kuantan is starting to feel like a trillion years away~ feel very worried that he is going over there alone. :(


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