I want my own Keith Urban!!!

Well it's been the longesttttt time since I've posted, mainly cos I need to FIGHT with my brother for time to use the laptop, and I've been really busy (I mean really, really busy) recently.

But the good news is, I got my light, bouncy curls back! Whee! And I did it at this nice, comfy, affordable little place at Canning Garden called Potpourri: cut, wash and blow at RM26. I say, get a fresh start before work-day comes! ;)

And while I was getting my hair cut I saw in a magazine these really snuggly pictures of Nicole Kidman and her beau, Keith Urban! Ohmigod, I don't mean to sound over-exhilarated cos I'd never seen pictures of this country singer before, but, Keith Urban is SO CUTE! Apparently he was voted as one of the sexiest men in the world too. Hmm, and he does remind me of an acquaintance of mine, especially with his haircut. Hahaha... oh how I wish I had my very own Keith Urban... *smiles to sleep

P/S: And oh yeah, what's all the fuss about 666 being an evil day for Westerners but a good OMEN for the Chinese? Slept through 06:06:06:06:06:06, yes I did!

Anyway, will blog soon... those who are good Christians do please pray that I get through my first day of work (next Monday) smoothly and klutz-free!


weixuan said…
good luck in ur new job ;)

don't break ur shoe heels, don't rip ur skirt, don't fall from stairway, don't jatuh longkang, don't knock ur head under the table... hahahaha

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